Tuesday, November 30, 2004

black capricorn day

had to endure sandara's song while on the fx. punishment probably for not following my own resolution not to ride ever on that particular auv. cruel.


had a hefty dose of vitamin d on my to work. good while it lasted. although it shattered my illusions that i was once a vampire. bat i lav blaaad...


i've said my apoligies. yet you gave no response. i guess i deserve(?) that.


with my present mood, i tend to hate the things you like. and i do hate myself now.

Monday, November 29, 2004


depressed i am very.


work tomorrow i don't want to go to.


depressed i am very.

my very very long weekend

warning: longish post ahead.

my blog doesn't get the love and affection it once had. and i think i've neglected it long enough. time to get a little peronal. shall we?



recieved my pay slip during the afternoon. was ecstatic over the figure that i saw. then decided to absent myself the following day to do my shopping.



a yes. a self-delared holiday. my very long weekend started here.

left the house at around nine somewhat prepared for the transport strike. (i've already charted a route in which i wouldn't ride pub's and puj's as much as possible.)

arrived at greenhills at around noon. went straight to the shop were i saw the ps2 package that i wanted. couldn't convince the guy to replace the imitation controller with an original. proceeded then to write down the games that i wanted. turns out they don't some of the games that i wanted. o well... at least i got a copy of tekken tag tournament and need for speed: underground 2. that would suffice for now. and besides i think i could easily borrow old copies of games from my ps2 friends. paging paging, nakajima-kun(ken) and chickster(chico). pahiram ako ng luma nyong laro! waited for about forty five minutes while they moded the ps2. then proceeded to festival mall to purchase me a tv.

by the time i arrived at festival i was quite exhausted from carrying the ps2 unit along with the games. bought me a 21" flat screen tv and after a few arrangements with an fx driver i was on my way home hungry and tired but nonetheless was happy. it was close to four by then and it was only when i was seated on the fx that i've rememered that i've yet to eat. good thing i bought a family sized pizza as pasalubong for my mom. texted my mom before we left festival.

ako: ma pauwi na ako. dala ko na yung bagong tv natin.Ü

tried to assemble the free stand that came along with the tv but was too drained to put in the screws. bleh. propped the tv on the floor instead and tried my new ps2. also used my dad's bose speakers to test the sounds. guess what i played first... bitchin' sweet!ÜÜÜ



friday & saturday:

went to Lb friday evening because of cel's blowout. arrived there quite late because of the freakin' slow poke driver of the jeep that i was so lucky to chance upon. we then proceeded to palaisdaan at bay. feasted ourselves on the scrumptious food that was before us, fried rice, sinigang na baboy, pinakbet and sizzling squid sisig. mmmmm...

went home to the apartment after and surfed to my hearts content and played warcraft 3 dota with clemen. slept at about four o'clock in the morning. cel and clemen was still playing when i hit the sack.

woke up at around eight and burned me a copy of vampire hunter d: bloodlust. cheked afterwards if the copy i made was working while surfing the net and chatting on ym.

showered and then went out with cel and andrew to meet with mark and nikki to have lunch. ate at mernels. grabe nakakamiss ang mernels. not to mention the relatively cheap food. and of course it goes without saying that i did miss my friends company. we could've talked all day about trivial and not so trivial things if we didn't have things to do.

burned some more cds. l'arc~en~ciel's music videos and the complete season of the last exile. left Lb after having dinner with mark and nikki. also got the number of an anime dealer at Lb with extensive anime titles. (three page full!)

arrived home at around nine and played played played. slept at around one.

between thursday, friday, saturday and sunday i think i was only averaging four hours of sleep per day. blerh.



date day.Ü how would i describe the date? hmmm... one hell of a rollercoaster ride. there were downs but mostly there were ups. but you know me... i was constanly focusing on the downs, playing and replaying it on my mind. could almost hear homer going "doh!" after every boo boo. bleh. but i did enjoy going out with her its just that i was so aimless and quite a bore that day. i dunno... bleh.

tried to drown my woes as soon as i arrived home. one thing, there is a limit to what tekken can cure.

slept at four.



woke up at ten. still miserable(?). tekken, tekken, tekken. that felt good. for a while at least...

hmmm... it's raining. might as well help water the plants...

