Friday, July 30, 2004

i'll be back

klutz that i am, i stubbed my toe last night while preparing my dinner. i thought for a moment that my pinkie toe's nail came off. good thing that it didn't but it's quite sore right now. the pain!

my back hurts. probably because i'm not used to sleeping for more than seven hours now. dang! i can't even find a comfortable position wherein i can *work* properly. the agony!

but hey, i'll live trough these pains. malayo naman sa bituka e...


i'm currently listening to l`arc~en~ciel's smile. i must say it's a good album. and i'm quite amazed how l`arc is still together after ten albums. or did they just broke up? or are they back together again?


i went to LB last weekend. i miss LB. but more than the place, i miss my friends and the things we did together, our goofing around, the video games we played (multiplayer diablo II [uuuyyy unique!, anak ng... lightning enchanted conviction aura! port na! port na!], multiplayer starcraft with matching extra player as commentator/s [flying drone! woot woo!], tekken tag [EWGF, EWGF, EWGF! ukinana!, knee! knee! knee! uuuuuu!!!]), the seemingly endless prodding of each other to get up so we can finally go out and eat our first meal of the day (problem is by the time we do drag our carcasses we still haven't decided where we are going to eat), the long hours we spent talking about anything and everything staying up all night then buying our breakfast (hot pandesal and instant pancit canton) at the first sign of daylight, sleeping late then waking up late (anong oras ka gigising? pagising.)

i miss the LB crowd, my blockmates and pseudo-blockmates, my housemates of so many years and, of course, my 7A-gurls.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

mid-week gimik

demet cadet! i've only slept for five hours. maybe if i put my arms stretched forward and match my lethargic walk with a gattural croak, rip my polo and slacks and mess my hair a wee bit more, maybe i'd be mistaken for a zombie. or a pedro gone loco.eihter way i hope they'd excuse me from work today.

uugh... so sleepy... only cambio's derby light is keeping me awake. good thing that it's a slow day today. so far...


watched anne hathaway in ella enchanted last night with cherry, faye and lyn. (lyn nga ba? i'm sooo bad with names.) my comment? as frank, one of my friends, would put it, "two hours..." or in this case, "an hour and a half..." although ms hathaway did have a moment when she sung one of queens hits. (somebody to love?) pero marami pa siyang bigas, o sige kanin para sa mga pilosopo, na kakainin para matalbugan si lindsay.


i read an interesting book yesterday at powerbooks. "the missing piece" and "the missing piece meets the big O" by sheil silverstein is classified under the childrens book section but might as well be classified under somewhere else. "the missing piece" is a about the journey of a circle looking for its missing piece, how it finds compatible and incompatible pieces and the choices that accompany each meeting. "the missing piece meets the big O" left off where the previous book ended, how a missing piece copes when its supposed *perfect* fit leaves and finding it's own way. too profound for a childrens book? maybe. but maybe i'm just reading too much into it.


this just in!

i'm quite dissappointed that we will no longer have internet access by next week. although technically, i shouldn't be affected because in the first place, i "can't" surf the web.

blah of blahs!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

not exactly radio friendly

i swung by tower records yesterday to purchase me a copy of cambio's album, derby light, and hopefully sample sugarfree's new album, dramachine. as luck would have it, there where no listening stations that carried sugarfree's latest.

a listening station dedicated to the rock genre was unoccupied. being a fan of music, i was naturally curious to what the angst filled *kids* where punishing their ears nowadays. so i propped the headset and settled in for some screeching guitars, fast and furious drumbeats and hoarse vocals. i opted to listen to slipknot's and mudvayne's newest. with the blaring trance music on the background, i had no choice but to listen with the volume way up. besides, i know for a fact that this type of music is best played at the loudest. slipknot first, then mudvayne afterwards.

surprise surprise. they were not half as bad as i'd expected. although most of the time i didn't understand what the singer is screaming about there were some tracks that i had to restrain myself from headbanggin' (sigh, i miss my hair...) and slammin' with the people passing by. after basking in their music for about an hour or so, i felt that my ears were bleeding so i decided to cease my sound trippin'. and for some reason, gusto kong maghanap ng hifhaf.

seriuosly though, i think you're average metal head would have a ball with their albums. personally, i liked mudvayne better than slipknot because they have better rythym and more melodic songs than those masked men. but at the end of the day i wouldn't go out of my way to buy their albums.

unless you give me the money.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

non writer's block

ever experienced a day where you have so much things to say, so many bright ideas, but just don't know how to express them? well...

it's just on of 'em days...

one thing though, honesty is so underrated.

