Monday, February 28, 2005


twenty nine minutes late and what's the first thing i see on my desk? well, it's a follow up note on the report that i've been desperately trying to finish last weekend after hours of idle OTy time spent just waiting for that gruesome report extraction. deadline: afternoon today. i wouldn't bore you with the details of the report. let's just say it's a daunting task. but thanks to my superlative researching skills, (also related to my superlative stalking skills), i'm close to finishing it. although i think i won't be able to because of lack of information of some accounts. demmet...

what a hellish day this is...


i was forced to spend my eleven bucks on two jeepney rides. so what's wrong if i spent 5.50 php on a jeepney ride? well, i had to use the tewnty peso bill which came from my very first paycheck. i know it's petty but it really bums me out. sigh... if only mister fx driver had yellow plates. maybe then he would be bold enough to go his usual route rather than dropping us off somewhere far from where we were supposed to be getting off so that he wasn't at risk of being caught by mister mmda officer.

but at least i enjoyed the jeepney ride to wahsington. reading the signboard of the jeep reminded me of this dog that our neighbors had when we were in college. amado-gystyle, a friend, really liked washington. so much so that whenever we were passing by the house were the dog resided amado-gystle would call out, "washington. tsktsktsk. washington!" hahaha. good times...

and i had fun too during the ride from washington to ayala ave. particularly when i saw a tropical hut branch along gil puyat ave.(?) it is a rare sight indeed to gaze upon a tropical hut outlet. which reminded me of this jingle they had...

tropical hamburger okey ang sarap
kaya't lahat ng barkada tropical ang hanap
tropical hamburger okey ang lasa
in na in sa barkada, tropical hamburger!

what a hellish day this is turning out to be...


nagaahas na linya shiiii! and i thought i was early today. shiiii! late again. late again. late again. from now on you can call me mahh tardy. get it? never mind...

something tells me this is going to be a hellish day...


exception of the day.

mylene hernandez, long time grade school crush.(from grade 4 to grade 6) i saw her this morning after ten(?) long years. and what'd you know, she still is pretty as ever. she lost her baby fats and was exuding a more mature look with her black slacks and her smart long sleeved collared blouse. (e ano bang tawag sa damit na yun?) her face now is more refined, more pleasing to the eyes and shaped in a way that accentuate the youthful cheer that she has while slighlty eclipsing the ravenous charm that she undoubtedly acquired during the past years.

funny thing is when i look at her i don't see her as she is now, but what she was when we were in grade school. i still remember how sweat would accumulate on her philtrum and she'd wipe it with her unslender fingers. she was popular among the boys and gals then and i'd bet she is until now.

i remember this gossip that i heard that she had a crush on me. but i didn't believe it. one, it was gossip. and two, if memory serves me right, i think gary was the one who gave this info to me... ehe.

seeing her again was really nice though...Ü

Saturday, February 26, 2005

when it rains, it pours

this very cute girl was staring at me while i was killing time yesterday at g4 timezone at the tekken 5 machines. she was glaring at me in a way no girl has ever looked at me before. and i returned the favor by looking at her straight in the eye. but i was the first one who broke off and shied away from the staring fest.

and oh, i forgot to mention that she was with her boyfriend...


love at first sight, i'm reluctant to believe in. crush at first sight, pwede pa.Ü so i'm in crush again this time with an officemate. first time that i saw her i did a double take. (and probably looked goofy then. ahuhyuk!Ü) she's pretty and has a cute laugh. she's one of the reasons why i like going to work again and punching in extra hours this weekend. OTy din sya. but me being me i still don't know her name... ehe.


jae is probably the only person who knows that i have a thing for that penshoppe model. so i'm very much looking forward how the following weeks will unfold...Ü


update on kras: using my advance stalking skills i found out her name and if she's available or not. married na pala ang lola! shete... woe's my broken heart.

ayoko na ulit pumasok... not!Ü

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i am uninspired

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

pa rin?

pasensya na kung ako ay naiiyak
mababaw lang talaga ang luha ko.
'di ko mapigil ang aking damdamin
pwede bang umalis ka na tumutunog na ang beeper mo...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

then and now

february 14, 1999

valentine's day. *first* date with my long time high school crush, none the less. how'd did it go? well in a nutshell, let's just say that she didn't have a grand time.

