Sunday, May 28, 2006


saturday, 10:05.16 pm

meow: so what are we watching?

roof: this movie...

meow: eh? *that* movie?

roof: yep, this movie...

meow: why?

roof: why why?

meow: because it's not your type of movie?

roof: so what's my type of movie?

meow: not drama.

roof: well you should know better that i sometimes enjoy watching drama.

meow: no... there has to be another reason.

roof: if you'd watch more and talk less then maybe you'd find out why.

meow: ... ... ... now i see it!

roof: what?

meow: you like the female lead.

roof: ummm... maybe.

meow: god! look at her. she's hot!

roof: don't start. i want to finsih the movie...

meow: well, she is hot.

roof: i do like her. i like her not because she's hot but because she's good in this movie.

meow: ows? proof...

roof: she was nominated for golden boy for her performance in this movie.

meow: who is she again?

roof: diane lane.

meow: okay. i don't believe you.

roof: that she's diane lane?

meow: no. {pinch}

roof: aray!

meow: that your watching because of her acting.

roof: why?

meow: well, you never cared for that oscar crap.

roof: true.

meow: so there must be another reason.

roof: ummm... no, there is no other reason.

meow: there is.

roof: ummm... no other reason.

meow: you're lying.

roof: ... no i am not.

meow: if you don't want to be caught lying don't take long pauses before you answer my questions.

roof: ...

meow: so what's the other reason?

roof: leave me alone.

meow: not until you tell me.

roof: i'm trying to watch here.

meow: tell me first.

roof: there's nothing better on?

meow: no.

roof: to pass the time?

meow: no. you play games to pass the time. so no.

roof: i'm not getting off the hook not unless i tell the truth, no?

meow: yes. {pinch}

roof: ouch! okay okay.

meow: well...

roof: to get pointers...

meow: pointers?

roof: yes.

meow: i don't understand.

roof: dense.

meow: what?! {pinch}

roof: aray!

meow: hmpf!

roof: okay okay. it's like this. you're diane lane.

meow: ???

roof: and i'm that guy.

meow: you're not that handsome.

roof: eh.

meow: oh god! you're dead!

roof: ugh. yeah.

meow: why'd did that guy kill you?

roof: gah. for obvious reasons.

meow: you should've never invited that man into your flat.

roof: ssshhh...

meow: {pinch}

roof: ow ow ow!

meow: o, why'd you change the channel?

roof: the interesting part is over.

meow: you mean the part you're most interested to is over.

roof: well, yes...

meow: so did you get any pointers?

roof: sorta.

meow: that kind of thing would never happen in real life.

roof: look who's talking...

meow: i mean the killing part.

roof: let's hope so...

meow: ... ... ... she was good in that movie.

roof: *can't tell with all you're prodding.*

meow: what! {pinch}

roof: ow ow ow!

meow: hmpf! kainis ka.

roof: hehe. let's rent this next weekend.

meow: why?

roof: just because...

meow: so we won't go out next weekend?

roof: yes? not unless you want to go out...

meow: nope. staying home woth you is fine. {hug}

roof: yey! so what where you talking about earlier?

meow: what do you mean what was i talking about?

roof: that diane lane is hot. {wink}

meow: {pinch}{pinch}{pinch}

Thursday, May 04, 2006


tawa ako ng tawa nung mapanood ko 'tong *tip* na 'to nung isang araw,

uminom ka ng beer kasama si misis. nagenjoy na kayo ni misis nakatipid ka pa sa ka-table.