got the guitar and had me a mini concert. first song was kitchen's song. (it was playing on the tv at that time so i played along with her.) next was my theme song. didn't felt better though after the song. but then i sang this song,

my stupid mouth
has got me in trouble
i said too much again
to a date over dinner yesterday
and i could see
she was offended
she said "well anyway..."
just dying for a subject change

oh, another social casualty
score one more for me
how could i forget?
mama said "think before speaking"
no filter in my head
oh, what's a boy to do
i guess he better find one soon

we bit our lips she looked out the window
rolling tiny balls of napkin paper
i played a quick game of chess with the
salt and pepper shaker
and i could see clearly
an indelible line was drawn
between what was good, what just
slipped out and what went wrong

oh, the way she feels
about me has changed
thanks for playing, try again.
how could i forget?

mama said "think before speaking"
no filter in my head
oh, what's a boy to do
i guess he better find one

i'm never speaking up again it only hurts me
i'd rather be a mystery than she desert me

oh i'm never speaking up again
starting now

one more thing
why is it my fault?
so maybe i try too hard
but it's all because of this desire
i just wanna be liked, i just wanna be funny
looks like the jokes on me
so call me captain backfire

oh, the way she feels
about me has changed
thanks for playing, try again.
how could i forget?
mama said "think before speaking"
no filter in my head
oh, what's a boy to do
i guess he better find one

i'm never speaking up again. it only hurts me
i'd rather be a mystery than she desert me

oh i'm never speaking up again
starting now

was constantly smirking while singing this. how very appropriate of the events that occurred yesterday, indeed! well not all of it. but to some extent it is...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


for three days now i have been doing infinitesimal amounts of work and frankly i'm quite bored, bored beyond boredom that any moment now i feel as if i would implode because of this stagnation that is slowly seeping into my bones and turning me into a hapless dunce with the pointy funnel cap sitting on the fool stool in the corner of the back of the room facing the wall trying to figure out how'd he got this punishment so much so that his poor malnourished brain is incessantly throbbing from the creeping exhaustion of conjuring something out of nothing that ultimately left me yearning

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


just finished downloading a tribute combo vid from shoryuken.com. downloading time: two hours thirty seven minutes. file size: 323MB. read a couple of comments about the video on the forums and from what i've read it's an amazing video. will watch it now.Ü


finsihed reading the da vinci code yesterday. what a great read indeed! highly recommended! although try to get a hardcopy instead of the softcopy.


pucha! corrupted yung file! bwiset! grrrr.... nakakaiyak.

Monday, November 22, 2004


master, i am not worthy. [bow]


this brought a tear to my eye.


master, i am not worthy. [bow]


i haven't played tekken 5 yet but i love it already.


yesterday i went to greenhills to find me a good bargain for a ps2. here's the package i found to be the most appealing,

1 ps2 unit (mod)
1 dual shock controller
1 imitation controller
1 ps2 memory card
25 games (your choice)

1 month unit change
6 months service warranty

12,000.00 Php

will try to convince the owner to sell me the package with two dual shock controllers. will then haggle for a lower price. hehe.


while i was hunting for a good buy at virra mall yesterday, i was approached countless of times by men offering dibidis and dibidi eks. i almost laughed my head off everytime somebody tried to sell me those illicit dvds. partly because the way they talked reminded me of michael v's impersonations. but mainly because of how they sell it; they wander aimlessly around the mall and when they see a potential customer they'd hover around him while talking, almost whispering, what they have. bubble gang material indeed.


pisay 98 bball team lost against 91 yesterday. crap. but at least we made it to the finals this year. maybe next year we'll bring home the cup when the team has new borns for good luck. ha. ha. ha.

Friday, November 19, 2004


i'm so not in the mood today. don't give me crap. *evileye*

Thursday, November 18, 2004

ice climber

the first episode for the new season of amazing race aired last night. (live via satellite in the afternoon) i was quite surprised that ar6 started already. but nonetheless i was happy it did.

i was particulary amused when the first detour of the game let the teams choose between finding a bouy amongst a myriad of glaciers and ice climbing. i myself given a choice between riding a boat and ice climbing would've prefered the latter.
disappointingly there were no seals, polar bears and pterodactyls spotted during any of the ice climb.

one of the "disposable" teams got eliminated, the high school best friend team. they chose to find the bouy. they should've known better that the less physically tedious and seemingly easier tasks take longer. idiots.


heart has a new commercial. happy days are here again. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


i worry, i weigh three times my body
i worry, i throw my fear around
but this morning, there's a calm i can't explain
the rock candy's melted, only diamonds now remain

ooh ooh ooh ooh

by the time i recognize this moment
this moment will be gone
but i will bend the light, pretend that it somehow lingered on
well all i got's

ooh ooh ooh ooh

and i will wait to find
if this will last forever
and i will wait to find
if this will last forever
and i will wait to find
that it won't and it won't because it can't
because it just can't
it just can't
it's not supposed to

was there a second of time that i looked around?
did i sail through or drop my anchor down
was anything enough to kiss the ground?
and say i'm here now and she's here now

ooh ooh ooh ooh
ooh ooh ooh ooh

so much wasted in the afternoon
so much sacred in the month of june
how bout you

and i will wait to find
if this will last forever
and i will pay no mind
when it won't and it won't
because it won't
and i will waste no time
worried 'bout no rainy weather
and i will waste no time
remaining in our lives together

