Wednesday, December 21, 2005

another one

haiku #1.1

always be honest
coz the truth will set you free
cliche? yes, but true


haiku #2.1

is it really love?
or just infatuation?
think before you act...


thanks to anna for this couple. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

haiku update

haiku #47

47 'to
akala mo mo wala na no
me din e. hehe.


haiku #59

this li'l piece if me
i willingly give to you
take care of it, yah?


haiku #104

ako ang lunas
sa iyong karamdamang
ako ang sanhi


haiku #20 still missing...


thanks ate ross for *recovering* the lost ones. :)

Monday, December 19, 2005

long time no post. ehe... well i got nothing to write. or in other words, i don't want to share.

for the mean time i'll share to you what i've been doing these last couple of months. (thanks to globe txtnonstop. :P) a couple of them are lost and i'm trying to find them. (or is it just that i've lost count? [yet again!])

for now...


haiku #16

takbo ng oras
aking nais pigilin
pag kapiling ka


haiku #17
di mo ba pansin
natatanging pagtingin
sa 'yo 'king sinta


haiku #18

oo, alam ko.
ako rin ay 'yong gusto.
kapal ng mukha?


haiku #19

bago matulog
gusto kang masilayan
nais mahagkan


haiku #21

kakatamad maligo...


haiku #22

miss, tanong lang po,
may friendster account ka ba?
pwedeng add mo ko? :P


haiku #23 (pickup line)

"Ei, how ya doin'?"
"Oh. Do you come here often?"
"Miss, i love you na."


haiku #24

sandman beckons me
to dream dreams of what might be
and so i slumber


haiku #25

six na nga pala
sa wakas uwian na
ingats ka po ha


haiku #25? or #26?

hampas ng ulan
tila fi na titila...
...ayy, huminto na??


haiku #27

eh! amoy pawis!
daig pa ang sardinas...
bah! mrt... bah!


haiku #28

oras: alas dos
wala pa rin sa bahay
lagot kay inay


haiku# 29

the coldness of dawn
embraces me lovingly
like a long lost friend


haiku #30

tuwing nakikita ka
eprot talaga


haiku #31
maniwala ka...
badinggar-Z? Aketch? Ching!
jombagan na lng!


haiku #31(?)

1 message received
sya na kaya 'to? sana.
opening inbox...


haiku #33
oo, kami na
pero nung nalaman nya
hindi na kami


haiku #34

why do i love thee?
i hath not seen thy beauty
but thine heart says, "oui!"


haiku #35

churn and churn it goes
the haiku machine of JAm
but why did it stop?


haiku #37

let me hold your hand
as we crunch leaves at our feet
trapped in our li'l world


haiku #37(?)

deprived of slumber
i slowly prowl the mornings


haiku #38

i'm lost yet again
in my labyrinth of dreams
good thing you're with me


haiku #38(?)

lamig ng gabi
di ko nararamdaman
pag kayakap ka


haiku #40

di makatulog
nalipasan ng antok
ikaw kasi e


haiku #41

blueberry pancakes
with lite syrup and coffee
mmmm... yummy! shall we?


haiku #42

we may be apart
but moments that we both shared
are with me, always


haiku #43

haikus are quite nice
three lines with 5-7-5
syllables per line


haiku #44

oil in the puddle
make artificial rainbows
that ripple and sway


haiku #45

solitary me
on a bus ride to nowhere
wishing you were here


haiku #46

you are the honey
that spices up my bland life
plus you're sugarfree


haiku #48

i really don't know
how i can settle for this
when i can have more


haiku #49

just a little budge
that is all i really need
to say to you that...


haiku #50

kalamayin mo
'king sinta, ang 'yong loob
parating na ko


haiku #51

bidding you goodnight
and hope you'll sleep tight my dear
see you in my dreams


haiku #52

countless sleepless nights
i've spent dreaming about you
how long must i wait?


haiku #53

ei, don't worry
ev'rything is just dandy
though, it was funny


haiku #54

crossing a tight rope
that's how delicate life is
balance is the key


haiku #55

ako'y may lab-nat
na kiss-pirin/yakap-sule
lang ang katapat


haiku #56

bad trip 'tong globe a
ang hirap magsend ng text


haiku #57

mababaw ako
solb na ko sa piso mo
oy text mo ko ha


haiku #58

ang maghintay sa wala
reply ka naman


haiku #60

hanap mo ba ko
mula sa'yong pag gising
hanggang pag tulog?


haiku #61

bakit ba ganun
tayo'y pinaghiwalay
sa may LRT


haiku #62

walang ha ni ho
daig ka pa ng multo
kung magparamdam


haiku #63

i die a little
everytime you say goodbye
and cry idle tears


haiku #64

say it isn't so
that i'm repeating myself
say it isn't so


haiku #65

buhay mo at ko
parang showbiz talaga
echo at tintin


haiku #66

enough is enough
i don't deserve this torment
please take me away


haiku #67

bakit ba ganun?
ewan ko. ewan natin.
sinong may alam?


haiku #68

walang magawa
kundi buntong hininga
at tumunganga


haiku #69

i feel so helpless
like that butterfly you caught
with your quick fingers


haiku #70

just accept the fact
that all things come to an end
the fat lady sung


haiku #71

time to close your eyes
and rest your aching body
let's call it a day


haiku #72

it's pouring outside
makes me wanna lay in bed
sleep the day away


haiku #73

haay, laging malas
ah, kaya naman pala
may balat sa pwet


haiku #74

stand against the sun
cast my shadow over you
keep you breezy cool


haiku #75

pale moon on your skin
reminds me of milky silk
soft, creamy and smooth


haiku #76

twinkle in your eyes
plucked from the serene night sky
melts me and calms me


haiku #77

di mapalagay
naguguluhang isip
sa kaiisip


haiku #78

kati kati ka
tingala tingala ti
ngala ngala nga


haiku #79

no, it can't be helped
nothing else to do but live
life as we know it


haiku #80

i don't wanna hear
you say another good night
'til you're by my side


haiku #81

paistorbo ha
di ako makatulog
pasensya na ha


haiku #82

i deserve better
i deserve somene better
i deserve someone


haiku #83

things change constantly
but you're still my heart's desire
that won't ever change


haiku #84

there's no point crying
over the milk that we spilled
let's just clean it up


haiku #85

bring just enough clothes
make sure they are all asleep
ready the ladder


haiku #86

i can't figure out
why i can not live with you
nor live without you


haiku #87

in the calm still night
all i can hear are crickets
and your light breathing


haiku #88

saan mamasyal?
south mall? atc? festi?
ah, metropolis!!


haiku #90

let sleeping dogs lie
just leave all the stones unturned
it's best left unsaid


haiku #91

hey, it's not that hard
it's just three li'l simple words
go ahead, say it


haiku #92

wala na kong load
last piso ko na ito
para lang sa'yo


haiku #93

something is missing
and i'm quite lost without it
help me find it, please


haiku #94

let's shop til we drop
buy gifts for our special friends
and for our loved ones


haiku #95

just give me a sign
that is all i ever need
to make me decide


haiku #13(96)

broken some mirrors
will walk under a ladder
and find a black cat


haiku #97

your naive pebble
dropped in my pond of calmness
rippled anxiousness


haiku #98

o forgetful me
seems that i've lost count again
memory lapse, gah!


haiku #99

irog 'yong dinggin
tinig ng aking puso
na laan sa'yo


haiku #100

it's a perfect fit
my life's puzzle is complete
now that i've found you


haiku #101

walang iwanan
ang sinabi mo sa 'kin
nung umalis ka


haiku #102

don't hide in your words
coz your vagueness is quite clear
i know what you mean


haiku #103

isabay mo na
sa pagiyak ng langit
ang iyong ulan


thanks to kat and rika for helping me compile this. :j

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


sometime a week ago my boss sat me down to talk to me about the additional tasks that i'll be handling from now on and how i'm doing with work. she said that she was under the impression that i was just doing the work just for the sake of doing the work. she wanted me to commit to what i was doing and put my heart into it. i nodded and said okay.


if she only knew that i'm going to quit my job after i receive the yearly bonus and/or after i find new work. i've been meaning to this for quite a while now but something held me back. but i realized that i don't like what i'm doing and the direction that the company is steering me to. i need challenging work. it's not that my job isn't challenging. believe me it is. but what's challenging about it is the amount of work involved not the work itself. catch my drift? that's why i think i'm fed up with this job.

mag-aartista na lang ako.

