Monday, December 06, 2010

what to get me this christmas

gifts from either side age 26 onwards would suffice.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

rock dust light star

finally a new album after 5(?) years. will grab this the soonest that i can.

problem is, where can i actually get a copy of this? sm and astrovision are by far long shots. damn, remind me again why music1 closed?

Friday, November 19, 2010

127 hours

this is boss! move over lightning scar on forehead boy. i hope they show this in the local cinemas.

Friday, November 12, 2010

not again...

the next time i hear [song] in a wedding i will gouge my ears with [object]*.

1. lucky – jason mraz featuring colbie caillat
2. accidentally in love – counting crows
3. grow old with you – adam sandler

1. barbecue stick
2. screw driver
3. cactus

*subject to availability. if unavailable [object] will be replaced by my trusty swiss knife+.

+includes ref, family computer and an ATV

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

three-folds awesome!

not the singing, but the fact the pacquiao is singing along with ferrell! video effect ftw!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

when i decide...

to finally live the rest of my days as if it were my last, i'd play hooky forever then.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

hello christmas!

thing is i already have most of the cds in the collection.



Friday, September 10, 2010

crisis (not) averted

quarter life crisis, mid life crisis - i say feh to these labels. after all, life as a whole, is a crisis.

What's your most detailed dream that you can remember?

brownout. may isa lang kandila sa loob ng kwartong maliit. nasa may sulok ako nakaupo sa sahig, mga tuhod nakatiklop sa dibdib habang kumakain ako ng pansit... tas may bumali ng leeg ko. deds.


fire away!

Friday, August 27, 2010


girls generation's debut single in japan. it's in japanese! also, kawaii!^^

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it's the chase

you know what i'd like to see in a car chase scene in a movie? the actual car of the protagonist running out of gas. that's right mister action star you should've checked the fuel gauge before macho hot wiring that car. serves you right.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you believe in soup snakes?

hmmm... i dunno. but the thought of soup snakes is so romantic, isn't it? hehe.

fire away!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sa tinagal-tagal mo nang namumuhay sa mundong ito, umibig ka na bang tunay?

sa tinagal-tagal ko nang tinagal na nabubuhay at sa tagal nang paghihintay ko, masasabi kong umibig na ako ng tunay.

fire away!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Has any particular book influenced you or left a life-changing impact?

yup! the fountainhead, the alchemist and the little prince.

fire away!


at the prospect of a future you.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

let's be uncertain together.

When two people find each other, what should stand in their way?

each other.

fire away!

If you would get a tattoo, what would it be and on which part of your body?

demmet. demmet. i've been planning on getting one since my sister got inked. that was a couple of years back. fast forward to now and i still haven't decided on the design. bollocks. although i already know where i want to put it, shoulder blade. rar.

fire away!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

just great

great song, great band, great cover. great demmet that i missed this over the weekend. T-T

Monday, July 26, 2010

life wouldn't be life without its complications.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

maturity doesn't exactly come along with age, rather it springs forth from experience.

Friday, July 16, 2010

on repeat

i dig my toes into the sand
the ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
strewn across a blue blanket

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


dear future-self,

one day your future-significant other (yes, present-self is still unattached as of current write date of this letter. losah.) will hate you for some of the things you've written here in this blog, eventhough that it's all in the past. just reassure her that most of what's written here is tounge in cheek.

better yet show her this post.

that is all. you have been duly warned.

now and always,

p.s. you are awesome!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

i may be setting myself up for one of the biggest wins or biggest losses yet in my life.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

i could stare at her for forever and i'd never know that an eternity has passed.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

may or may not

they say that dreams are the opposite of reality. well i hope that the opposite of that statement is true.

Monday, June 28, 2010

o ayos, pwede na ulet! laban na ba to? aabangan namin yan ha?

ge fight na. hmmm... teka, ano nga ba muna yung papasukin kong laban? hehe.

fire away!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

music factor

when i do get the chance to listen to the shuffled songs on your mp3 player, i already know now that i'll feel like home then.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

on missing

is there a minimum before you can miss someone?

Friday, May 21, 2010


you know the folly of communicating electronically, i.e. text messaging, phone calls, video calls, chatting, etc., you can never really tell if the person on the other end is at full attention with your conversation. that's why i still prefer talking to someone personally, at least then you have a visual cue if you're being a total douche or if you're giving her the sleeper hold through your words or if you're tickling her fancy just right.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

mini milestone

finally reached 500 haikus! :)

here's the 500th,



happiness that's false
is nothing but a thin veil
of sadness that's true


here's to 500 more(?)!

Monday, May 10, 2010

the hour is not minute by minute, but pain by pain.

Friday, April 30, 2010

take and take

so you've finally decided to give life a chance. you start small by giving it your hand. but you know what's funny about the animal that is life? you give it your hand, it swallows your arm whole.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

rock n' rogue



dij-dij-dij! tugish-takish-tugish-takish! dij-dij-dij!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

making weight

welterweight finally breached! but the true goal is somewhere between lightweight and super/junior welterweight. and maintaining said poundage.

ask me again after a month? :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

we somehow survive today, with all its missteps and mismatches. the real tragedy is that we'll have to go through all of it again tomorrow.

Monday, April 19, 2010

love at first anticipated bite

me: are you hungry?
her: i'm always hungry.
me: *swoons*

Monday, April 12, 2010

anywhere but there

i hate the fact that there's this certain place where all my failures tend to gather, culminate and reside.

Monday, April 05, 2010

kelan kaya ako magkakaroon ng ka-holding hands sa daan?