Monday, July 26, 2004

bridge of chance

last saturday i've finally gotten the chance to watch the sassy girl vcd that someone left at the TTT machine at timezone which i took. finders keepers, losers weepers! actually i was gonna give it to the guard but accidentally forgot to because i was quite ecstatic that i could still pull off an eight winning streak. (thanks belle! whoever you are...)

well i did like the movie the first time that i watched it. but i even liked it more the second time around.

(i watched the movie here at the office with the media player on skin mode and the volume on mute. although the screen is small and there was no sound, i still enjoyed watching it again knowing already the premise of the story and what's going on every scene. [i still did laugh at gyeon-woo when he did that vomit thingie :j] )

now i can't help but wonder...

saan kaya at kailan kaya ako makakakilala nang babae na kagaya ni sassy girl?

Friday, July 23, 2004

boo boo number two

i made the mistake of unintentionaly disclosing confidential company policy to an agent yesterday. i don't know what happened. next thing i knew i just blurted out the info. like word vomit. i felt crummy afterwards. and as usual i repeated the incident over and over in my mind. i've developed this habit of being hard on myself on the smallest slip ups i make this past few years. and i can't still figure out if that's a good or a bad thing.

and the my life roller coaster spiralled downwards once more...

i remained quite idle for the last remaining work hour yesterday, painfully watching the slow ambling of time. i planned to go home early but on the last minute decided to cheer myself up with a movie. i chose between king arthur and mean girls. guess what i picked...

i just want to say that lindsay lohan jingle bell rocks!

and up we go once more in this merry-go-round life...

the color of raging love

whenever i'm wearing red it seems that people had the same urge to wear shades of red. i don't know if this is the same case to you but considering the red clothes i have which is composed mainly of two, count them two, pieces, a t-shirt and a polo, i can't help but wonder why people decide to wear red too. just this morning on board the fx on the way to work i had i co-passenger wearing red, a sales manager of a mcdonalds branch. (does that count?) and as i was signing my time sheet an in-house agent noticed that a co-worker and i were , guess what, wearing red.

"o terno pa kayo ni jam," she joked.

"magsasayaw kasi kami nyan mamaya..."

i'm not complaining, actually its fun to think that some utterly unimportant event made other people chose to wear red, it's just that is plain weird.


what's red with me :

polo : tomato red
hankie : red with blue and white accent
bag : firetruck red
folding umbrella : bright red
cellphone : maroon
underwear : i'd wear one if i had any, red underwear that is. :)

hmm... what else... a, o yah...

my heart! hyuk!hyuk!hyuk!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

happy as can be

i should be stressed right now.

i slept late because of the work i had brought home (no point staying at the office when you're not compensated for the extra hours you put into work) and woke up early (i have to travel from laguna to makati which is not that far but the traffic, hell the traffic) only to remember that i have to prepare my own breakfast (my mom, who prepares my breakfast, is out of town as of the moment). since i'm not in the mood to prepare my grub, i decided to skip breakfast and substitute a pack of hopia that i'll buy at a store near our building as the supposed most important meal of the day. after a quick freezing bath with watered down shampoo, i prepared chippy's, our dog, meal for the rest of the day (buti pa sya kakain na...) then it rains. blah! now i have to drag an umbrella to work. and of course the usual trip to the office is harder and longer when it rains. then i arrive at the office, ready for yet another day of battling my pendings and my incestant ringing phone. (as of twelve noon i've already picked up the phone for 41 one times!)

i should be stressed right now. but unsurprisingly, i'm not. probably am still recovering from yesterday's euphoria. i hope i don't get "well..."

