Wednesday, July 07, 2004

a kiss a kiss a kiss

i was done with the exam halfway through the alloted three hour period. or rather i was done. it's hard to conjure answers to questions you really don't know the answers to.

yesterday as i was on my usual route going home i chanced upon them. the sisters, cheche and sandy, were exiting from glorieta 2 as i was entering. gosh! they were purty. a huhyuk hyuk! dang! i wish i had a camera phone...


  1. apir apir apir!

    hehe akala ko sa tv lang sila magkapatid, sa totoong buhay din pala?

  2. they're members of the sex bomb girls/dancers, which jam happens to really fancy, hehehe...;)

  3. ei swerte mo talaga! palagi kang nakakakita ng mga celeb! haha.. bawasan mo kasi gimik para makabili ka na ng camera phone mo! =)