Sunday, August 30, 2009

first expectations

i know there's an unwritten rule that men are supposed to pay for everything on the first date. this is what women expect from us men. but up until now i can't think of anything men expect from a woman on a first date. so to make things all fair and equal i propose this unwritten rule for women:

women should offer to split the bill.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

music preference

if you're a man and you're into girlie pop it implies that you're one of the following:
a. you're courting someone who likes girlie pop
b. you're new girlfriend likes girlie pop (new = within 6 months)
c. you're gay

if you're a woman and you're into alternative/rock music it implies that you're:
a. cool

Friday, August 14, 2009

FML-LML rollercoaster

the following events happened in a span of under an hour today.

woke up late today. FML

i was able to catch a manila bound bus. LML

i had to get off the bus since i left my wallet at home. FML

lucky! hopping on the last trip bus going to manila. LML

hmm... my bag seems a wee bit lighter. gah! i left my baon. FML

saw my tito in the same bus. *mano po* it's a free ride courtesy of my tito! LML

Monday, August 10, 2009


"last night my hard disk was corrupted. i lost EVERYTHING!! #FML"

this just sucks gigantic balls! i was just thoroughly enjoying myself watching this anime halfway through its season when i decided to hit the sack last night. i then tried to access a folder to update a file in my external hard drive. nothing. that's odd.

tried a different folder. nothing.

maybe another folder then? still nothing.


l0ng story short, i decided to format the disk since:

1. i've watched most of the movies that i've downloaded there,
2. all the music that were in there were just copies from my cds,
3. i did backup some of files, mostly tv series, (the big bang theory, 30 rock, the office, how i met your mother, dollhouse)
4. a friend was able to copy a chunk, (about 25% of my hard disk) last time we met so i'll probably just copy it back from him,
5. and i know my friends are willing to share whatever stuff they have to me.

except for the small project i just started, which is now forever in limbo, (which i know i can still recreate since its still in its early stages) the losses are really small.

but that small comforting fact doesn't hinder me from thinking that it's all a conspiracy.


purupuru pururin pururin!