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

vibrant vibe

help me.

i can't stop smiling. even when my face doesn't show it i'm still smiling. i've never felt this way before in a long time...


all because of pia, the great dreamer. i've had the previlege of meeting her yesterday at starbuko sa 6750 along with co-pledger cherry and instant believer kathryn. our little gathering involved pia enthusiaticaly talking about her exploits this past few days, how astounded she was at how her simple yet ingenous idea caught on like wildfire (as of yesterday i was the 103rd pledger!), how she's a bit overwhelmed but very humbled by the whole experience and her future plans fueled by this wonderful series of events, coupled with a few interjections and suggestions from us. as i listened to her talk and flash that sweet smile that could rival lindsay's (lindsay owns one of the greatest smiles in the world.), i can't help but to jump to the conclusion that she's one truest persons i've ever met.

as one of my friends would put it, nakaka-in crush...


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

she sure is pretty in pink

we were quite disappointed when the dvd of mean girls we bought at quiapo earlier that day wasn't compatible with the dvd player of jonas. 

lessoned learned: fake dvd's should only be played on fake dvd players.


i'm betting that the owners, emphasis on the owners, of lindsay lohans's mean girls dvd checked if their respective players could play the disc the moment they got home from our movie marathon at jonas's.

Monday, July 19, 2004

just becuase i rock doesn't mean i'm made of stone

i had the luxury to read nicholas sparks's a walk to remember this weekend. aahhh, the perks of being sick. i've read the book before but decided to read it again due to lack of new reading materials. besides i wanted to restart my reading habit with the light stuff first.

i know i'm gonna hate myself for confessing this: i'm a softie. this i realized while i was reading the novel. there were a couple of times that iwas almost moved to tears. almost. (especially that moment when jamie gave landon the gift.) as i was about to exercise my tear ducts involuntarily. this particular conversation with a girl i'm very much in like with brushed my mind.

[for purposes of convenience and anonimity let's name this girl, lindsay.]

0=0=0 [cue in flashback music...] 0=0=0

"hey, have you watched the movie," lindsay asked while pointing to the pocketbook in my hand.

"no. have you watched it," i asked in return.

"yeh," lindsay retorted. and probably noticing my unenthusiastic tone and wondering why such a funny expression streaked across my face, she prodded further. "why haven't you watched it? not your kind of movie?"

looking at her then at the book's cover that has a picture of the lead actors practising hhww, and i'd wager with matching pssp, inspired this reply,

"it's not that i'm not into that kind of movie. it's just that i'm not into that kind of actors."

0=0=0 [cue in back to reality music...] 0=0=0

i think that little dialouge with lindsay saved me from doing a julie tear jerky. which is a good thing but not entirely.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

buy this dream

what can you get for 300 bucks? probably not much. what if i told you that if you pledge to give your dough you could send someone, ( cute to pare! ), to barcelona to fulfill her dreams. but wait! you get more! you could request pia for a good deed. i'll spare you the details and let pia do the convincing. i myself am pldeging my bread. and if you can't spare her the money, could you pass the word. thanks kiddies!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

webb head

as i was browsing through the magazines of powerbooks trying to find the july issue of cosmo where joan supposedly had a make over, i chanced upon the latest issue of maxim where gaming-chick-godess morgan webb appears. sigh... if only morgan webbs exist here in the philippines.

and, o yeah, the make over done on joan was good. they made her prettier.


i don't feel good. i think i'm coming down with something.


Happy Birthday Sandra! :j

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


8 ? 5 4 9 1 ? 6 10 13 ? ? 2

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

in nine months

nauseated i am. i was supposed to write something witty today. but nauseated i am.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

i am the man

whenever i don't feel sleepy or bored when i'm traveling i amuse myself by scoping out my fellow commuters. i try to pick the prettiest gal and the most handsome guy among the lot. i don't know where i've picked up this habit but it started when i was bored to my wits waiting for the jeepney going to calamba to get filled with passengers. so i've been doing this for the past few years. i'm quite glad that lately i've been "winning" from this contest, mostly because of default. hehe. for the first time today i was about to declare a tie. both girls were pretty in their own way. girl number one, aka ms makati girl cutie, has fair complexion, a sweet smile and nice feet. girl number two, aka ms simple assumption girl, has a vibrant aura, an always smiling face and nice hands. i was glancing from one girl to another most of the time during the trip contemplating who is more attractive. guess what... miss assumption got away with it. the uniform dude, the uniform.

by the way, i lost today...