Monday, November 14, 2005

i'd rather blog...

than work. obviously...:P

click here to view comments i made. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


for lack of anything to write...

01. when texting i write the whole word. (22o <> totoo)
02. i got a couple of *great* ideas for a story, problem is most of these ideas are incomplete. (no ending or no beginning. :P)
03. i love writing haikus. (haiku count: 72(?))
04. i tend to like artists that only few people know or only few people like. (belle & sebastian, kings of convinience, etc.)
05. i love tekken! (though it saddens me that i'm just a below average player now.>_<)
06. ^_^6 smileys, T-T i o(O.o)o like! =^..^=
07. i love reading! (although i only own a few books.)
08. i know i'd grow old but will never tire of playing video games. (yep, tekken too.)
09. i'd like to be fluent in japanese. (sign language too. :D)
10. my oc: when i steady the fan, i align it's head with it's body. (a little bit to the left... a li'l bit more... perfect!)
11. i love to laugh. (and people who make me laugh.)
12. i like witty conversations. (and witty people.)
13. i know how to do a lot of things but can't excel in any particular one. (jack of all trades. master of none.)
14. i hate being late. (i value your time. :))
15. i eat food that has fallen off my plate. (on visibly *seemingly* clean surfaces only.)
16. i love women in jeans. (illegaly low please. :P)
17. i can't tolerate incompetence. (although i'm incompetent sometimes. :P)
18. i'm hurting. (i'm tired.)
19. i love numbers. (bs applied math. :P)
20. been doing this since 9:14am and it is only now, 4:36pm that i've finished it. (442 people to tag... :P)

Friday, October 21, 2005

do i need a reason?

for the longest time i hated fridays...

...i still do.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

repost without permission...


i just came home from the peyups christmas party.

it was interesting, to say the very least. i drank a lot of beer, which means i'm probably drunk right now. i'm only posting this because i've got some thoughts in my head, and i didn't want any of them to pass me by. my apologies for anything and everything i end up saying here.

i got to see lots of old faces, and we talked about lots of topics, like the 2004 up fighting maroons men's basketball team (marvin cruz is a superstar and we'll make the fucking final four if jay-r gets his fucking act together).

we also talked about how the member of the old fucking eraserheads are starving now, and how so many young people today don't recognize how fucking great they were. sure some people like their songs now, but they don't know the eraserheads like we knew the eraserheads. they changed our whole fucking lives man. they are the greatest rock and roll band the philippines has produced. ever. no argument.

i also came away with karl's urban dub ep, which i had been trying to borrow for the last month or so. it was funny, because most of the time, they were playing stephen speaks on the stereo. funny because we had an urban dub cd available, and we were listening to stephen fucking speaks.

oh, and i also so my ex girlfriend, man. seeing her really depresses the hell out of me. not because i still have feelings for her, but rather because i don't. i really don't.

i don't know if any of you guys can relate, but it's really hard looking at someone who used to mean the world to you (fuck it man, we were together for most of our college life, i thought i was going to marry this girl), and realize she means nothing. nothing.

most of the night, she was talking to my buddy frank, who came to the party with me. i wouldn't say this without all that beer, but i was joking that she was talking to frank because she was missing someone she'd rather be talking to, and she couldn't talk to that someone because her boyfriend was there.

i was just kidding, but she and frank were never, ever close back when we were in college. the conversation they had tonight was the longest they've ever had in their lives. what the fuck gives, right?

and i miss her too. not her, but the old her. the one who used to be my very best friend. she's long gone, because as i said, we tried to put it all back together, we tried a million times, but it's all lost.

that's why i hate seeing her. i'm glad she's happy now, with her new boyfriend and her new career and her new life and all, and i wish her the best. but i think it's fair for me to not want to be her friend, to not even see her at all. she's moved on, i've moved on too.

i could be over her, i could find someone else, heck, i could probably even be head over heels over that someone else, but the whole thing still depresses the hell out of me.

because she represents the ultimate failure in my life. i gave my heart and soul to that relationship, and it really just wouldn't work. lord knows i tried my darndest best man, and it just wouldn't work.

and that makes me sad.

wouldn't that make you pretty fucking sad too, to just be reminded of the whole thing?

my point exactly.

speaking of frank, i hate him. ditched me for my ex, that bastard. we're not friends anymore. threw away nine fucking years of our friendship.

hehehehe. of course i'm kidding. i'm only writing the because he just recently discovered this journal, by following links from quirky. richelle happens to be celebrating her birthday today. isn't that great? go greet her now. i wish i could do this in more sober circumstances, but what the fuck.

happy birthday richelle. you already have everything anyone could wish for in the world. here's hoping you make every dream come true.

@ 2003-12-07 02:29:00

thanks pare...

Friday, October 14, 2005

Monday, October 10, 2005

para sa'yo...

tayo nga ba'y sadyang tinadhana upang maging alipin sa agos ng buhay?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

fifty five fiction

"pare okay ka lang ba?"

napatingin ako sa kainuman sabay bilang ng bote sa harapan. apat.

"kaya pang magdalawang round."

"gago. tinatanong ko kung OKAY ka..."

"ha? oo naman."

"pucha, magyaya ka ba ng inuman ng walang dahilan?!"

"tama ka," ang tanging nasabi ko habang pinipigil umiyak.

"tangina, lasing ka na! isang round pa nga!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


gah! i'm such an idiot. i freakin' forgot my wallet here in the office. [kung anu-ano kasi iniisip e...] (because i have this habit of removing my wallet ffrom my back pocket and placing it in my drawer.) gah! so i was already standing in line at the terminal and was about to prepare my fare for the ride when, lo and behold, no wallet in the bag. pfft... so i had to walk (gah! only 2.50 pesos! after painstakingly rumaging trough my bag. of course i thought of using my good looks (lols!) to hypnotize and coax someone to spare me some change but opted not to because i'm, ummm.... shy. (lolz!) but i digress...) from sm makati back to pbcomm. bah! so here i am typing while my sweat stained polo is plastered on my belly, with my stomach rumbling, quite sore feet and to top it all of, a splitting headache. but other than that, my day was relatively quiet...

sana umabot ako sa smallville...Ü

Thursday, September 08, 2005

totoo ba 'to??

ewan ko kung matutuwa ako o maasar ako dito... try mo. simulan mo sa simula ha.


Thursday, September 01, 2005


... that a plague of *grown-up* problems and unprecedented situations would make me realize that i am indeed getting older.

... that i can't stop myself from this silly clicking. click

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i thought e...

warning: this post contains images that might be too graphic for some. (cel i think you should skip this...)

i was supposed to have my molar root canaled yesterday. supposed... but instead i had my molar and wisdom tooth extracted... o, the agony...

... exquisitely excruciating ...

Monday, August 22, 2005


got to see the current love of my life last friday...Ü

yun lang muna. tinatamad pa rin akong magsulat e... hehe.Ü o, kanta muna tayo.Ü

Friday, August 19, 2005

i want to be...

...a serial nice guy.Ü

Thursday, August 18, 2005

obvious ba... tinatamad akong magsulat?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

this rock has been my home for quite a while now

apparently l'arc en ciel has a *new* album, awake, that was released last june. huhuhu... it's already august and i still haven't heard any of the songs from the album. huhuhu... T-T

cel, louis, drew, nikki... mp3s please... T-T

Monday, August 15, 2005

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i love you na...

...mishka adams!Ü

Monday, August 08, 2005

epiphany two

i realized that i am a nerd...