Friday, April 02, 2010


i've been steadily growing my record collection by buying two cds per pay day. i've been doing this for five months now, i think. so that's twenty new records and a growth of roughly 40% to my music trove. (bonus points: give me the starting count of my cds. math geek much? ehe.) what i've been mostly buying are OPM albums, old and new alike. but alas i'm putting this on hold because of this...

so from now on until the concert, i will be on a strict music, food, shirt, shopping(?), splurge diet. good luck to me.


also if you'd like to experience being the third wheel you should join me and my date on the concert. awkward and out of place moments galore guaranteed! hehe.
chatting is this generation's telebabad.

Monday, March 29, 2010

currently craving for _______.

sleep. kung mabibili lang talga ang tulog namakyaw na ako. z_z

fire away!

kung magiintermission ka ng dance, anong kanta ang sasayawin mo? (bawal wala!)

syete, dapat talga meron? rico mambo na lang. (ba da da da da, da da da da da da) ><

fire away!

ano bang problema mo?

di ka naman galit nyan ha? hehe.

maliban sa kulang na kulang ako ngayon sa tulog at tambak na trabaho, wala akong pinoproblemang iba. life is good to me. :)

(dapat nga di pinoproblema ang trabaho e. kasi trabaho lang yan. ehe.)

fire away!

Friday, March 26, 2010

new kicks

impulse purchase.
love it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

bakit ginawa ang balikat?

para may sandalan ang mga hapong kaibigan.

fire away!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


there were no countdowns
for this love that's in reverse
first seek then go hide

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


know that when everything else fails you, i'm gonna still be here for you without fail.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's just a phase

i think i'm done with my rachel phase because i i've already downloaded most of her movies. (o why can't i find proper torrents for red eye and married life?) but i still love her cheekbones!

bye rachel!

moving on to zooey phase. i really liked her spontaneous character in yes man and i loved/hated her in (500) days of summer. time to queue my downloads! :)

hello zooey!


i need me a quirky, reckless scooter driving, camera tottin', lead singer to a rad band with seahorse band members and who makes out with out of gas guys IRL.

Monday, March 15, 2010

mosquito FTW!

this is me the other night trying to play a song i just learned and failing because a mosquito flew into my mouth when i started to sing. ugh!

i think this was a sign that i should not be singing this.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

T6 global championship

these guys are living the dream. *sigh* what i wouldn't give to go to japan and watch them play.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new policy

because of certain turn of events, i've decided that i can't be friends with attached pretty girls i'm attracted to. (attached pretty girls i'm not attracted to: we could still hang.) you see half of the time i'm with her, i just wanna be with her. and half of the time, i'm kicking myself in the gonads because i know that i simply can't.

so i've started to not to talk to her, erased her from my contacts and restrained myself from going to places that i know she'll be in. this plan would surely keep my ball bags from further injury, right? only trouble is (gee whiz!) when i'm into someone the fondness and affection stays with that one person until i see something she does that ticks me off. so do you see the pickle i'm in right now?

so if anyone has picture of her maybe crossing the street without using the overpass or her driving her car or her taking an arm's length pa-cute picture of herself using her camera phone or her picking her nose or any picture of her you think that would be a major turn off for me, please do send them in. that would be heaps of help.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

best Tagalog movie of all time?

best? ang hirap. kung comedy - kahit anong tito, vic and joey na pelikula o joey de leon at rene requiestas na pelikula. (kabayo kids, ready aim fire, super wan-tu-tri) (elvis and james, long ranger and tonton, starzan, alyas batman en robin) kung horror - shake, rattle and roll. (yung una) kung romantic comedy - got to believe. kung drama - oro, plata mata. kung fantasy - anak ni zuma.

fire away!


adding quirky (in a good way), out of my league and unattainable to the list.

here's what we have so far,
1. in between cute and pretty but leaning more towards cute rather than pretty.
2. cheekbones
3. sexy na di payat
4. quirky in a good way
5. out of my league
6. unattainable

yeah, that's just about right.

Monday, March 08, 2010

why do you think smart people are stupid when it comes to love?

because in love logic does not apply, common sense is thrown out the window and for all the brain's bazillion capabilities it still can not compute when it comes to matters of the heart.

fire away!

do you dance? what music gets you dancing?

is headbanging considered as dancing? no? well, i don't dance then. curse you two-left feet syndrome!

fire away!

friends just

her: do you like me?
him: huh? what's with the question?
her: no reason. just asking.
him: ahhh...
her: well? do you... like me?
him: ummm... yeah. yeah, of course i like you.
her: as friends?
him: right. that's right. as friends.
her: just as friends?
him: you know i haven't put much thought into it. i mean, um. yes. why?
her: i just think you're interesting and i'd want us to be friends. is that okay?
him: um. yeah. me and you. we should be friends.
her: okay. good.
him: right.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


here's a (very) quick photo montage of our team costuming up for our company's halloween celebration. (created using windows movie maker. bgm: dito tayo sa dilim by pedicab)

what nationality would you prefer your date to be: Korean or Japanese?

siguro kung tinanong mo ako last year japanese ang sagot ko agad dyan hands down. pero parang ngayon leaning towards korean na ako. (takteng k-pop invasion yan. dapat makabili na talga ako ng bagong album ni hiki.)

fire away!

long distance relationship (LDR), a fantasy or a reality?

reality sa kapatid ko at siguro sa ibang tao. para sa akin fantasy yan. absence makes the heart wander.

fire away!

anong pwedeng gawin pag malapit ka na mabaliw?

magsulat sa bato. uminom ng prozac. iuntog ang ulo sa pader. maglaslas. jumingle. ikadena ang sarili sa poste. mangiliti ng katabi. kumanta habang sumasayaw. kausapin ang pating na nagsasaing na may kasamang dahon ng pandan habang tinatahulan ng aso ang butiki sa gilid ng bilog na buwan.

fire away!

ano gagawin mo pag malapit ka na mabaliw?

makikinig lang ng kanta at sasabay na kumanta sa pinakikinggan. ayos na! :)

fire away!