Friday, July 09, 2004

ahhh! my virgin ears...

i was unforcibly drawn to tower records yesterday by an unknown force, probably by my pangs of boredom. and seeing that the listening station for opm albums was free, i instantly grabbed the oppurtunity to drown myself in a torential flood of hopefully good music. on the rack was latest albums by slapshock, parokya ni edgar, marty mcfly, mongols, rivermaya, true faith and rex navarete. rex navarete? who's he? well for your info he is a fil-am stand up comedian residing in the states. so instead of the occasional head bobbing, foot stomping and/or hand tapping from songs of the bands, it was replaced by smiles, snickers and from time to time, boisterous laughter. now it makes sense why some of the people browsing through the shelves of cds where staring at me like i was some kind of a raging lunatic. ( or is just because they are smitten by my freakishly good looks? :j ) i admit it. i think i did look silly. i can't help myself. the man is good. he did cover a lot of somewhat ordinary but funny topics, from a party on 1904 to his magical lolo, from erap to racial snacks, from being caught with porno during his juvenile years to his tito boy's lecture about the birds and bees. (i especially liked the way he speaks our language.) although he is good at his craft, for me the replay value of his album is quite low. i wouldn't buy the album. but i'd sure like to see him perform live.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

masochistic tendencies

i don't know why but i always remember certain events that put me in to trouble. what's worse is that i keep on repeating it on my mind, again and again, over and over. and after each replayed incident i can't help but to curse myself. burushitu!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

a kiss a kiss a kiss

i was done with the exam halfway through the alloted three hour period. or rather i was done. it's hard to conjure answers to questions you really don't know the answers to.

yesterday as i was on my usual route going home i chanced upon them. the sisters, cheche and sandy, were exiting from glorieta 2 as i was entering. gosh! they were purty. a huhyuk hyuk! dang! i wish i had a camera phone...

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

as always

later this afternoon i have an exam which i'm not prepared for. ha! wish me luck.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

pampanga's best

i love sisig! this i realized during my lunch out with a friend. browsing thru the menu of the place, the crispy sisig instantly caught my eye and made my tummy growled a wee bit louder. it was a no brainer then what my order should be. while hungrily chowing down on the dish it occured to me that as long as the food establishment i'm dining in has sisig on their menu i'd always try their own rendition of the meal. i think i've tasted every conceivable version of sisig, with egg, mayo or mang tomas, greasy or dry, minced or chunky, spicy, tangy or bland. but never have i devoured sisig that could better or even match my step dad's sisig. mere words would ruin the experience of partaking on this delectable treat. probably you could ask my friends who have sampled this feast. or you could take my word for it.

Friday, July 02, 2004

a pat on the back and farewell to pretty faces

the last production day of every month is always long and hectic. so last night after my final basic non life insurance class ended, (i've been going to the said class or rather seminar for the past month), i bought the eheads' anthology album as a gift to myself for a job well done. i should say that i'm very satisfied with the first eheads cd that i bought. (i have a copy of all their albums in casette tape format except for carbon stereoxide which was given to me by a friend.) i have just one gripe. i think it'd be better if tikman was included in the tracks instead of police woman. nonetheless i plan to listen to the album the whole day.

sigh... my "class" ended yesterday. now my only valid excuse for leaving work early is now void. also i'd be missing out on the occasionaly scrumptious merienda that is served before each assembly. although every seminar session feels like forever to end, i rarely do feel bored because of the existence of my pretty classmates from pampanga. i'd steal a glance at them whenever i feel sleepy, particularly i'd oggle at this girl who looks alike my friend. (i only have pretty friends :j) i deviously planned a full proof way of introducing myself to them, my being born and staying in pampanga being the introductory conversation piece. well being the social animal that i am, my plan is still a plan and will never cease to be a plan.