Friday, July 29, 2005

mhuk up

bakit kaya ang daming anda ng mga bading? isipin mo kaya nilang tustusan ang mga luho ng mga boypren nila, cellphone at load, mamahaling mga damit at sapataos, at kung anu-ano pa. naisip ko tuloy kung maging ka-pederasyon kaya ako magkakadatung din ako?


gusto kong matutong magdrugs...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

sige na nga jas...

three names you go by:
1. JAm
2. santi
3. m----

three screen names you have had:
1. handsomedevil
2. jam pule
3. whopper

three physical things you like about yourself:
1. my dimples
2. my soft hands
3. my salt and pepper hair

three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. my teeth
2. my *love* handles
3. my nose(?)

three parts of your heritage:
1. Filipino
2. Filipino
3. Filipino

three things that scare you:
1. an intensity eight earthquake while i'm in the office (47th floor)
2. death of a loved one
3. one day that i'll wake up and find out that this is all a lie

three of your everyday essentials:
1. music
2. food
3. my m----

three of your favorite musical artists:
1. duncan sheik
2. jamiroquai
3. utada hikaru

1. eraserheads
2. parokya ni edgar
3. sugarfree

three of your favorite songs:
1. barely breathing by duncan sheik
2. torpedo by erasaerheads
3. cosmic girl by jamiroquai

three things you want in a relationship:
1. honesty
2. trust
3. love

three lies and truths in no particular order:

1. sit-ups make your stomach flatter
2. you can live by your lonesome
3. there is a god
4. you'd go deaf if you'd m--------- everyday
5. love respects no one
6. 1 + 1 = 2

truths about me:
1. i am a softie
2. suplado ako
3. i am an optimist

three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you:
1. eyes
2. lips
3. hands

three of your favorite hobbies:
1. video games (tekken!)
2. reading and writing
3. movies and tv

three things you want to do really badly now:
1. go home and sleep
2. finish my *freakin* report
3. be with my m-----

three careers you're considering/you've considered:
1. computer programmer
2. singer/songwriter
3. priest

three places you want to go on vacation:
1. boracay
2. camiguin
3. paris

three kid's names you like:
1. vaughn
2. marku
3. shinji

three things you want to do before you die:
1. to sing to an audience of a thousand
2. to be called a prolific writer
3. get married, have kids and live comfortably

three ways that you are stereotypically a boy:
1. monosyllabic conversations
2. i oggle at girls passing by
3. cars, sports, video games and babes

three ways that you are stereotypically a girl:
1. movies and books make me cry
2. i know how to apply make-up (theoretically)
3. i am fickle (sometimes...)

three celeb crushes:
1. kelly misa
2. heart evanglista
3. chae rim

my turn to tag...

three people that i would like to see take this quiz:
1. your
2. name
3. here

Thursday, July 21, 2005


i can now grow back my goatee... :p

Friday, July 15, 2005

the greatest irony of love is letting go when you need to hold on and holding on when you need to let go...

Thursday, July 14, 2005


nasaan na...


kung di man dumating sa kin ang panahon na ako ay mahalin mo rin
asahan mong di ako magdaramdam kahit ako ay nasasaktan
wag mo lang ipagkait na ikaw ay aking mahalin


...ang aking...


kailan ka ba muling darating?
malapit na namang mag takip silim
at kahit na ilang ulit mo pa akong saktan
basta't sa susunod di mo na ako iiwan



Friday, July 08, 2005


petra, happy happy birthday to you.Ü

wishing you have more and more and more and more books. (para may mahiram ako. hehehe.Ü)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

sigh... amplifier for people who suffer in silence.

Monday, July 04, 2005


last night while me and my sister were rumaging through some old dusty books she chanced upon an old test paper. it was my first periodical examination for grade six religion. of course we first looked at the score that i got, 72/80. not too shabby.Ü then i snatched the paper from my sister and began to read my answers. let me share with you some of my insights, in verbatim, as an eleven year old boy...

explain: ang pananampalatayang walang gawa ay patay.
answer: kung tayo ay nanampalataya ngunit hindi natin ito ginagawa, parang hindi natin naiintindihan ang ating ginagawang panampalataya. dapat nating gawin ang mga natutuhan natin mula sa pananampalataya at sa mabuting paraan.

explain: ipakita mo sa gawa ang iyong pagmamahal sa kapwa.
answer: dapat nating ipakita ang ating pagmamahal sa ating kapwa, hindi sa salita kundi sa gawa. at dapat nating gawin ito ng ating buong puso.

true or false: bible is one of the books which contains everything that man needs to know about the meaning of his life.
1st answer: true. (i then erased this and change my answer to...)
2nd answer: false. (which is the "incorrect" answer.)

question: may kahirapan ang inyong pamumuhay at sa tuwina'y nagkakaroon ng away dahil walang pera. sa kainisan mo sa buhay mo ay lagi mong sinisisi ang diyos sa inyong kalagayan. ano ang dapat mong gawin para magbago ang buhay mo? makatuwiran bang sisihin natin ang diyos sa mga nangyayari sa atin?
answer: ako'y magsisikap na magkaroon ng trabaho upang makatulong sa aking mga magulang. at sasabihin ko sa kanila na hindi magandang mag-away.
hindi dapat nating sisihin ang diyos, dahil tayo ay gumgawa ng ating sariling problema. tayo rin ang nagdidisisyon kung ano ang dapat nating gawin, kung ito ba'y tama o mali.

i noticed that after so many years quite few of my ideas about life has changed. although somewhat incongruent, i still believe in the basic ideas i wrote back then.

hmmm... and i noticed that my handwriting didn't improve... at all. bah! :Þ

Friday, July 01, 2005


whenever i'm drepessed i always think of what would my funeral be...

and before that picture fades, i wonder if it'd be same scene if i took the easy way out...

Thursday, June 30, 2005


mahirap talagang maging bida. sabi nga nila ang bida nagpapabugbog sa simula tas sa huli na lang babawi. pero pagod na akong magpabugbog. kailan ba ako makakabawi?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


i know this quite late but it occured to me that carrie underwood, the winner of last season's american idol, did an erik santos over bo bice.

Monday, June 27, 2005



am so happy that i now have a copy of jamiroquai's latest album.Ü i racked my brain trying to remember a time when i was this glad after receiving a gift. and i can't recall a moment where i was. thanks to yoü! mwah!Ü

am listening to it now with the volume low. because as you know, here in the office we have to be considerate of our co-workers. so let's keep shhhhh...


another ot weekend. god, i never felt so drained in my life. but i'm still happy and satisfied with the 3 hours worth of *work* i've done. lols.Ü

so you better keep shhhhh... while i steal some zzz's... -_-


shhhhh... tons and tons of work! arggghhhhh! shhhhh...! shhhh...!


hmmmm... feels as if my blog has been so shhhhh... let's try to remedy that.Ü



Thursday, June 23, 2005

basag ulo ba ang hanap mo?!

walang jo. pinagsamantalahan na naman ata ako a. kanina kasi sa fx parang kinalabit ako ng katabi ko. pero di ko pinansin kasi naalimpungatan lang ako. pero tutsa! kumalibit ba naman ng isa pang beses. tapos parang umaaligid yung kamay nya. anak ng tokwa! a sabi ko ibang usapan na to. isang beses pa e ididikdik ko na yung mukha nya sa bintana. kaya ayun basag ngayon ang mukha ng loko. hahahaha!

(wish ko lang nagawa ko ngang i-ngudngud yung mukha nya. pero di na umulit ang mokong. buti naman.)