Friday, March 05, 2010

dr. horrible 2

being fond of musicals and this gay dude, it was no surprise that dr. horrible's sing-along blog was a hit to me when i first saw it. the whole production was quirky, geeky, nerdy and funny. the songs where catchy and some of them were lss inducing (my freeze ray and my eyes). the ending was a bit sad for my taste though.

here's a dose of dr. horrible (and the ensemble) as he hijacks the emmys,

i came upon some old news that firefly and dollhouse creator joss whedon is doing a sequel! hoorah! bad news is that it might not start filming til 2011. it's still a long ways but already i'm very much looking for to it. until then "with my freeze ray I will stop the world!"

o, malinis na ba?

erning: tama!

fire away!

e pano kung bigla kang naihi?

yari. kakatakot ng pumunta ng cr pag ganitong nagiisa na lang ako sa opis. x_x

fire away!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

kelan ang last time na tinamaan ka?

about two years ago. buti na lang walang peklat galing dun sa tama. ayos!

fire away!

magbigay ka ng 3 trivia about yourself, 2 truths and 1 lie. wag mo sabihin anong truth or lie.

1. wala akong official na naging girlfriend.
2. muntik na akong ikasal.
3. "nambasted" na ako ng babae.

fire away!

what is love?

love? ano nga ba yan? parang nawala na ulit yan sa bokabolaryo ko e. ehe.

fire away!

morning person ka ba?

dehins. suplado ako pag umaga. pero paminsan oo. siguro pag bilog ang buwan noong nakaraang gabi.

fire away!

gusto mo ng rubber shoes? e load?

pati na rin pang-tuition ko pwede? bawi ako sayo darling, isasayaw kita ng ballroom magdamag. o kaya magti-twist tayo sa rj bar.

fire away!

paki enumerate ng mga naging cellphone mo

konti lang. di kasi ako ma-cellphone na tao. basta gumagana ayos!

5110, 2100, 3100, k800 (phone to ni james bond sa casino royale!^^)

fire away!

ilan ang peklat mo? at alin ang pinakamaganda ang kwento?

medyo madami din. klutz din kasi ako e.

yung sa may ibaba ng kaliwang mata ko. (di na sya halata kasi nadaan sa sebo de macho. hehe.) ang kwento nakuha ko yun sa pikyaw(shato). nakapwesto kasi ako sa likod ng tito ko, sya yung "batter" namin. pag angat nya ng pato sa may butas gamit yung mahabang stick ayun tumama sa may pisngi ko. awts! muntik na nga akong mabulag. ang nakakatawa lang itinago pa namin yun kay mama kasi patay yung tito ko pag nalaman ni mama yung tunay na nangyari. ang palusot namin, tumama daw ako sa edge ng cabinet habang inaabot ko yung matchbox ko na nasa ilalim nun.

fire away!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Kung ikaw ay isang tab sa dividers ng AP binders, ano ka at bakit? (i.e., gain/loss)

communication - kasi madali akong kausap. :)

fire away!

Sino sa AV ang tingin mong bagay sayo?

in terms of mga trip sa buhay, mukhang si ate lyra. at di naman nagkakalayo ang age namin ni ate kaya pwede na rin siguro.

fire away!

Ano ang paborito mong math theorem/postulate?bakit?

p --> q, ~q --> ~p

fire away!

Kelan mo balak mag-asawa?

oi buti na lang na-itanong mo yan. invited ka ha. save the date. ayos na ang lahat. yung simbahan, reception, food, flowers, etc. bale bride na lang ang kulang.

fire away!

Adik ka?

adik sayo kahit maghapon na tayong magkasama parang telesine

fire away!

Adik ka?

oo! adik sa tekken. :P

fire away!


e kasi di ko mapigilan ang sarili ko e.

fire away!

ano ang tipo mong babae/lalaki (physically)? at ano ang di mo ma-take as kanila?

cheekbones, sexy na di payat. how they perennially think that they're fat when actually they're not.

fire away!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

name one person you've recently met you wish you knew five years ago instead.

napakagandang tanong. ampogi siguro nung unang nagtanong nito. hehe.

parang magulo yung buhay ko five years ago e. ayokong mandamay ng mga nakilala ko ngayon kasi mababait silang lahat.

pero kung mandadamay na lang din ako si james na lang siguro. at least may resbak ako. sanay yun sa gulo e. hehe.

fire away!

to go or to stay? why?

darling you gotta let me know.
should i stay or should i go?
if you say that you are mine
i'll be here til the end of time

fire away!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Is it ok to tell someone that you have a huge crush on him/her? Thing is, he/she’s a friend and treats you like one. :)

oks lang yan. crush lang naman e. basta walang magbabago sa status ng pagiging friends nyo, walang kaso.

fire away!