for starters i was very very very late, about three hours late. but before you lambast me, i have a "good" excuse why i was delayed. traffic. yes, it's not the best of excuses and it has been used as often as "my dog ate it." i know i should've have left earlier and i should've considered that the traffic would be horrendous and factored in the travel time from los baños to quezon city and expected that my friend would swing by manila to pick up his date and..... good thing(?) that she was with a friend who was keeping her company.

arriving very very very late for a date is baaaaaaad. but arriving very very very late with no flowers for your date is wooooooorse. (isn't it a requirment to give your date flowers on a valentine's day date?) ('di bale, bumawi naman ako the following year e.Ü) but wait! there's more... arriving very very very late with no flowers for your date and with no concrete plans on what you two would be doing is much much more woooooooooorse...

it was close to dinner time when i got to meet up with her. and since my supposed *plan* for the our date wouldn't work now due to time constraints, i was left with no choice. i had to ask her what she wanted to do. (believe me when i say this, you should have something planned out when going out on a date. have at least a plan c.)

we ended up eating somewhere in katipunan. i think i had a pork dish and she lamb(?). that dinner burned a hole in my pocket but it was well worth it. at last there was something good happening. but that would be the last good thing that was gonna happen for the night. i should've talked to her more during dinner but up until that time i still couldn't find *anything* to say to her.

after dinner we went back to campus and wandered aimlessly. there was little exchange between us. this was turning out to be my best and worst night ever. i was quite relieved when she said that she had to go home already. i offered to take her home but she said that her parents were around campus and that she'd go home with them. so i settled to make her hatid to where her parents were. i did meet her parents and after hasty goodbyes, the date was finally over.

(hmmm... i sense a pattern here. whenever i *prematurely* meet the parents of a girl i like, things don't work out. hmmmm... maybe i should... i digress.)

this was my first and last valentine's day date.


february 14, 2005

valentine's day, yet again. no date. no worries.Ü

or so i thought...

yesterday started out as a normal day. work work work. after work, tekken!

we, new tekken buddy mike(this guy reminds me of amado g-style) and i, left g4 timezone about twenty minutes after seven. he was going to take the mrt home and i was going to ride a van going to pacita parked at sm carpark. we were happily chatting our hearts out about tekken and other games we love. we exited sm, walked pass ace hardware and was just about to turn to edsa when something exploded(!). as expected total chaos ensued afterwards. people were running away from the scene. me and mike, being the uzis that we were, decided to have a closer look. but in the commotion got separated.

i was constantly cussing and very nervous with all that was happening. i then remembered that the last time i had a bite was seven hours ago and i was concious of my hunger pangs. indeed it is weird to think of your stomach at a time like that. and because of lack of other options on what to do (can't go home yet. and if i could, how?) and because of the way my mind was reacting i ran towards the nearest mcdo. i ordered meal number five, cheese burger, twister fries and large coke. got me a seat and started gobbling the food. this is where i started to collect my thoughts on what i should do next.

called my mom to tell her that i was fine and that i would be home shortly. i didn't divulge any information about what happened so that she wouldn't worry. texted my friends whom i thought where near the incident to check how they were doing. thank god they were fine.

when i was just about to finish my food a thought occurred to me. what if we left the arcade thirty seconds earlier? crap! we could've been one of the many victims of that horrible incident. tekken saved me.Ü (or you can think of it this way: tekken could've killed me. if i didn't go to the arcade to play i would've sidestepped the whole incident and would be just a spectator of the event rather than a participant.) so to tekken i returned while i was weighing my options on what to do next.

at the tekken machine i saw mike. we left the arcade and headed off to landmark to get our respective rides home. but of course not before a few games of tekken. (my character bryan a.k.a. dranreb has an all red costume now.Ü)

arrived home at about ten thirty and was very happy to see my mom and my sister. (i'm still in one piece!) i then told the incident in my point of view. they were surprised that i was very near the explosion and very thankful that i wasn't hurt or anything. i then proceeded to scan the channels for the latest breaking news.

i can't help but to feel relief for myself, sympathy for the victims, and rage and anger towards the minds behind the bombing after what i saw on the telly. damn those bombers!

bahala na ang diyos sa inyo...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


my tekken folder is *huge*! 1.6 gigs worth of match and combo vids; about 169 files. i should transfer my files now to cds... but how?


such an uneventful day this is turning out to be. nothing to do but *work*.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


i never thought that rubbing elbows could be so... stimulating.