Monday, June 20, 2005

you always have a choice. but you've already decided. and it's quite ironic that i have no choice but to accept it.

ikaw ang da best!

maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan, inay!Ü di ko man nasasabi sayo to ng madalas pero di ibig sabihin na di to totoo. mahal na mahal kita ma. ikaw ang da best nanay ever!ÜÜÜ


i recalled this re-occuring conversation we had back in college...

boy1: pare wag na tayong kumain dyan. ang mahal. (referring to a fast food joint) ala na akong pera...
boy2: wala ka ng pera? isang gabi lang yan sa crossing. dun sa may andoks...

hmmmm... i think i'd consider that if and only if tj would be my pimp. ya, i'd be a great he-bitch man-whore.

hahaha! lolz.Ü


i miss penance. i miss kelly. i miss diablo ii level whoring.


comment whoring tips: (based on experience)

1. choose a topic that'd be interesting for your readers. for best results choose a subject with regards to your (non)existing love life.
2. be subtle when choosing your words. don't give anything away. keep it short and sweet. and if possible be as vague and ambiguous as you can. instead of being mysterious, be the mystery...
3. don't hesitate to share tid bits once the comments starts trickling in. and like your post, give a statement that'd leave the commentors thinking that they know what's going on but in truth only leaves them more puzzled.
4. sit back, relax and enjoy the show...Ü

Thursday, June 16, 2005

happy anniv!


can't believe that it has been about a year since i started blogging. i laugh, cry(?) and curse as i reread my previous posts and think to myself, "wtf?! did i write this? why, o why?" hahaha!Ü

congrats to me! mwah to you!Ü hope you could join me for the rest of the ride...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

my guilty pleasure

i've been playing burnout 3 for a few months now. and all i can say is that it's one hell of a game!

i've finished all the races were i was pitted against the computer ai and now i'm left with crash mode (where you're goal is to wreck havoc and raise hell as much as you can on the streets by succesfully ramming your car onto traffic) and time attack mode (where you race against the clock using a super duper umphed car, imagine an f1 cart with nos). crash mode is what sets this game apart from other racing games. it's easy, straight forward and very much enjoyable. it's like playing with your matchbox cars and causing a major pile up, digitally. on the other hand, time attack mode gets to be a pain and tedious when you're on your nth time racing trough the same track at 200mph trying to steer that fragile tin can on four wheels avoiding huge trucks and what nots.

i think i would've thrown this game out the window (because of that frustrating time attack mode) if not for it's other modes and it's wonderful soundtrack.

the soundtrack features exceptional bands, jimmy eat world, ash and franz ferdinand(woot!), just to name a few. actually, imo they are the only exceptional bands in the soundtrack. hehe.Ü other bands like yellow card, new found glory, etc, fills the gap between these three bands. but don't get me wrong, they still deliver heart thumping and adrenaline rush inducing music none the less.
(particulary, this band called my chemical romance. i really like their single, "i'm not okay." but i don't like how they look. reminds me of good charlotte. bah!)

i want to finish this game na. then gt4 will be may next target. hehehe.Ü (now if only i could somehow find a way to squeeze 180 bucks in my expenses...)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

no way... yes way...

so narda decided to give up being darna to be with efren. so lola had to look for someone to be the next darna. last nights episode ended when carol found the puting bato and lola thinking to herself if she was the right person to replace narda.

all i can say about the possibility of carol donning the darna custome is...



does this mean that when carol swallows the rock she'd shout racol?

Monday, June 13, 2005


i hope to see the dawn of daybreak and the sun rise to cloudless skies

and now i've tried to see the truth but i close my eyes
and you were there for me and i was there for you

don't say goodbye say goodnight so it's not over


to be is all i gotta be
and all that i see
and all that i need this time
to me the life you gave me
the day you said goodnight.

she's already taken,
she's already taken
she's already taken me
she's already taken,
she's already taken
she's already taken me.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


alam mo ba yung pamahiin na...

...kailangan ikutin ng taong di kasalo sa kainan pero aalis dahil may lakad ang mga plato ng mga taong kasalukuyang kumakain para makaiwas sa disgrasya?

...pag kumakain ka na tapos lumipat ka ng pwesto sa hapag-kainan madami daw ang mapapangasawa mo?

...pag lagi kang nahuhuling matapos sa kainan huli ka ring magpapasakal, este magpapakasal?

...pag lagi kang napagliligpitan ng pinagkainan habang kumakain ka pa ay di ka daw makakapag-asawa?

sana hindi totoo ang pamahiin...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


"Prince charming i presume? Hardly, i'm afraid. Jam could sell a freezer to an Inuit, a Bible to a Shiite, yet couldn't hold a conversation with THE GIRL. Eloquent yet torpe. Self-declared monogamous gentleman with a string of girlets (imagined or otherwise). A
romantic who doesn't believe in romance. Jam, a walking contradiction, a paradox of himself."

friendster testimonial written by thea on june 11, 2004.


nyahahaha! i agree. i agree! probably the most accurate testimonial i've received.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

feels like just it should

yey! yey! yey!

jamiroquai, one of my favorite artists, is releasing a new album this june. saw the vid of their first single from the new album dynamite last night on mtv. the vid was a parody of the mask where you had jk in the dorky stanley ibcus mode and the rowdy masked little devil. and of course jk was prancing and dancing all the while doing some minute acting. as for the song... hmmm... it was so so. it was not as catchy as virtual insanity or funky as little l. but like most jamiroquai songs i think it will grow on me... eventually.Ü

can't wait to grab a copy of their latest...ÜÜÜ

Monday, June 06, 2005

"poets often describe love as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. that's what it was for me. i didn't plan on falling in love with you, and i doubt if you planned on falling in love with me. but once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. we fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. for me, love like that has happened only once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory."

exerpt taken from the notebook by nicholas sparks

Friday, June 03, 2005


i realized that grief is the fuel of my writing. and as of the moment i'm having engine trouble. let's just say that i'm in between sorrow and delight. and more often than not, i'm shifting between the two.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


yes it's true...

i am in love...

i am in love with my sadness...


Monday, May 23, 2005

pamagat *

nais kang gawing bihag ng aking akap

ngunit sa ating pag-ibig na may taning,

tanging anino mo lang ang kayang hagkan.


*inspired by song titles from imago's take 2 album

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


ako ang dalamhati ng kanyang pag-ibig

at sya ang aking ligaya

sya ang luha ng aking kalungkutan

at ako ang kanyang katipan

Friday, May 13, 2005

pili ka...

talo na ni kapuso si kapamilya sa primtime ratings a...

pero meron ng pantapat sa darna ni siete si dos... kumpanerang kuba(!). bleh!

wala olats pa rin si dos e. anne curtis over angel locsin? ha! asa pa sila.

sige ganito na lang. anong pipiliin mo, panget na nagiging maganda o maganda na nagiging mas maganda?Ü

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

why is it that something you know that's so wrong can feel so right...?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

pre-splash party

jas took this picture at our house using her digicam before the splash party.Ü

siguro kung na-cancel yung splash ng last minute oks lang sa amin... di ba ob(li)vious? hehehe.Ü

(forgot to introduce you to the players... nikki in red, cel in the gray striped black, and me in white.Ü)

Monday, May 09, 2005


angel and i had a longish talk last thursday over lunch at the old spaghetti house. we talked about our *non-existent*, or rather, my *non-existent* love life. well she pointed out that the girls that i fall for have one thing in common, they're all impossible (for me to be with). girl number one is out of my league, girl number two is jaded (sabi ni ange), girl number three was un-perfect (for me) just because of her beliefs, and girl number four... well... it's complicated. (which is an understatement)

that got me thinking about those girls and the other "girlfriends" i have. and i noticed something else that they had in common...


they have permutations variations of maria in their name. i counted three marias, two maries and one mer**. (more?)

i thought for a minute that i was in a watered down episode of the twilight zone... freaky!