Is it ok to be a lesbian or homosexual? Why?

i've always been pro choice when it comes to these things. hey it's your life; i have no say in it; go do whatever you want.

fire away!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

yes fear!

who ever said that you should face your fears most probably hadn't thought of that statement while suspended precariously sixty feet in the air with only a single static rappelling rope holding him from plummeting to the ground ending in brain splatter. but i have. and no semblance of that thought crossed my mind.

a week ago me and my office mates went to subic for a weekend getaway. we spent the night on the beach (ocean view resort), with food up to our armpits and overflowing alcohol. we did a bit of cold night swimming in between stuffing our belies to our hearts' content (damn you food! i gained 1.8lbs on that weekend alone. grr.) and fueling our blood with alcohol as if we're gas guzzler vehicles personified. we easily finished that bottle of absolut and the bar in record time thanks to the drinking game i learned while i was in australia. although the two empty bottles weren't the only thing toppled after that. body count anyone?

the night (morning) would've been perfect if not for the unforeseeable event (unforeseeable because i was pretty much hammered by then) of me trying to play sea soccer with a sea urchin thus resulting in two, yes you read that right, two spines stuck on my left big toe. and let me tell you this, no amount of toxic sludge would've prevented me from feeling that. the death darts were about an inch long and just about as thick as your average needle. (a single picture of the spines still protruding from my toe would've turned this painful experience into awesome sauce!) instinctively i pulled out the first spine. success! the second one was a semi-loss because part of it was still lodged in my toe. (and still is up until now! FML.) went to the john to pee on the little sucker. first aid dude. what transpired after that is all a haze to me and i blame it on the a-a-a-a-alchohol.

woke up late morning with a sore toe and an even sore-r head. (maybe it was the ill effects of the late ash wednesday blessing via used charcoal that i had courtesy of a certain someone. lintik lang ang walang ganti. mwahaha! jok!) took a bath then had brunch consisting of rice(tons of it!), fried spam and corned-beef-omelet-con-araojo.

we went back to the house of our office mate to drop off some of the stuff that we've borrowed. (thanks tita!) then left for the tree top adventure where i met my doom. you see i am not fond of heights, not fond meaning terrified, terrified meaning knee-knocking going insanely berserk afraid. but, but i thought (thought being the operative word) i've already out grew that fear since i've been on countless space shuttle and other height defying rides. (just the the thought of all of those stomach curling rides makes my palms sweat.) what i didn't realize is that all of these rides have one thing in common, they are actually rides; rides wherein you basically have something to hang on to as opposed to dangling in nothing but thin air. i really thought i was in good shape up there on the platform and i was still okay as i was stepping slowly out of it. but then nothing separated me from the ground below. and then i froze, specifically my left arm which was holding onto the tree drop guy's arm. the thing is all of that time i spent there holding on in my head i was telling my left arm to let go. let go dammit!! i did a couple of deep breaths to no avail. panic still won. eventually i did let go and still did the "drop" by wussing out and holding on to a rope while going down.

and now to the point of this whole blog post: FU face your fears person guy!

kidding aside, it was really a liberating and revealing experience. what next? bungee jumping? sky diving perhaps? (asa pa! :P)

i had a blast last weekend mainly due to the people i was with. and here we are...

lucky 13! (13th person behind the lens)

sa uulitin!

hontou ni kawaii!! ^^


full dance here.

Do you also keep an offline journal (the dead-tree kind)?

nope. i never did because i always thought my hand writing was bad.

fire away!

Kinakain mo ba ang papel dati sa White Rabbit?

oo naman! sarap nun. dumidikit pa sa ngala-ngala.

fire away!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

ano oras ka nagising kanina?

(relatively) maaga! uuwi kasi kami ng pampanga. 8:30am.

fire away!

kung may isang parte sayong ipapa-plastic surgery mo, ano yun?

ilong. bisaklat!

fire away!

weirdest feeling ever:

nung nagising ako mula sa panaginip ko na panaginip lang din pala.

fire away!

anong grade ka natuto maghugas magisa ng pwet?

grade 2 ata. basta alam pag lipat namin sa laguna di na ko sumisigaw ng "tapos na ko!" hehe.

fire away!

favorite lyrics (maikli lang) sa isang kanta:

di ako ma-lyrics na tao e. at di rin ako matandain sa lyrics kaya eto lang ang naiisip ko ngayon...

how do you do it, make me feel the way i do?

fire away!

ano ang magpapakilig sa inyong araw?

matagal na yung last time na kinilig ako a. parang di ko na maala... ayy! kagabi lang pala kinilig ako nung sabay kong naka-holding hands yung dalawa kong kras. YIHEE! (rofl)

fire away!

chub chaser ka ba?

nope. although i'm also not into walis tingting figures. dun lang ako sa normal.

fire away!

favorite Backstreet Boys song? Boyzone song?... teka, BSB or Boyzone?

kailangang pumili? bsb na lang. i want it that way. (tell my why?!)

fire away!

kung makakatira ako sa ibang planet besides earth, saan?

given na habitable yung planet? sa jupiter. gusto ko kasi ng maraming buwan.

fire away!

do you think the Filipinos are worth dying for? explain.

oo naman! kailangan pa bang i-explain? yun na yun.

fire away!

if kaya mong baguhin ang color ng sky, anong color?


fire away!

favorite alcoholic bev?

recently southern comfort. pero san mig light pa rin. mahaba-habang inuman!

fire away!

pano kayo gumawa ng "data query" at "data reconciliation" para malaman kung gusto kayo ng other person?

sa tingin pa lang naman mare-reconcile mo na yung query kung may gusto sya sa'yo o wala e. yon naman!

fire away!

your favorite American Idol?

hands down katherine mcphee. although i'm not exactly excited with her new look. peh.

fire away!

girls: na-inlab na ba kayo sa isang sobrang mas bata?, guys: na-inlab na ba kayo sa isang sobrang mas matanda? if not yet, would you consider it? why?

pwede basta pasok sya sa (my age -7,+3) age range ko. hehe.

fire away!

sino ang pinaka-controversial sa office? bakit naman?

wag na nating ilaglag dito. sa opis na lang. hahaha!

fire away!

if you were not a mathematician, ano ka?

something to do with the arts. ang layo no? hehe.

