Tuesday, March 01, 2005

low profile

i love my salt and pepper hair. and these past few days more and more of my officemates are noticing it. time for me to get a haircut then...


yesterday i got to read the reason why dizzy "jesus" ventura a.k.a. ely buendia decided to quit the e-heads, form another band and stay hush hush about the issues and speculations surrounding their infamous breakup. through her wife, their side of the story was told. and i believe her, but not entirely. i just can't gauge her sincerity in some points that she raised.

now i have an idea why ely chose that monicker.


  1. hehe there are b-sides to every story.

    i have a hard time believing some of the things there, like raimund refusing to play an e-heads set dahil pagod sya from the earlier sandwich set.

  2. uy, bakit? can you provide me the chismis link? hehe! i'm an e-heads fan din e. :)

  3. jae: yep yep. pati yung sinusulot daw nya yung gigs ng e-heads para sa sandwich. although, i think raimund is capable of such an act.

    che: read the latest ish of pulp for the gory details...Ü

  4. i guess i have a hard time believing some of those things kse if those were true, bakit si ely lang ung bad trip, tapos ung ibang eheads mas ok pa rin ung relationship kay lemon.