Friday, May 06, 2005

free sugarfree

sa wakas... finally got to watch a sugarfree gig, free! they were great! standing for about two hours was well worth it.Ü (i didn't care much for the other bands, hale and sponge cola. but they were good as well. and please don't ask me about the dance number intermission. blah!)


song one: burnout

have you seen the video for this song? the girl in that video reminds me of lui. lalo na dun sa part na may eb sila ni ebe tapos nandun lang si girl sa labas... sigh...

kung iisipin mo
di naman dati ganito
teka muna teka lang
kailan tayo nailang

kung iisipin mo
di naman dati ganito
kay bilis kasi ng buhay
pati tayo natangay

o kay tagal din kitang minahal

dedicated to: lüi


song two: (woohoo! when i feel heavy metal... can't help my self. sorry. hehe.Ü) sinta

this is a great song. me likes! and it's better when performed live. this also showcases ebe's vocal range and prowess.

ako'y isang malungkot na bata
palakad-lakad lang
wala rin namang mapupuntahan
madalas, madulas at nung parang ayoko na
buti na lang nandyan ka,
buti na lang nandyan ka, sinta
paano na lang ako kung wala ka sinta
paano na lang ako kung wala ka
paano na lang ako

dedicated to: my sintas (ng sapatos. nyuknyuknyuk.Ü)


song three: telepono

i was a big fan of untv when it was cool. (before it became the soriano show channel.) and i particularly enjoyed the portion where i got to watch unknown bands perform. sugarfree was one of them. back then they were four in the band jal, mitch, ebe and rico blanco. this song made me an instant fan.Ü

natatandaan mo ba kagabi apat na oras tayong nagbabad
sa telepono o inabutan na tayo ng umaga noon

ngunit bakit ngayon malamig ka bigla
magdamag na sa tabi mo wala man lang

hello hello hello
naririnig mo pa ba ako?

dedicated to: peytÜ


song four: tulog na

i like this song because of its sweetness and simplicity.

tulog na mahal ko
hayaan na muna natin ang mundong ito
lika na, tulog na tayo

tulog na mahal ko
wag kang lumuha, malambot ang iyong kama
saka na mamroblema

tulog na hayaan na muna natin sila
mamaya, di ka na nila kaya pang saktan
kung matulog, matulog ka na

dedicated to: you know who you are...Ü


song five: taguan

reminds me of paru-parong ningning of the eraserheads. very un-sugarfree.

kasi naman ang ingay mo
at 'di ko maintindihan kung bakit pa
sinabi mo sa kanila

na ako ay mahal mo
mag-ingat ka baka mahuli tayo
at ako'y iibigin mo
kahit lagi tayong patago

mag-isip ka, mag-isip ka mahal ko
maghulos-dili ka, ingat ka
patay ako sa nanay mo!

dedicated to: alekos. (hukhukhuk.^^)


song five: prom

sigh... the prom. reminds me of my eprot days. hahaha! good times...Ü

nanginginig na mga kamay
puso kong hindi mapalagay
pwede ba kitang tabihan
kahit na may iba ka nang kasama

ito ang gabing 'di malilimutan
dahan-dahan tayong nagtinginan

parang atin ang gabi
para bang wala tayong katabi
nang tayo'y sumayaw
na parang 'di na tayo bibitaw

dedicated to: sandraÜ


last song: hari ng sablay

i love this song! and the video even more.Ü i really love the actors they picked to play as young hari ng sablay (lampayatot na lampayatot!) and the old hari ng sablay (joel torre you're da bomb!Ü).

please lang wag kang magulat kung bigla akong magkalat
mula pa nung pagkabata mistula ng tanga

san san nadadapa, san san bumabangga
ang puso kong kawawa, may pag-asa pa ba?

ooh, ayoko na magsorry
ooh, sawa na ako magsisi
pasensya ka na, mabilis lang akong mataranta

ako ang hari ng sablay, ako ang hari ng sablay
hinding hindi makasabay
sabay sa hangin ng aking buhay
hari ng sablay, ako ang hari ng sablay
ako ang hari, ako ang hari

dedicated to: me (hahahaha! lolz.Ü)


\m/ mabuhay ang tugtugang pilipino! \m/

Thursday, May 05, 2005

clenched soul

we have lost even this twilight.
no one saw us this evening hand in hand
while the blue night dropped on the world.

i have seen from my window
the fiesta of sunset in the distant mountain tops.

sometimes a piece of sun
burned like a coin in my hand.

i remembered you with my soul clenched
in that sadness of mine that you know.
where were you then?
who else was there?
saying what?.

why will the whole of love come on me suddenly
when i am sad and feel you are far away?

the book fell that always closed at twilight
and my blue sweater rolled like a hurt dog at my feet.

always, always you recede through the evenings
toward the twilight erasing statues.

by pablo neruda

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


ako: ei! saan ka ngayon? bagong season ng smallville sa 23! yay!Ü

sya: d2 me sa rum ko. yep, am watchin it 2. naniniwala ka b sa sinabi ni luthor na 'sum pipol r meant 2 b alone.'

ako: mas okay pa rin si lana kaysa kay lois. lana for life!Ü alone as in no partner? ewan. meron lang talagang mga tao na ganun. (not verbatim)

sya: honga mas ok si lana or kht si chloe na lng. di ako naniniwala dun kse partly u stil hav dat choice 2b sum1 dat cn b loved. dabah?Ü

ako: yun na nga. it's all about choices. tingin ko naman di mawawalan ng tao sa mundo na mas pinili ang magisa. yes, it's your choice to be someone that can be loved. ang tanong, is there someone that will chose you to be his/her someone in return... alam ko negative ang dating, pero that's what i think... (not verbatim)

sya: aww! naiiyak ako... sigh... bt i stil bliv na we r ol meant 2b with sumbody. ung iba kse pinili nilang maging bulag sa katotohanan while longing 4 dat sumbody too much and 4 too long... hay ewan... ironic ang oag-ibig... sumakit 2loy ulo ko.

ako: psst... pinasakit ko ba ulo mo? sorry na po. masyado lang talga akong idealistic sa mga bagay na ganito. kaya nga hanggang ngayon olats pa rin... hahaha!Ü

ako: i'd rather wait than go into a relationship half heartedly. naglolokohan lang kayo when you compromise. korak?Ü

sya: oo naman. para kseng kinalaban mo na dn sarili mo nun e. u love sum1 bt ur wid sum1 else. ngay! ang hirap..pero i stil tink the couple shud stil compromise in some ways. odrwise, deyl end up in d gutter. hehe... huhu... anlabo!

ako: of course there should be compromises within the relationship. what i mean is naglolokohan lang kayo when your relationship with each other is A compromise.

sya: tsk! dats a toughie... sigh... nakanta ko tuloy ung dont know why ni norah jones hehe. matulog ka na nga.Ü

ako: haha!Ü wag kang magalala hanggang theory lang naman ako. pero pag based on experience dapat sayo ako makinig.Ü tapusin ko muna yung cd bago matulog. gud nyt.Ü

sya: sheesh! as if naman i know a lot na talga a. hehe. o sya, una na po ako. nytie.Ü

ako: haha!Ü compared sa akin? oo naman mas marami kang alam.Ü tapos na rin yung cd. tulog na rin ako.Ü sweet dreams. gud nyt.Ü

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

kwentuhan lang... part 2

sya: tnx sa ice cream luigi =)
ako: no problem. basta ikaw jessie.Ü pero may justine ka na e... huhuhu.... :[
sya: hahaha..d pa huli ang lhat luigi..
ako: habang may buhay may pagasa?Ü
sya: tlga? tnx ha! lam ku nman luigi e..=)
ako: opkors. walang anuman. dito lang ako... hihintayin kita...Ü
sya: hehe..halatang panay nuod ng telenovela ah =)
ako: di a... di naman masyado... hehehe.Ü
sya: k lng yan..mnsan mkakarelate k nman dun e..=)
ako: honga...Ü basta maghihintay ako...
sya: hehe saan?
ako: hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan.Ü
sya: hahaha..ayus ah =) cge c u there..=)
ako: darating ka ba?
sya: oo kng andun ka pa..=)
ako: nananabik na ako sa iyong pagdating...Ü
sya: aku msabi =)
ako: hehehe. bilisan mo na kasi...Ü
sya: cge po..bibilisan ku pra sau =)
ako: kung pwede nga ako na lang ang pupunta dyan para di ka na mahirapan at mapagod...
sya: e d kaw n nga lng =)
ako: sige. ilan mang dagat ay aking susuungin makapiling ka lang...Ü
sya: jam d ku lam makata k pla =)
ako: hehe... sadyang ganyan pag umiibig...Ü
sya: hehehe...ok ah..bka nxt tym tumula k na ha?
ako: agad-agad akong tutula kung yan ang nais ng aking sinisinta...
sya: hahaha..jam! pnapatawa m ku magisa d2..
ako: ako'y nagagalak at ngit'y namumutawi sa iyong mga labi...
sya: hahaha...jam awat na..=)
ako: sa aking katahimika'y sinasambit pa rin ang iyong ngalan...
sya: cge ka imumulticast ku to..
ako: gusto ko ngang ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na ika'y iniirog ko...
sya: cge nga game..

