Tuesday, September 20, 2005

fifty five fiction

"pare okay ka lang ba?"

napatingin ako sa kainuman sabay bilang ng bote sa harapan. apat.

"kaya pang magdalawang round."

"gago. tinatanong ko kung OKAY ka..."

"ha? oo naman."

"pucha, magyaya ka ba ng inuman ng walang dahilan?!"

"tama ka," ang tanging nasabi ko habang pinipigil umiyak.

"tangina, lasing ka na! isang round pa nga!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


gah! i'm such an idiot. i freakin' forgot my wallet here in the office. [kung anu-ano kasi iniisip e...] (because i have this habit of removing my wallet ffrom my back pocket and placing it in my drawer.) gah! so i was already standing in line at the terminal and was about to prepare my fare for the ride when, lo and behold, no wallet in the bag. pfft... so i had to walk (gah! only 2.50 pesos! after painstakingly rumaging trough my bag. of course i thought of using my good looks (lols!) to hypnotize and coax someone to spare me some change but opted not to because i'm, ummm.... shy. (lolz!) but i digress...) from sm makati back to pbcomm. bah! so here i am typing while my sweat stained polo is plastered on my belly, with my stomach rumbling, quite sore feet and to top it all of, a splitting headache. but other than that, my day was relatively quiet...

sana umabot ako sa smallville...Ü

Thursday, September 08, 2005

totoo ba 'to??

ewan ko kung matutuwa ako o maasar ako dito... try mo. simulan mo sa simula ha.


Thursday, September 01, 2005


... that a plague of *grown-up* problems and unprecedented situations would make me realize that i am indeed getting older.

... that i can't stop myself from this silly clicking. click