Thursday, June 25, 2009

cool device

i'm glad that my old dvd player conked out on me a couple of months ago because if it hadn't i wouldn't have bought my new and awesome dvd player. as with the usual dvd players it plays dvds (duh) and audio cds. and similar to the standard nowadays it also plays different types of media. (videos in avi format, audio files in wma and mp3 format. nice!) it also has a usb 2.0 port where it can play media files from a thumb drive or an external hard disk. once you pop in a cd or connect via usb in autoplays whatever media in can play. its media "explorer" is clean and easy to navigate displaying all the files in the usb device.

but wait there's more!

it can also rip audio cds. all you need is a cd to rip and a fairly large enough storage device where the output file will be saved. the ripping options are simple and few, the essentials:

ripping speed: normal/fast
create ID3 tags: yes/no
bitrate: 96/112/128/192/256/320 kbps
device: usb 1 (i'm guessing that other models have several devices to choose from. maybe several usb ports.)

the tracks can be selected individualy or with just one click of a button, all of them can be selected. there's also a summary of the number of tracks selected and the total playing time that is shown on the screen.

once you hit the start button it plays all the selected tracks one at a time and displays the ripping progress via a status bar and percentage completed. the resulting output file, which is in mp3 format(!), is saved in a folder RIPPING created by the dvd player in the root directory.

but wait there's more!

it can copy any file it can read from a cd/dvd to a usb device. selection of the files is similar to cd ripping track selection. it saves the files including the folders/subfolders in a folder FILES created by the dvd player.

but wait there's more!

the player itself is a space saver because its small and compact. it's about half the size of normal dvd players.

i couldn't ask for more. hmmm... well maybe TiVo eat bulaga or tayong dalawa and burn them to a dvd.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

you can do magic

i was pretty much entertained with the star magic fashion show that was shown in asap last sunday. the asap stage served as the walkway for the stars and they came a struttin' to the tune of dmb's ants marching performed live by nyoy volante with another band, the name of which i can't remember. it was cool though because they had an actual violin in the arrangement.

some of the notable artist that modeled the formal wear were shaina, bea, angelica, nikki, maja, pokwang, chocolate, rayver, santino and kim chiu. of course the only ones that i actually remembered were of the female persuation. well except for santino because he was the only kid there and rayver, a.k.a. the poor poor man's richard gutierrez, not because he looked good in what he was wearing but actually because what he was wearing stood out from all of the rest (silver-gray suit with a black cravat) also because he came out with the ever so pretty maja. of course the only piece of clothing i remembered was that of worn by a man. although i did remember that green short-long dress that the ever so cute kim chiu wore because she was the only female model that didn't slightly tripped on their dresses.

but probably the scene stealer of the segment for me was when i saw this surprisingly familiar girl who came out in a stunning purple dress. she was a vision, a fairy missing a star tipped silver wand. then that beautiful image of her evoked recent viewings i had of her, all four parts of varying length, video quality and compromising, ahem, postions. let me now end this post as i pick up my jaw from the floor.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


the white blank page is staring back. the blinking cursor mimicking an over reacting eye, already anticipating the blinding torrent of words that are about to come.

the taste of the first series of letters are foreign and wandering. but disappointingly too few to satisfy the potential of what might have been something of value.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


ah! slide slide slide down the slippery slope into the death trap of work related status updates via twitter, plurk and facebook when your being "followed" by your officemates.


i think i've neglected this blog and this blog long enough.

Monday, June 08, 2009