fire away!

gusto nyo ba talaga ang math? or na-develop lang kayo sa subject?

gusto. bata pa lang ako dun na ako nage-excel na subject.

fire away!

kunyari may time na kailangan mo halikan ang katabi mo sa office, saang parte ng katawan mo siya iki-kiss and why?

sa bangs. kyut kasi ng bangs nun e. hehe.

fire away!

is this your year?

lagi ko namang sinasabi yan e. lalo na pag pasok ng bagong taon. so far sablay palagi ang aking prediction. FML

fire away!

complete the sentence: i am an (introvert/extrovert) at type ko ay isang (introvert/extrovert).

i am an introvert (obvious ba to?) at type ko ay isang extrovert.

fire away!

nakaranas ka na ba ng one-sided love? kwento naman. =)

di pa. lahat kasi ng minahal ko, minahal din ako.

fire away!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday na! Andoks mamaya?

game! sinong banka sa kwento?

fire away!

Century o San Marino?

di ko pa natikman yung corned tuna ng century e. pero masarap yung san marino.

fire away!

easy to get o hard to get ka ba?

pamilyar yung tanong a. ehe.

sagot: hard to get ako sa mga taong di ko gusto.

fire away!

Town or scum? :P

scum!! rar!

fire away!

What TV show makes you laugh the loudest?

the office. :D

fire away!

What do you think about so far?

so far so good. but there's a lot of room for improvement. like tallying all the questions you've asked in a list.

fire away!

sino/ano ang source ng happiness mo ngayon?

mga tv shows na pinapanood ko: 30 rock, modern family, the office, the big bang theory, how i met your mother

mga anime na pinapanood ko: one piece, detroit metal city

video game na nilalaro ko: tekken 6: blood rebellion

mga bagong album na pinapakinggan ko: franco, kings of convenience, musical o, sugarfree, john mayer, eraserheads

mga tao sa buhay ko: si mama, mga high school friends, mga opismeyts at... ikaw

fire away!

What's the secret to happiness?

i haven't found it yet. tell me the secret if you find it first.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

napatawad mo na ba sya? ok ka na ba?

parang di pa. pero parang ok naman na ko.

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Pride o Puso? Bakit?

malamang sa malamang, puso. pero depende pa rin sa sitwasyon.

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sporty, scary, posh, baby, or ginger?

ginger. rar!

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Tino ang dapat titihin?


fire away!

any fave sport?

lampayatot ako pag dating sa sports e. ang nilalaro ko lang na sport ay table tennis. ehe.

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sa pagkanta, sinong singer/vocalist ang pinaka-digs mong boses?

pa iba-iba e. sa ngayon si franco reyes.

fire away!

Tino ang dapat titihin?


fire away!

anong gulay ang pinakapinandidirian mo if meron? nagiisip nako ng menu sa pagdating ko :P

okra! its so hairy and slimy. yaaaak. hehe.

fire away!

pusa o aso?

aso! :D

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Sinong dakila?

eto sya...

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any fictional characters you can relate yourself with?

si soundwave. dahil mahilig ako sa sounds. at dahil gusto ko ring magkaroon ng laserbeak, ravage at rumble.

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huh?di naman.bakit?

wala lang. gusto ko lang malaman kung positive. hehe.

fire away!

ano ang pinaka nakakairitang bagay ang ginawa ko sau?? lol!!

yung pagtanggi mo sa mga alok ko. bwahahaha! ;)

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Kilala mo ba ang Dakilang Bruho ni Tita? Yon eh!

kilala. selos nga ako dun e. sobrang lakas ka ng arrive.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

oi jam kumusta kayo jan?

oi! ayos naman. as usual OT. teka, nakagat mo ba yung dila mo? hehe.

fire away!

what is your greatest treasure?

you are dij! pa-holding hands at pa-hug ka naman dyan! hehehe.

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Sa iyong opinyon, kasalanan bang hindi mahalin pabalik ang taong naglalaan ng pagmamahal sa'yo?

wag ganyan. dapat minamahal mo ang isang tao dahil mahal mo syang tunay, di dahil minamahal ka lang nya. hindi consuelo de bobo ang pagmamahal.

fire away!

Sinong mas trip mong office seatmate, yung nasa kanan o yung nasa kaliwa mo? (Ako syempre yung nasa kaliwa ko. Hahaha!)

ako syempre yung nasa kanan ko. kaka-in crush pa yung bangs nya. <3

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Saan at kelan ka huling umiyak? Bakit?

di ko na maalala. sa bahay yun malamang. may napanood ata ako nun sa news na abused child. T-T

fire away!

mas matangkad o mas maliit?

mas maliit. nakaka-insecure pag mas matangkad sya.

fire away!

Sino ang tunay na baliw?

kasama nung dakila.

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delusions of grandeur

you know what sucks? thinking that you have a chance to be with someone then finding out through her multiply/friendster/facebook/tumblr/twitter/plurk/myspace/formspring that you're infinitely worlds apart. there goes your ego, out the window of the 14th floor. splat!


btw, add me up in any of the above social networking sites.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

kung may legal bond paper, ano ang illegal bond paper?

yan ang ini-ismuggle ni illegal james bond.

fire away!

Ano ang huling librong binasa mo (not required reading dapat) at kelan?

the little prince ata. at pang nth time ko na yun binasa. nasa gitna na rin ako ng librong dune pero na-stuck ako sa gitna kasi tinamad ulit akong magbasa dahil sa tekken. hehe.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Respeto o Tiwala? Bakit?

respeto. kasi di pwedeng may tiwala ng walang respeto. (ang gulo)

fire away!

