Thursday, March 31, 2005


ulo ng baboy
1/4 kilo sibuyas(puti)
1/2 kilo kalamansi
2 lata(small) liver spread
sili, suka, asin

1. pakuluan ang ulo ng baboy hanggang sa lumambot
2. ihawin ang napalambot na ulo ng baboy
3. tadtadrin (mas maganda kung maliit ang pagkatadtad. wag naman parang bopis...)
4. ihalo ang ibang sangkap
5. i-serb

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

shall we resume

was just reading jae's resume. and i can't help but to snicker after i read his other qualifications.

Other Qualifications

- high aptitude allows for fast adaptation into different types of work
- great oral and written skills in English and Filipino
- strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
- absence of a girlfriend ensures availability during situations that require extra working hours

jae, pakopya ha!


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

happy anniversary

hooray to me!Ü

i've been *working* for a year now. and as a present to myself i decided to replace my old crappy phone (features: automatic "reboot" and "shut down", "insert sim card" *screen saver*) with a new camera phone once i recieve my bonus.

i've been doing a bit of research and now i am torn between getting a nokia 6230 or a sony ericson k500i. but i'm leaning more towards the 6230 because of its bluetooth capabilities.

got a month to decide.Ü

Monday, March 28, 2005


had a great loooong weekend.Ü where should i begin?



went to pampanga with my mom to visit my grandparents. stopped at mcdo san fernando where we were supposed to be fetched by kuya ed. ordered a sausage mcmuffin with egg and hot choco. yum!Ü

arrived at my lola's at around eleven. talked with them about our current predicament. after lunch we went to the bank to look at our options. no luck. phoned our tita to ask for help. she said that she'd call later to discuss how she could help. so there was practically nothing left for me to do. i decided to go home and leave my mom to talk with her sister.

rode a pasay bound victory liner bus at around three. victory liner buses are the bomb! they have comfy seats, great ac's, large windows and a cute sound system. (the driver pages the passengers the next stop that's coming through the system. also you could manualy turn off the speakers which was directly above your head alongside with the ac. nice!) sat on the side where the sun's rays where directly hitting me. great! i needed all the vitamin d(?) i could get.

(wouldn't it be cute to have a scene in a movie where the male protagonist sitting on a window seat in a bus and her leading lady sitting behind him silently sing the theme song of their movie? i digress... but not entirely. ano nga ba yung theme song namin? hehe.Ü)

made up my mind that i would be having dinner in makati because i didn't want to fuss over preparing a meal when i arrive home. texted anna if she wanted to have dinner with me. said she'd meet me at tower records glorietta. got there before anna and proceeded to listen to bloc party's debut(?) album. the album is gewd. had to restrain myself from buying the album using my dinner money.

a few minutes later i received a text message from anna telling me that she was already at tower. met up with her and helped her find this particular album by jim brickman that she was planning to buy. ehe, no jim brickman albums. she bought the live album of coldplay instead.

we left the store to eat at tokyo tokyo. shared a beef misuno sumo meal with her over some light conversation. i was quite surpirsed that i already felt full after one cup of rice. (nabusog sa kwento.Ü) learned that braces are freakishly expensive and there is a bataan in bataan.

what a perfect way to end a very stressful day...


wednesday, thursday and friday

i was in lb for three days living the student life, a.k.a. bum life. i slept about a total of twelve hours during those three days, neglected the proper time to eat, ate meals that were very affordable (forty plus pesos for a complete meal? wtf?!), was not aware of the time, played a lot of tekken, surfed the net, played warcraft custom made maps and watched two korean movies, il mare and the classic. reluctantly left lb (i was contemplating on staying for another day but due to lack of underwear... hahaha.Ü) with little sleep, added t5 experience points, (was happy that i could still win matches with them eventhough i play against the computer for practice), a new expression, "lolz" (apparently lol-lol-lol has evolved(?) into lolz(?)) and five cds full of mp3s (about fifty hours of playing time, enough songs to last me this week!). planning to return there... soon.Ü


saturday and sunday

nothing much happened here. just a lot of ps2ing. picked up a new game to play as an alternative when my fingers and arms start are tired playing tekken. prince of persia is cool! platforming madness! the fights can be tedious and repetitive though. but none the less it's fun fun fun. halfway through the game and i might be able to finish it during the week. then i'd play pop2. ye ye ye.Ü

Monday, March 21, 2005

good samaritan with a twist

i wonder if could pull off a pia faustino?

i don't want to elaborate now on the details why i need the money. (some of you might already know.)

but here's what i am willing to tell you now.

my proposition: instead of giving me the money in exchange for a good deed, i'll be asking you to lend me whatever sum of money that you could spare in exchange for a good deed. yes, you've read it right. lend. which means that i'll be returning the money that you loaned me plus a good deed of your choice. (i'm still thinking of a way wherein i could pay as much people within a month.)

as of writing i still don't know if i would push through with this. (but i will if things don't work out with...)