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


bakla sumali sa away, napasubo!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

weekend chikka


sige kwentuhan muna kita habang naghihintay kang magfit...


around 3 o'clock na ako nakaalis kahapon. tapos nung nasa express way na ako biglang sinabi sa akin na sa galle na lang kami manonood. syempre pumayag na ako kasi no choice naman talaga ako dun e. pero sinabi ko na late ako pag sa galle. sabi 7 ako darating dun. dumaan na rin ako sa glorietta dahil...


feel ko lang. hehe. tapos nung nagiikot ako may narinig akong banda kaya pinuntahan ko. turns out na session road was playing. cubeblog sponsored their tugtugan. dun ko nakita si che, my kabarkada during high school at close friend. at housemate din pala sya ni lorie. yun tumambay muna ako ng konti...


tapos yng hosts nila may pa contest. e walang gustong sumagot ng mga tanong nila kaya sumagot ako ng isang tanong nila, pagkatapos akong kulitin ni che at ng officemates nya. hehe.Ü then i was off to galle. mrt was a biatch! ayos lang naman sa akin yung siksikan pero may kakaibang amoy e...


had to get off before my stop. kasi 'di ko na talaga matiis e. buti na lang hindi ako na late... masyado. hehe.Ü ang dami namin kagabi. sampu. we had lots of time before the movie. 940 pa kasi yung showing. libre ni oli yung food sa yellow cab. sobrang nabusog ako. tapos during dinner sabi ni alekos na wag ko na daw...


bayaran yung ticket kasi di pa daw nya ako nalilibre. hahaha!Ü ang saya. up until that moment gastos ko pa lang ay pamasahe. nakalibre pa ako ng prepaid card dun kila che.Ü natapos kaming kumain around 9. tapos pumili na kami sa, surprisingly, mahabang pila sa the incredibles. daming tao! some of us had to sit on the..


aisle kasi wala na talgang maupuan. buti na lang maganda yung movie. pero yung humor nya parang 'di pambata. you should watch it!Ü pagkatapos ng movie nagyaya pang magbowling si poks. kaya lang magsasara na yung e-lanes. tapos wala na palang bowling sa may greenhills. kaya nag mister donut na lang kami. tapos uwian na.


hahahaha! napuno ko na inbox mo no? hehehe. gomen.T_T uwi na ko. baka hinahanap na ako ni inay. i'll see you when i do. ingats sa pag da-drive.Ü

puyat lang yan...

sila'y nagusap sa tingin at

nalunod sa haplos ng kanilang titigan

ngiti'y namutawi sa labi ng isa't-isa at

pabulong na sinambit sa hangin ang mensaheng sikreto.

Friday, November 12, 2004

double standard

i read somewhere (can't remember where) that women say that its okay for them to see other guys at the same time while they think men aren't oblige with the same opportunity(?).

Thursday, November 11, 2004

oi frank! oi jae!

have you seen rumors, the latest music vid of lindsay lohan?Ü

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


twister fries are back! yay! 'bout time...Ü

saw the billboard along magallanes last thursday. satisfied my craving last sunday with a twister float meal. and also yesterday. ^_^ sunday was coke flavored float. blech. >_< yesterday was strawberry flavored float. yum. n_n will probably devour another meal later. and tomorrow. and the day after tomorrow. and the day after that, and the day after that... yaukyukyaukyuk. ^0^ although sixty bucks per day is quite expensive and would ultimately leave me penniless before this month's pay arrives... @_@ you only live once right? or rather, twister season comes only once, right?


it's been a while since i had a cajun burger. mmmm.... me want one now. mmmmm.... (grease anyone?)

Monday, November 08, 2004


hyde = jekyll

ken = ryu

tetsu = jin

yukihiro = ???

Friday, November 05, 2004


this job is killing my *blog* life...


meron bang tamang akala?

e, maling akala, meron ba?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

photo finish

almost forgot to blog today... good thing i didn't.

kekekekekekekekekeke. ^_^

yukyukyukyuykyukyukyuk. ^o^

oh0Ho-hOH0ho-HohoH0ho. ^O^