Ano ang implikasyon ng diin ng pagsusulat? Hahaha.

directly proportional daw sa diin ng sulat mo kung gaano ka intense ka magmahal. ayun!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

nagkaroon ka na ba ng experience kung saan hindi naging kayo dahil di lang kayo pareho ng nationality? status sa society? religion?

nationality - wala
social status - wala ata
religion - meron ata

fire away!

Magpapahuli ka ba ng buhay? Random lang.

hindi. kasi pag nahuli ako... patay!

fire away!

Ano mas gusto nyong fansclub name ng love team sa AV? MAY-LITO? GOCOR?

agree ako sa sinabi ni joey --> tiffelits FTW!!

fire away!

Ano ba talaga ang nickname ko? D'Joy, Deej, Dij, Didj, Diji, Dijibells??? Nakakaloka kayo!!!!!! =D

D'joey. YIHEEE!!!

fire away!

kelan ka last umutot sa opis? aminin!

pagkasagot ko nito. amoy melon! x_x

fire away!

4 favorite body parts ng ideal partner niyo na gusto nyong tingnan? hawakan? amuyin? linisin? (iba-iba dapat ang sagot per item hehe)

maliliit na buhok sa batok - tignan
likod ng tuhod - hawakan
kilikili - amuyin
atsaka - linisin

daliri - pangkulangot

fire away!

saan mas karapat-dapat gawin? sa loob ng kabinet o sa ilalim ng kama?

sa loob ng kabinet. mahirap sa ilalim ng kama kasi parang di ako makakabwelo ng mabuti dun e.

fire away!

Do you close doors to possibilities? For example, kayo ba yung tipong "officemate kasi so hindi pwede" or "nasa circle/barkada... kapatid ko lang lahat so NO WAY." OR do you take a chance for sparks to fly? Explain.

close doors. pag ganun kasi wala ng chance for sparks to fly. tulad ngayon sarado ang pintuan ko para sa mga babaeng may kotse. ayaw ko kasi ng girlie na laking aircon e.

fire away!

gusto mo makakita ng mad cow disease?

sige. pakita ka sa akin after 10 years.

fire away!

HOW EMO ARE YOU? Give me your most emo line.

i cut myself to feel alive. /wrist

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sc2 battle report 4

this was already out a few months back and i only got to watch this just now. all i can say is awesome sauce!!


live streaming beta games here.

formspring ba ang bagong slambuk/otograf?

oo naman.

what is your favorite color? what is love? who is your crush?

fire away!


only twenty years old? crap! but i'm still game. fight!


jem eto ba yung sayo?

anong paborito mong inumin (alak)?

beer na lokal - san mig light
hard na lokal - granma

beer na di local - miller genuine draft
hard na di local - southern comfort

fight din nga pala ako sa soju.


fire away!


men in restrooms shouldn't (1) make eye contact and (2) talk. come on guys let's just reserve the staring outside the john and preferably with the opposite sex and leave all the talking to women (because its what they do best). just concentrate on your whizzing or tail growing.

got it? good. now back off.

May i-dadate ka na officemate mo... siya ay isang: a) AV assistant, b) AV analyst, c) AV specialist, d) AV team leader, e) AV project leader, f) AV process leader OR g) outside of AV na nasa 14th floor. CHOOSE ONE and explain. =p

hmmm... di ako nakikipag-date sa officemate e. masyado kasing magulo yun. but to answer your question, i'd go for someone outside of AV. di kasi kami talo ng AV people. parang mga kapatid ko na yang mga yan.

fire away!

Favorite candy bar?

3 musketeers. :)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

May sunog. Anung isang nonessential thing less than Php100 ang isesave mo?

yung figurine ni mama ng pusa na gawa sa shells. myar!

fire away!

kung isa nalang ang pwede mong maamoy for the rest of your life, ano yun?

gap dream. :)

fire away!

Nang-agaw ka na ba ng bf/gf ng iba? Kumusta naman ang feeling? =D

oo. exciting! pero nga pala, di ako succesful. mwehehe.

fire away!

ano ang lesser of two break-ups: may nahanap na siyang iba OR na-realize niya na mahal niya ang ka-uri niya (i.e. narealize ng gf mo na siya'y lebz)

either way parang olats ka pa rin e. pero parang mass di ako masasaktan pag may nahanap siyang iba. dun kasi sa nalaman nyang tivoli pala sya parang tinira na rin nya yung pagkalalake ko. biruin mo ba namang maging lesbiana dahil sa akin. aguy!

fire away!

E ilang babae na ang sumeryoso sa iyo?

parang wala pa. T-T /wrist

fire away!

Kmusta naman ang first kiss nyo? Haha

matsalap. :*

fire away!

nararamdaman mo ba kung may gusto sayo ang isang tao? nakakailang ba?

ayos to a. gwapo siguro yung unang nakapag-isip ng tanong na to. hehe.

oo naman, nararamdaman ko. sa tingin pa nga lang alam ko na kung may gusto sya sa akin e. sa pagiging ilang, depende sa tao. pero madalas hindi.

fire away!