Friday, March 18, 2005

chivalry is dead. i have killed it.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

magsimula tayo sa letrang s (kwentong kwarenta y kwatro)

summer na! sigurado pupunta na naman kami sa beach. syempre konting sayawan na may choreography. shake body dancer na naman kaya ang sasayawin namin? sino kaya ang mahuhulugan ng buko?

sabik na ko.

sana lang sa beach talaga ang punta namin, hindi sa bagiuo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


i think i'm being blamed for something that i didn't do. it sucks!

most of the time i really don't care what others think of me. well, that's what i've been saying. but it feels quite different when you are being wisphered about and when back stabbing groups suddenly disperse when you get near them. i feel as if i'm going to be the one voted out on the next tribal council.

but in the end what matters most is the fact that i haven't wronged anyone. right?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


i'm updating my resume. so i guess i'm gonna do it... in a few weeks time...

Monday, March 14, 2005

fill in the blanks

i am dissatisfied with ----.

i wish i could do something to prevent us from being --------.

on the other hand, i'm quite happy because of ---- & -----.

Friday, March 11, 2005


sabi ni jae panay na lang pics ni luz ang pinipost ko. favorite subject ko daw.Ü paano naman kasi di pa finoforward sa akin ni oli, aka gumbinator, yung ibang pics na kinuha ko gamit yung phone nya. kaya... eto, patyagaan nyo muna...Ü

this was taken by jas using her digicam, (gusto ko ng digicam.Ü) at luz's apartment in LB about a year ago.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

serious(?) mode

my "sermon" to a friend through net send:

personally i don't care what others people think of my actions as long as i know i'm doing what is right and i know that i'm not stepping on other people's shoes along the way.

it's up to you if you decide to do want you want. but of course you must take responsiblity for your actions and always be prepared for the repurcussions of such actions.

let's not be hypocrites. at the end of the day, all we want is to get what we *think* that would make us happy.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


most of you guys would most likely drop by my blog and read(?) today's entry. so i might as well post this. (para makatipid sa text. hehehe.)


let's watch hope for the flowers! (bida dito si chewy. [demit, bakit wala na yung pic ni chewy at ni lex dito? di ko tuloy ma-link. o well...])

the play will be shown 11am, 3pm and 6pm at the aldaba hall at UP dil. running time of the play is one hour.


anong oras ba nyo trip manood?

so far eto yung mga preferred na oras ng mga pipol:

jas: di pa sigurado kung makakapunta.
joyce: okey lang sa 3pm or 6pm.
sandra: hapon ang preferred sked. so 3pm or 6pm.
pat: kahit ano basta kasabay si... joyce manood.
chico: 6pm. may exam kasi ng 2-4pm. pero willing na mag-skip ng play.
oli: payag sa 3pm.
alekos: sunday.(!) gusto mo atang solohin si...
jae: 11am. para makahabol sa gig sa pisay.
rico: 6pm or sunday(?). have to attend to some important matters during the afternoon.
poks: nagaalangan sa 3pm or 6pm. poks talaga...Ü
jonas: kung anong oras may pinakamaraming friends na manonood.
frank: nr. no reply.
don-don: nr. no reply.
ako: 3pm.Ü

o eto na yung suma-total ng mga "boto." (one point is split in half kung dalawa ang preferred na sked.)

pending - 3pts. (jas, frank, don-don)

11am - 1pt. (jae)

3pm - 3.5pts. (joyce, sandra, poks, oli, jam)

6pm - 3pts. (joyce, sandra, poks, rico, chico)

sunday - 1.5pts. (alekos, rico(?))

go with the flow - 2pts. (pat, jonas)

so tentatively 3pm tayo manonood. text nyo na lang si poks to confirm what time you want to watch the play. bukas kasi magkikita sila ni chewy para kunin yung tickets.


and of course, you are also invited to watch the play. just inform me through e-mail or just leave a comment and i shall get back to you at the soonest.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

afternoon delight

di ko mapigilang ang mapangiti kahapon habang naglalakad ako sa kahabaan ng ayala nang maalala ko si bossing vic na sumasayaw ng amuy amuy ng papa kasama ng sex bomb sa simula ng laban o bawi noong sabado. pucha, sino nga ba ang hindi matatawa dun?

nagbago ng set ang lob. dapat lang naman kasi bago ang sa kabila, syempre dapat may bago rin sa paningin ng manonood ng eat bulaga. at kung dati one out of six ang chances mo para manalo ng isang milyon ngayon one out of five na. pero parang masmasaya yung dati. kasi dati may pusa pa. hehe.

bakit kaya ganun? di matapatan ng dos ang eb? naalala ko may time na nakikipagsabayan yung mtb sa eb. pero nalaos din ng mawala si willie.

may mga pagkakataon naman na mataas ang ratings ng noon time shows ng dos sa eb. pero nangyayari lang ito pag "nagre-format" yung show. pagkatapos nun olats na ulit sila.


bakit ba ipanapamukha ng wowowie na sila ang show na nagbibigay ng pag-asa sa bayan? e pareho lang naman sila ng ginagawa ng eb a.


ang sarap isipin na manalo ng isang milyon no? pag nanalo ako ng isang milyon solb na ang problema ko ngayon sa pera.

naisip ko lang. kawawa naman ang mga milyonaryo no? minus one sa mga pinagmumunimunihan at ikakatuwa nila, kahit sandali lang, ang pagisip ng "ano kaya kung manalo ako ng isang milyon..."