tapos minulti-cast ko nga... hehehe.Ü

Sunday, May 01, 2005

ako ay alipin ng pag-ibig

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


while waiting for grace to buy her kikay stuff yesterday at landmark, allan and i spotted this peculiar tester... a lactacyd tester.


this prompted allan a slue of hirits which cracked me up...

ngayon lang naman nagkaroon ng ganyan e. siguro dati di sila naglilinis...

siguro alkohol lang ginagamit nila.

ako:e paano naman kaya nila gagamitin yung tester?
allan: para sa nakapalda lang yun. (sabay bukaka ng konti.)

di nga pare. akala ko nga parang roll on yung sa lactacyd...

hahahaha! lol-lol-LOL!Ü

i probably would've laughed louder if grace wasn't there.Ü

funny/horrific thing is, the tester bottle... it was half empty.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

kwentuhan lang... wala namang masama...

ako: naiinip na ako...
sya: meryenda tyo mamya..
ako: kakain na naman? tsktsk... paano na ang figure mo?Ü
sya: as if meron! cge kung ayaw mo, eh di wag.hmp.
ako: payag na ko. libre mo naman e.Ü
sya: parang napilitan ka lng..
ako: di a. basta ikaw di ako napipilitan.Ü
sya: sabi ko nA, lab mo ko eh!
ako: wag kang mainggay. baka may mang-intriga.Ü lolz.Ü
sya: talga?! wag kang ganyan bka mainlove din ako.. : )
ako: loka! gusto ko pang mabuhay ng matagal. baka marderin ako ni...Ü
sya: hahaha! natakot ka nmn agad.. sumakay ka na lng sana.. talga to..bading!
ako: 'di... di na ko sumakay kasi baka masaktan ka lang sa huli. ayaw ko kasing nakakasakit ng mahal ko...Ü
sya: ngayon pa lng nsaktan na ko eh.. : )
ako: ikaw kasi di mo ako hinintay...
sya: malay ko bang darating ka.. : )
ako: kung alam ko lang na ganito ang mararamdaman ko para sayo... noon palang hinanap na sana kita...
sya: bakit ngayon ka lng?
ako: ewan. sadyang mapagbiro ang buhay... ang pag-ibig... hindi nakakatawa...
sya: kung maibabalik ko lng.. ikaw sna ang kapiling ko..
ako: nakakalungkot pero hanggang ganito na lang tayo... mag-kaibigan...

Monday, April 25, 2005

journal entry xxxx

i never fail to have a good time whenever i'm with anna. and saturday was no exception.

met up with anna at music one around six pm. we we browsed the racks of cds and left the store hungrier for more music than for food. we then proceeded to look for a place to eat.

ako: saan mo gustong kumain?
sya: ummm... kahit saan.
ako: ano bang gusto mong kainin?
sya: kahit ano. ikaw?
nothing in particular.

we ended up eating at shakey's. belly buster, mojo potatoes and bottomless ice tea for her and bottomless rootbeer for him were shared over anna's love triangle-turned-pentagon-turned-octagon exploits. snap!Ü

after dinner anna accompanied me to fossil because i was going to buy a watch. i saw what i liked and asked anna's opinion about my choice. she said the watch was too big. true. (think, a smaller power ranger communicator(?) watch) but still i ended up buying the watch.Ü

we went to greenbelt to watch finding never land. we were in a little bit of hurry because we thought that we were late for the movie. turns out that we weren't. as a matter of fact we were the first patrons to enter the cinema. excited. lols.Ü i had to take a bathroom break before the movie starts. returned to the cinema as quickly as possible. sat down on my seat and noticed that anna looked like a lost child. apparently she can't find where her phone was. after a couple minutes of frantic finding but still no phone. i tried calling the phone but it was out of reach. anna had a hunch that the man who was looking at the watches at fossil took her phone while she was looking at the display and while i was paying for the watch. she was amazed at how the man got her phone. i was quite furious that i wasn't aware of what happened. i tried to comfort her but i know i suck in this kind of situations.

ako: okay ka lang?
sya: okay lang. phone lang yun e..
ako: sigurado ka?
sya: oo...

i just hate it when i'm at the mercy of something i can't control and have to resort to what if's and only if's...

i was relieved when the movie started. at least for two hours she wouldn't have to think about her lost phone. the movie was excellent. personally i liked the subtleness of the dialogues and the actor's english accents.

after the movie i knew that anna was still pretty bummed out about the loss of her phone eventhough she wouldn't want to admit it. she wanted to eat a donut but we can't find a shop where donuts were sold so she had to settle for the next best thing, chocolate cake. i was still quite full from the dinner we had but i "forced" myself to eat part of the cake because anna can't finish the piece alone. and she didn't want to buy the cake if i didn't partake in eating it with her.

sometime during our stay at seattle's best...

ako: witch ka ba?
sya: huh?
ako: kilala mo yung witch sa hansel and gretel?
sya: ummm... oo.
ako: witch ka ba?

i think for about an hour i was such a goofball. but it was well worth it after seeing that anna enjoyed what she saw.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


woot! 10,000 hits! woot!^^

Friday, April 22, 2005

good shot

taken by me at wendy's with anna's 5.1(!) mega-pixel digicam.Ü

Thursday, April 21, 2005


maybe you are to blame
making me lose control
of my heart you now claim
how can i not not fall?


ako: gago ba ko?
ako: hinde. hinde ka gago...
ako: napakagago... oo.


i am vague and ambiguous


mood swings suck. please pass the prozac...



Wednesday, April 20, 2005

on a whim

m.y.m.p was at glorietta tower records yesterday for an autograph signing session. so i grabbed me a copy of their album, versions. and i also bought kings of convience's riot on an empty street.

(when i buy cds, i always buy two. one foreign. one homegrown. (<--- oc ko 'to.) and buying versions was the perfect excuse to buy riot on an empty street.)

of course i got my cd signed by the band. and i noticed that juris, the lead vocals, was not that pretty. in fact i think patty is prettier than her. much much more...Ü

(my... my... we do have a lot of patty posts, don't we? lols.Ü)


i've decided that i'm not going to buy a new phone. i want myself to be liquid just in case puerto galera pushes through...Ü


funny how i am now starting to like the things that i really didn't just because you do.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

can i?

i lost the drive to write what happened during the weekend because of that blasted report which i revised for countless of times yesterday. so can i just skip to the "good" parts?

  • dinner at north park with photon people
  • attendees: me, sarah, cherry, alekos, jae and ivan. (later urk)
  • cherry: sino ba talaga si patty?
  • lols.Ü
  • prospects of puerto galera next month
  • drooled over the pictures jae took
  • drooled some more
  • videoke at io
  • song of the night: crazy for you (everyone was singing.Ü)

saturday (part 1)

  • splash island day!
  • attendees: frank, ria, jas, cel, nikki, victor, pat, chico, joyce, jonas, oli, alison, dondon, aidz, poks, alekos, at ako!Ü
  • fifteen minutes or so minutes in the rapids...
  • HELP!
  • lols!Ü
  • river, slide, slide, slide, river, slide slide, river, river
  • lunch: chicken!Ü
  • river, slide, slide, river, slide, kodakan, river, slide, kodakan, river, kodakan, river

saturday (part 2)

  • parteh at rico's
  • attendees: (splash people) - (cel) + (jae, jopeks, patrick, coco)
  • pork barbecue
  • chicken barbecue
  • yum!Ü (i want some more...)
  • [no tekken 5. boo! played three games of tag. matches with nikki were fun fun fun.]
  • kwentuhan, lokohan, kantahan at inuman. (although we didn't get to reveal our secret crushes. lols.Ü)
  • being with friends...Ü


  • i clearly remember that we were four when we rode the rio monte-ewan slide when we went to splash for the first time in 2000. just goes to show how big we've become.
  • saw a lot of young-pretty-jail-bait-girls. just goes to show how old we've become...
  • splash island outing was a success! puerto naman next month!Ü
  • ngayon lang ata ako nakakita ng dugong na nalunod...