Snob ka ba or friendly pag may gusto ka?

friendly. natural naman akong friendly e. snob lang ako pag umaga. hehe.

fire away!

ilang babae na ang sineryoso mo?

lahat naman sineseryoso ko e. walang laro-laro sa akin pag dating sa mga bagay na ganyan. basta pag kumilos ako seryosohan na yun.

fire away!

bakit average at its best? ibig mong sabihin best ka sa lahat ng average? pano mo nasigurado yun?

kumbaga ang best na maa-attain ko sa kung ano mang bagay o aspeto ay average lamang. di naman siguradong-sigurado. ramdam ko lang. tingin ko kasi alam naman ng bawat isa sa atin kung ano yung extent ng capabilities natin.

fire away!

may crush ka, sobrang cute, hot and sexy... at nag-fiflirt back sayo. pero biglang nag-fart siya ng sobrang lakas na parang "may lumabas" (uu, ganun kalakas). crush mo pa rin ba? may chance pa ba for romance?

nangyari na to sa akin nung kausap ko si gretchen fullido e. fight pa rin ako! pero ngayon may dala na kong tissue palagi at extrang salawal.

fire away!, watcha think? (forwarded tanong ito, mas maaappreciate kung may sound)

ang saya! paborito ko yung mga ganito!! :D

fire away!

AMININ: kinikilig ka ba sa cheezy?

oo naman. cheezy akong tao e. di lang halata.

fire away!

san mo pinakagusto gumawa ng kiss mark sa isang tao?

where the sun don't shine. ;)

fire away!

bakit paminsan mahirap humingi ng advice?

kung nahihirapan kang humingi ng advice ibig sabihin lang nun di ka kumportable sa taong hinihingan mo ng advice. madali lang naman yan basta't may tiwala ka sa taong kausap mo.

-joe d'mongoloid

fire away!

may cute na barista sa Starbucks. iniabot na niya ang kape mo. what'd be your best pick-up line para ma-date siya?

i don't do pick-up lines because i don't have to swagger to deliver them properly. but if i have to it'd be probably go something like,

cute barista (cb): one coffè mocha for oliver (code name ko yan pag nag-oorder ako kung san man.)
me: *walking towards cb*
cb: *hands over coffee*
me: excuse me. i think this is not hot enough for me.
cb: sorry about that. how hot would you like it?
me: as hot as you.


fire away!

Re-date an ex or date your friend's ex?

re-date an ex na lang. at least pag ganun ako lang yung maguguluhan at di pa madadamay yung kaibigan ko sa kabulastugan ko.

fire away!

How long can you go without ___? (ikaw na bahala kung ano yung nasa blank)

as of current lagpas isang taon na. pero mababago yan in a week. yown!

fire away!

Kung meron kang gustong isama sa Subic Weekend, sino at bakit? Bawal corny ha!

na taga opis din ba o pwedeng others? kung sa others isasama ko si gretchen fullido. pag taga opis... turo ko sayo mamya. hehe.

fire away!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bigay ka ng isang gamit pambahay na sana meron sa office


fire away!

nakipagfrench ka na sa pusa?!

nakakain na ako ng siopao. counted na ba yun?

fire away!

If libro ang buhay mo, ano title?

average at its best.

fire away!

anong lasa ng mata ng isda?

kalasa nya yung dila ng pusa.

fire away!

san mo gusto pumwesto ang pangatlong tenga mo?

sa daliri.

fire away!

Pili kung sakaling dapat kang magkaroon ng isa sa dalawang to: 3 butas ng ilong, o tatlong tenga?

tatlong tenga na lang. parang mas madaling itago. teka... san nga ba nakapwesto yung pangatlong tenga?

fire away!

choose one: (1) lahat ng kuko mo maging buhok, or (2) magkakaroon ka nalang ng isang malaking kuko sa ulo? BAKIT?

(1) parang masmadaling itago kung magiging buhok yung mga kuko ko. magpapatrim lang ako kay fafa jeff ayos na!

fire away!

What's not conservative na for you?

obsessed ka ata sa "conservative" na mga tanong a. ano bang meron sa pagiging conservative?

fire away!

Ano isasagot mo kung may lumapit sayo sa cr habang ikaw ay nagsisipilyo at nagtanong ng: "pwede makihiram ng toothbrush?naiwan ko kasi yung akin."

hindi pwede, tse!

fire away!

How conservative are you?

depende sa kasama. hehe.

fire away!

Would you date your friend's ex?

hmmm... most likely not.

fire away!

sino ang mas babae? si sam o si piolo? explain why.

si piolo ata. kasi si sam nabingwit (allegedly) si anne curtis. samantalang si piolo nakikipag-malling with hhww on the side si yul servo. yun nga lang si piolo may anak na tapos si sam dating nagfi-figure skating.

fire away!

what's your cheesiest "digah" move?

me: close your eyes.
her: *closes eyes*
me: can you see me?
her: no.
me: open your eyes. can you see me now?
her: yes.
me: how 'bout friday night?

hehe. pero seriously wala akong "digah" move. masyado akong mahiyain para sa mga bagay na ganyan.

fire away!

kung babae ka, ano name mo?

jessa jamie from quezon zity!

fire away!

Korean group (i.e. Wonder Girls) or J-pop Artist (i.e. Hikaru Utada)?

hands down utada hikaru. ^^

fire away!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, sino na ang date mo? At kelan na? Two weeks!

wala pa rin e. pero baka patusin ko pa rin yung si prospect. baka...

fire away!

why a mouse when it spins?


fire away!

Which would you rather do: confront or stalk?

obviously stalk.

fire away!

Which would you rather do: confront or stalk?

<a href="">oblviously</a>;, stalk.

fire away!

name 1 "feel-good" movie you would recommend (para sa malungkot pag gabi. hahaha)

"when harry met sally" always work for me. but maybe you should try "mr. holland's opus."

fire away!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Are you more of a talker or more of a listener?

listener. (testing)

Ask me anything

Ask me anything


i miss my old self. the one who had the gusto and penchant to just write whatever comes to his mind. i've become too much uncaring, indifferent, disinterested, flat, vapid that i don't even have a proper ending for this post.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

prospect fail

internet i love you; you save me from the shame of wearing my heart on my sleeve as i attempt to ask somebody out.

but should i really take what you say at face value?

i did a quick check of whatever information i fed to you and not all of it is true. so this only means that what you tell me is not absolute. maybe what i read wasn't true; maybe there's still a chance; maybe i still have chance; maybe...

o crap, i just saw the picture.