Monday, March 07, 2005


"you need to improve on your punctuality. i'll be expecting a major change this march."

this note was attached by my boss on my attendance sheet for the month of february. i've been expecting this so it wasn't a big surprise. but it's bad that i had to be reminded to be punctual. i mean, it goes without saying that i should arrive at the office on time. so right there and then i said to myself that i wouldn't be late the following day.

guess what i wasn't late the next day... i was absent. ehe.Ü the day after that? late. bleh!

but today, today i wasn't late. (yahoo!) pero muntik na akong ma-leyt. lech! which just sucks. it's all because there aren't enough travelling vans on the freakin' terminal. i had to wait twenty minutes before a van arrived. i feel so helpless being at the mercy of the fx drivers. and not to mention the traffic.

i'll take the bus tomorrow.

Friday, March 04, 2005

back track part 2

let us continue...



men really do love the chase. but when it's over, all taht is left to say is... "aloha love."



be at peace. for the swift sun's fiery locks have once again dissipated the last remnants of darkness the feeble night hastily left. a new day has begun.



shouldn't it be sweet anythings instead of sweet nothings? or at the very least sweet somethings? is it sensible to label an exchange of endearing words to be so menial?

yet there is indeed something utterly romantic about being saccharine while being aloof and coy to the point of being insignificant. but not so infinitesimal that one fails to earn the notice he seeks. after all, isn't that the purpose of sweet nothings, anythings, somethings?



i am gray amongst the swell of black and white, aimless in the puddle of my uncanny creation, my very own utopian limbo.



i traverse a sea of li'l and big undulations of turmoil, and you are the balance that the boat of my life needs to keep it from capsizing.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

back track part 1

last night i stumbled on a few things that i wrote about a year ago. here they are:



i held it in my hand before i went to bed hoping that she will be in my dreams.

she gave it to me. or rather, i've coaxed her into giving it to me. i remembered that she was supposed to give it to another friend. (or was it for one of her boylets?) doesn't matter, after all she gave it to me didn't she?

she couldn't resist me then. but now is a different story.

even in my dreams i don't see her...

i had to let her go... but then again, why right did i have to let go of a love that wasn't mine to begin with?

regrets is all i have...



matagal kong pinagplanuhan ang araw na 'to. at hindi ko makakaila ang nararamdaman kong pananabik na may halong konting kaba.

syempre suot ko ang polong panligaw ng tatay ko. nagbabaka sakali lang na mahawaan ng kanyang...



mura lang...
(pasintabi lang po sa aking mga mambabasa)


ang sarap nun a. matagal-tagal na rin akong 'di nagmumura. oo nga't napapmura din ako pag nanunood ng uuap o ng boxing o pag kausap ko ang mga kabarkada kong lalake. pero not counted yun. nasasabi ko kasi yun dahil nakasanayan na.

napansin ko na noong nagsimula akong magtrabaho, tumigil ang pagmumura ko. kahit gaano kakulit o demanding ang mga kliyente o ahente na kaharap ko o kausap sa telepono, 'di ako napapamura. maliban sa bawal silang murahin, nalaman ko na mas-effective kung kakausapin ko at kung magpapaliwanag ako sa kanila nang maayos.

pero sa tanang buhay ko eto na siguro ang pinakamatindi kong pagmumura. ewan ko lang ha, pero habang naglalakad ako sa walkway, pauwi na galing sa opisina, pakiramdam ko daig ko pa ang nasakluban ng langit at lupa. sobrang dami dapat ng gagawin. sobrang dami dapat ng tatapusin. isama mo pa na ilang lingo na akong puyat at palaging hapo at gutom dahil sa trabaho. dati buntong hininga lang ang katapat nito pero ngayon...




as soon as the first minutely asundered droplets are inevitably pulled towards the sun drenched cracked asphalt, a swelling chorus of rhytmic patters is gradually percieved, signalling the premature but impecable arrival of the empyrean's divine trickle thus relinquishing humidity's herculian clutch on a volatile state of indefinite idleness.



in the midst of the relentless assault of anxieties stands a vision of you that enables me to further tread my mullish mountain of seclusion.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

low profile

i love my salt and pepper hair. and these past few days more and more of my officemates are noticing it. time for me to get a haircut then...


yesterday i got to read the reason why dizzy "jesus" ventura a.k.a. ely buendia decided to quit the e-heads, form another band and stay hush hush about the issues and speculations surrounding their infamous breakup. through her wife, their side of the story was told. and i believe her, but not entirely. i just can't gauge her sincerity in some points that she raised.

now i have an idea why ely chose that monicker.