Friday, April 15, 2005

rer! rer! ror!

i *love* my new wallpaper.Ü

Thursday, April 14, 2005

... --- ... .-.-.- ... --- ...

this is such a stressful week... good thing it's gonna be over by tomorrow.

thanks to ------ for making it less of a drag.^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

bakit nga ba?

twenty four na ko pero wala pa rin akong gel pren. why is the ganun?

gwapo naman daw ako sabi ni ermat. salubong nga nun sa akin pag bagong gupit ako...

"o mas gumwapo ka na naman..." (pero alam ko naman na not counted 'to. hehehe.Ü)

wala naman akong bo. pwera na lang siguro pag di ako naligo ng dalawang araw. (pero sino bang hindi babaho pag ganun?)

i'm a good listener naman a. palibhasa mas trip kong makinig kaysa magsalita. at kulitin na lang sya tungkol sa mga pinagsasabi nya.

siguro dahil masyado akong pihikan? pero ano nga bang katangian ang hinahanap ko sa isang babae? minsan nung tinanong ako ni tseri nun wala akong nasagot. kasi nung pinagtabi-tabi ko yung mga naging labs-ko-na-hindi-ako-naging-labs wala naman akong ma-pin point na iisang characteristic na pareho sila. lahat sila mabait at maganda, at syempre kahit naman sino gusto ang ganung katangian kaya not counted yun.

tapos nung isang beses naman nung pinapili ako ni jae sa gelpren o tekken 5 machine, eto sinagot ko...

jam: kailangan pa ba ng tokens kung maglalaro?
jae: (tawa) syempre hindi na...
jam: (medyo napahinto sa paglalaro ng tekken 5. napaisip. natulala. walang masagot... tumawa na lang.) hahaha!Ü

ah! naisip ko na ang common denominator nung mga gels ko...

this post sucks... hard! lols.Ü

Monday, April 11, 2005

sunday telly



power rangers: twenty four years old and i still enjoy watching (american) sentai. goes to show that i'm still a child at heart.Ü



a taste of life with henny sison: great cooking show. now if i only knew how to bake. (or cook for that matter..)



asap and sop: mom-datory watching of the usual sunday noon time variety show. tekken five in between commercial breaks.



asap fanatic: heart and roxy (roxxane of click, not roxy of scq) dance number.Ü



ps2 intermission.

what's playing?

tekken 5
gta: vice city
prince of persia 2



the buzz: a crying piolo admits, yet again, that he is not gay. yeah right! straight guys don't wear white pants.



y speak live: funny how baby arenas turned from a y speak panelist/moderator into a debator. she took sides wether or not to disclose one's relationship out in the open. but how can you keep such a high profile affair a secret? right, mister president?



two and a half men: haha.
joey: hahaha. hahaha.Ü
will & grace: hahaha!Ü hahaha!Ü hahaha!Ü



f!: amanda was assigned the task to make-over this cute girl, maja. he and her boyfriend were going on a date after a year of not seeing each other. great make-over! i was quite surprised to see who her boyfriend was... aids farolan. astig!Ü

(swerte naman ni aids nakita na nya si amanda griffin...)



mtv vj hunt finals: rashel *eye candy* didn't win. (boo!) which is just fair because she didn't speak as well as the other candidates.

patty laurel! woot!Ü



ghost fighter the movie: i've seen better oav's. but for it's time, it's okay... i guess.



samurai x the movie: bleh filipino dubbing. opted to sleep rather than finishing the movie.


Friday, April 08, 2005

joy joy joy

kailan kaya ako makakahanap ng babae na makakasama kong kumain ng...

chicken joy?

chicken joy?

chicken joy?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

mister quikie

saturday: had a great time with da boys.

sunday: ish my birthday!Ü

monday: darna.Ü

tuesday: elevator ride with mikee cojuanco. 'nuff said...Ü

wednesday: eight tekken lords na! (paul, wang, feng wei, bryan, jin, anna, nina, law)

thursday: narda into darna. w007!^____^


my playlist:

unforgiven 2
if i ain't got you
i got what you need
shut up
with arms wide open
agent orange
wonder wall

Friday, April 01, 2005

oh, at last

three day vacation leave here i come!ÜÜÜ

Thursday, March 31, 2005


ulo ng baboy
1/4 kilo sibuyas(puti)
1/2 kilo kalamansi
2 lata(small) liver spread
sili, suka, asin

1. pakuluan ang ulo ng baboy hanggang sa lumambot
2. ihawin ang napalambot na ulo ng baboy
3. tadtadrin (mas maganda kung maliit ang pagkatadtad. wag naman parang bopis...)
4. ihalo ang ibang sangkap
5. i-serb

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

shall we resume

was just reading jae's resume. and i can't help but to snicker after i read his other qualifications.

Other Qualifications

- high aptitude allows for fast adaptation into different types of work
- great oral and written skills in English and Filipino
- strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
- absence of a girlfriend ensures availability during situations that require extra working hours

jae, pakopya ha!


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

happy anniversary

hooray to me!Ü

i've been *working* for a year now. and as a present to myself i decided to replace my old crappy phone (features: automatic "reboot" and "shut down", "insert sim card" *screen saver*) with a new camera phone once i recieve my bonus.

i've been doing a bit of research and now i am torn between getting a nokia 6230 or a sony ericson k500i. but i'm leaning more towards the 6230 because of its bluetooth capabilities.

got a month to decide.Ü

Monday, March 28, 2005


had a great loooong weekend.Ü where should i begin?



went to pampanga with my mom to visit my grandparents. stopped at mcdo san fernando where we were supposed to be fetched by kuya ed. ordered a sausage mcmuffin with egg and hot choco. yum!Ü

arrived at my lola's at around eleven. talked with them about our current predicament. after lunch we went to the bank to look at our options. no luck. phoned our tita to ask for help. she said that she'd call later to discuss how she could help. so there was practically nothing left for me to do. i decided to go home and leave my mom to talk with her sister.

rode a pasay bound victory liner bus at around three. victory liner buses are the bomb! they have comfy seats, great ac's, large windows and a cute sound system. (the driver pages the passengers the next stop that's coming through the system. also you could manualy turn off the speakers which was directly above your head alongside with the ac. nice!) sat on the side where the sun's rays where directly hitting me. great! i needed all the vitamin d(?) i could get.

(wouldn't it be cute to have a scene in a movie where the male protagonist sitting on a window seat in a bus and her leading lady sitting behind him silently sing the theme song of their movie? i digress... but not entirely. ano nga ba yung theme song namin? hehe.Ü)

made up my mind that i would be having dinner in makati because i didn't want to fuss over preparing a meal when i arrive home. texted anna if she wanted to have dinner with me. said she'd meet me at tower records glorietta. got there before anna and proceeded to listen to bloc party's debut(?) album. the album is gewd. had to restrain myself from buying the album using my dinner money.

a few minutes later i received a text message from anna telling me that she was already at tower. met up with her and helped her find this particular album by jim brickman that she was planning to buy. ehe, no jim brickman albums. she bought the live album of coldplay instead.

we left the store to eat at tokyo tokyo. shared a beef misuno sumo meal with her over some light conversation. i was quite surpirsed that i already felt full after one cup of rice. (nabusog sa kwento.Ü) learned that braces are freakishly expensive and there is a bataan in bataan.

what a perfect way to end a very stressful day...


wednesday, thursday and friday

i was in lb for three days living the student life, a.k.a. bum life. i slept about a total of twelve hours during those three days, neglected the proper time to eat, ate meals that were very affordable (forty plus pesos for a complete meal? wtf?!), was not aware of the time, played a lot of tekken, surfed the net, played warcraft custom made maps and watched two korean movies, il mare and the classic. reluctantly left lb (i was contemplating on staying for another day but due to lack of underwear... hahaha.Ü) with little sleep, added t5 experience points, (was happy that i could still win matches with them eventhough i play against the computer for practice), a new expression, "lolz" (apparently lol-lol-lol has evolved(?) into lolz(?)) and five cds full of mp3s (about fifty hours of playing time, enough songs to last me this week!). planning to return there... soon.Ü


saturday and sunday

nothing much happened here. just a lot of ps2ing. picked up a new game to play as an alternative when my fingers and arms start are tired playing tekken. prince of persia is cool! platforming madness! the fights can be tedious and repetitive though. but none the less it's fun fun fun. halfway through the game and i might be able to finish it during the week. then i'd play pop2. ye ye ye.Ü

Monday, March 21, 2005

good samaritan with a twist

i wonder if could pull off a pia faustino?

i don't want to elaborate now on the details why i need the money. (some of you might already know.)

but here's what i am willing to tell you now.

my proposition: instead of giving me the money in exchange for a good deed, i'll be asking you to lend me whatever sum of money that you could spare in exchange for a good deed. yes, you've read it right. lend. which means that i'll be returning the money that you loaned me plus a good deed of your choice. (i'm still thinking of a way wherein i could pay as much people within a month.)

as of writing i still don't know if i would push through with this. (but i will if things don't work out with...)