Saturday, February 13, 2010


ladies do us men a favor and

1. don't pair a black bra with a white shirt,
2. don't wear lingerie-esque bras with paper thin tops (felix bakat action),
3. and/or less of chest outs

to prevent us from ogling your treasure chests.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

heads up!

posting a this pic because i was reminded of it after i ripped my copy of fruitcake and sticker happy and because i'm wearing my eraserheads the final set t-shirt today. eheads for life!!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


isn't it the worst when you find out your ex-crush, niligawan, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, and/or everything just got married?

Monday, February 08, 2010


are they too formal during introductions these days?

what i notice nowadays is the proliferation of people just nodding their heads to acknowledge that the introduction was made. come to think of it, except for this incident, i can't remember the last time i extended my hand when meeting someone for the first time.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

hate & love

i hate you already...

if you're into or once into a fad, i.e. havaianas, nata de coco, zagu, shawarma, frozen yogurt.

if you have a keyboard in front of you yet you still insist in writing your sentences as if you're texting. (plus hate points to people who go, "d2 n me, wer n u?")

if you speak in coño. (plus hate points if you abbreviate words that really have no abbreviation.) [we were in tags during the weekend to attend this party chong. dude it was exclusive. you have to be in the gl to get in.]

if you use the word chillax. (and i hate myself for polluting this post with that word.)


i love you already...

if you could pull off a semi fitted white shirt and jeans. (plus love points if you're mabalakang; plus hate points if you're a man who wears (semi) fitted shirts))

if you're into alternative/classic/pop/blues/hard rock music. (plus love points if you're into opm rock.) (plus plus points if you like sandwich, pedicab, up dharma down, urbandub, franco and eraserheads.)

if you like little miss sunshine, sideways and juno. (you've missed half of your life if you haven't watched any of these films.)

if you get sarcasm.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

is it weird to actually talk to person about what you read on his/her blog instead of just posting your thoughts as comments on his/her post?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

on first dates

the guy pays for everything (movie, dinner, dessert, coffee, shhhhh..arwarma) but with gift cheques. is this acceptable?

the guy uses his credit card to foot the bill. problem is he wasn't aware that the card was already maxed out and added to that he isn't liquid at the moment. to save from his further embarrassment the girl pays for the chit. minus pogi points?

is it a good gauge that the date is not going well when the girl insists on going dutch? that is instead of the (not so) usual courtesy of her offering to split the bill then the guy generously declining her offer then proceeds to taking all the damage, a tennis match ensues on who's paying for what.


more on first dates here

Monday, January 25, 2010


i wouldn't have noticed it if my friend hadn't pointed out that this girl i had a thing for was looking pretty fine these days. this got me to wondering, wondering whatever happened to those girls i were in to and who were also fond of me, i.e. MU (MU = mutual understanding | may unawaan | mag-un). i didn't have any other means to check on them since i seldom talk or contact them.

(i really don't dig the idea of staying in touch or being "friends" with someone that used to be somebody in your life. it just a reminder of that part of your life as a failure. it's just pure torture. i wholeheartedly believe this with ex's but still partial with almost girlfriends. but i digress...)

enter facebook! here's the part were i thank facebook for being so widely used that it was a cinch to looking them up and instantly finding them. and it's a plus that facebook is stalker friendly. hehe.

on to the rubbing of salt on the wound. well, most of them are in a relationship, one is getting married and the rest single. (these might sound a lot to you but in reality they all can be counted using one and 2/5 of a hand.) judging from the the limited or unlimited access i had with their information and photos, which admittedly is quite inaccurate, they all seem to be doing good. and true to what my friend noticed with the first girl they all look prettier or cuter than when we were (almost) together. which just sucks for me.

but then a light bulb suddenly blazed in my head and hence the birth of the palpable corporeal enhancement tendencies via confined time proximity with me theory. in simple form, all of the women i've been involved with will look way foxier after being with me.

seeing that this theory is still on its infant stage, i am now accepting volunteers of the female persuasion to prove or disprove this. parameters will be set once i see you. till then, i'll wait for your applications.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


i love the once in a blue moon curse* word i hear from women. it's alien to my ears and quite unexpected. it's like when men say their "i love yous."

*curse - not the usual shit, shet, gago or tanga. more on fuck and (pu)tangina. plus points for malutong delivery.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

wala ng love sa ating team

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

adidas + star wars = WIN!

i already saw this at an adidas store. i'll most definitely buy a shirt. it's either this one or the stormtropper shirt.

probably a jacket. the darth vader jacket is too tacky for me.

and some white shoes. it's either this or the x-wing shoes. or the skywalker.

ouch! my pockets!


here's a link to the adidas-star wars merchandise: click

Monday, January 18, 2010

booboo berr

if you've been in a relationship you'd know that it's unavoidable (and inevitable) to earn/have matching terms of endearment* with your significant other. these names ranges from the oldies (darling) to new ones (b - baby's initial), from the conventional (honey) to the non-conventional (panget) or from the cute (apple pie) to the annoying (behh).

now the question i want to ask is this: is there an unwritten law wherein you're not supposed to recycle a term of endearment you've already bestowed upon an ex to use for your current partner?

*personally i'm not really fond of terms of endearment, or as i would like to call it pet names. which as the name implies should be reserved for pets. but yeah i'd let my girlfriend call me leche flan (leche when she's mad) just as long as i can have my videogame time. compromise pre.