Monday, February 07, 2005

i love...

the calm before the storm

the warmth of the morning sun

the crisp air after the pouring rain

the smell of freshly cut grass

the rhythm of the rain creates against the window pane

Friday, February 04, 2005

J77fn Fury

got to play t5 again last night after dinner at don hen with my college blocmates. there were about three players at g4 timezone when i arrived. including a ceded player. 9th kyu dancing orgasm was using asuka as his character.

after about nine games with them, guess who's the 9th kyu? well it's not me...

because i'm the 8th kyu. nyahahaha!Ü

here are my stats:

name: J77fn Fury (ehe. changing the name of your char is timed.)
character: brayn fury
wins: 9
loses: 0
win percentage: 100%ÜÜÜ
gold/money: 9000G++ (this is just an estimate.)
games left: 491 (there is a total of 500 games allowed per card. cards are renewable after the 500 games are consumed.)

i'd probably go there during my lunch break and will surely go there after work later.

just hope that i could stretch my winning streak.Ü

Thursday, February 03, 2005


i read nikki's e-mail about half past eleven. the e-mail contained a link to a forum with pinoys discussing the latest tekken news. it was there that i found out and confirmed that t5 is indeed in the phils. of course i didn't think twice if i should leave early for "lunch" and go directly to g4 and play. (okay, i did weigh my options. but against having lunch and going back to work afterwards, t5 tipped the scale more... way more.)

i arrived at g4 timezone a couple of minutes before noon. and it wasn't quite hard to find the t5 machine considering the fact that there was a swarm of people ogling at the machine. jwoarang was there along with a friend. he ranked 3rd kyu with his hwoarang and his friend ranked 4th kyu with karate jin. later 2nd kyu devil jin showed only to loss to an unceded ganryu player.(which was quite good. i lost twice to him and by the time i left jwoarang only won against him about 80% of the time.)

the game costs eighteen bucks a pop if you have a vip status timezone card and twenty for a normal card holder. i bought me a tekken 5 data card which costs two hundred pesos. pretty steep price for a plastic card but no price is too much for a tekkenus addictus. hehehe.Ü i really wanted the card where lei, bryan, yoshi and steve were the characters on the card. but instead i got the one with the new t5 chars in it, fei, asuka and raven because that was the only card they had in timezone. bleh! loaded my timezone card with a hundred pesos and i was on my way to tekken heaven.

the queue for the game was not that long. a rotation of three players were taking place at the first player side, (jwoarang, 4th kyu guy and me) and about the same number of players on the other side. i only got to play two games due to time constraints. first char that i used was paul. pretty much the same old paul only with a few new moves and a just frame-less d+4,2,1+2. next char that i used was jack5. although pretty slow he was such a fun character to use. and it did "inspire" jwoarang to use him for the next couple of fights. both instances i lost to the ganny player. but it didn't surprise me that i lost because i really really suck with the joystick. at least i made it to five rounds na close fight.Ü

i didn't use my card because only one character can be registered per card. i'm still thinking if what character to use in for me to have a shot for a kyu postion or just use a fun/stylish character to horse around. but i guess i could use a fun/stylish character and still have a kyu position. (ha! that'd be the day...)


i was supposed to write something totally depressing today but t5 change my mood inside out and upside down.

happy days...Ü

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


i feel like i'm a butterfly in june
so colour in my wings and let me hold your hand
i could be the sun and you could be my moon
but all you ever say is catch me if you can
feel like a butterfly
searching in the summer sky
a perfect love so hard to find

little butterfly come back to me
little butterfly come back to me
little butterfly come back to me
little butterfly come back to me

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

you know it...

you know what happens when you assume? you make an ass of u and me.


motto for losers: it's not about winning, it's how you play the game.


late night, come home
work sucks, i know...