Friday, March 18, 2005

chivalry is dead. i have killed it.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

magsimula tayo sa letrang s (kwentong kwarenta y kwatro)

summer na! sigurado pupunta na naman kami sa beach. syempre konting sayawan na may choreography. shake body dancer na naman kaya ang sasayawin namin? sino kaya ang mahuhulugan ng buko?

sabik na ko.

sana lang sa beach talaga ang punta namin, hindi sa bagiuo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


i think i'm being blamed for something that i didn't do. it sucks!

most of the time i really don't care what others think of me. well, that's what i've been saying. but it feels quite different when you are being wisphered about and when back stabbing groups suddenly disperse when you get near them. i feel as if i'm going to be the one voted out on the next tribal council.

but in the end what matters most is the fact that i haven't wronged anyone. right?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


i'm updating my resume. so i guess i'm gonna do it... in a few weeks time...

Monday, March 14, 2005

fill in the blanks

i am dissatisfied with ----.

i wish i could do something to prevent us from being --------.

on the other hand, i'm quite happy because of ---- & -----.

Friday, March 11, 2005


sabi ni jae panay na lang pics ni luz ang pinipost ko. favorite subject ko daw.Ü paano naman kasi di pa finoforward sa akin ni oli, aka gumbinator, yung ibang pics na kinuha ko gamit yung phone nya. kaya... eto, patyagaan nyo muna...Ü

this was taken by jas using her digicam, (gusto ko ng digicam.Ü) at luz's apartment in LB about a year ago.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

serious(?) mode

my "sermon" to a friend through net send:

personally i don't care what others people think of my actions as long as i know i'm doing what is right and i know that i'm not stepping on other people's shoes along the way.

it's up to you if you decide to do want you want. but of course you must take responsiblity for your actions and always be prepared for the repurcussions of such actions.

let's not be hypocrites. at the end of the day, all we want is to get what we *think* that would make us happy.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


most of you guys would most likely drop by my blog and read(?) today's entry. so i might as well post this. (para makatipid sa text. hehehe.)


let's watch hope for the flowers! (bida dito si chewy. [demit, bakit wala na yung pic ni chewy at ni lex dito? di ko tuloy ma-link. o well...])

the play will be shown 11am, 3pm and 6pm at the aldaba hall at UP dil. running time of the play is one hour.


anong oras ba nyo trip manood?

so far eto yung mga preferred na oras ng mga pipol:

jas: di pa sigurado kung makakapunta.
joyce: okey lang sa 3pm or 6pm.
sandra: hapon ang preferred sked. so 3pm or 6pm.
pat: kahit ano basta kasabay si... joyce manood.
chico: 6pm. may exam kasi ng 2-4pm. pero willing na mag-skip ng play.
oli: payag sa 3pm.
alekos: sunday.(!) gusto mo atang solohin si...
jae: 11am. para makahabol sa gig sa pisay.
rico: 6pm or sunday(?). have to attend to some important matters during the afternoon.
poks: nagaalangan sa 3pm or 6pm. poks talaga...Ü
jonas: kung anong oras may pinakamaraming friends na manonood.
frank: nr. no reply.
don-don: nr. no reply.
ako: 3pm.Ü

o eto na yung suma-total ng mga "boto." (one point is split in half kung dalawa ang preferred na sked.)

pending - 3pts. (jas, frank, don-don)

11am - 1pt. (jae)

3pm - 3.5pts. (joyce, sandra, poks, oli, jam)

6pm - 3pts. (joyce, sandra, poks, rico, chico)

sunday - 1.5pts. (alekos, rico(?))

go with the flow - 2pts. (pat, jonas)

so tentatively 3pm tayo manonood. text nyo na lang si poks to confirm what time you want to watch the play. bukas kasi magkikita sila ni chewy para kunin yung tickets.


and of course, you are also invited to watch the play. just inform me through e-mail or just leave a comment and i shall get back to you at the soonest.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

afternoon delight

di ko mapigilang ang mapangiti kahapon habang naglalakad ako sa kahabaan ng ayala nang maalala ko si bossing vic na sumasayaw ng amuy amuy ng papa kasama ng sex bomb sa simula ng laban o bawi noong sabado. pucha, sino nga ba ang hindi matatawa dun?

nagbago ng set ang lob. dapat lang naman kasi bago ang sa kabila, syempre dapat may bago rin sa paningin ng manonood ng eat bulaga. at kung dati one out of six ang chances mo para manalo ng isang milyon ngayon one out of five na. pero parang masmasaya yung dati. kasi dati may pusa pa. hehe.

bakit kaya ganun? di matapatan ng dos ang eb? naalala ko may time na nakikipagsabayan yung mtb sa eb. pero nalaos din ng mawala si willie.

may mga pagkakataon naman na mataas ang ratings ng noon time shows ng dos sa eb. pero nangyayari lang ito pag "nagre-format" yung show. pagkatapos nun olats na ulit sila.


bakit ba ipanapamukha ng wowowie na sila ang show na nagbibigay ng pag-asa sa bayan? e pareho lang naman sila ng ginagawa ng eb a.


ang sarap isipin na manalo ng isang milyon no? pag nanalo ako ng isang milyon solb na ang problema ko ngayon sa pera.

naisip ko lang. kawawa naman ang mga milyonaryo no? minus one sa mga pinagmumunimunihan at ikakatuwa nila, kahit sandali lang, ang pagisip ng "ano kaya kung manalo ako ng isang milyon..."

Monday, March 07, 2005


"you need to improve on your punctuality. i'll be expecting a major change this march."

this note was attached by my boss on my attendance sheet for the month of february. i've been expecting this so it wasn't a big surprise. but it's bad that i had to be reminded to be punctual. i mean, it goes without saying that i should arrive at the office on time. so right there and then i said to myself that i wouldn't be late the following day.

guess what i wasn't late the next day... i was absent. ehe.Ü the day after that? late. bleh!

but today, today i wasn't late. (yahoo!) pero muntik na akong ma-leyt. lech! which just sucks. it's all because there aren't enough travelling vans on the freakin' terminal. i had to wait twenty minutes before a van arrived. i feel so helpless being at the mercy of the fx drivers. and not to mention the traffic.

i'll take the bus tomorrow.

Friday, March 04, 2005

back track part 2

let us continue...



men really do love the chase. but when it's over, all taht is left to say is... "aloha love."



be at peace. for the swift sun's fiery locks have once again dissipated the last remnants of darkness the feeble night hastily left. a new day has begun.



shouldn't it be sweet anythings instead of sweet nothings? or at the very least sweet somethings? is it sensible to label an exchange of endearing words to be so menial?

yet there is indeed something utterly romantic about being saccharine while being aloof and coy to the point of being insignificant. but not so infinitesimal that one fails to earn the notice he seeks. after all, isn't that the purpose of sweet nothings, anythings, somethings?



i am gray amongst the swell of black and white, aimless in the puddle of my uncanny creation, my very own utopian limbo.



i traverse a sea of li'l and big undulations of turmoil, and you are the balance that the boat of my life needs to keep it from capsizing.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

back track part 1

last night i stumbled on a few things that i wrote about a year ago. here they are:



i held it in my hand before i went to bed hoping that she will be in my dreams.

she gave it to me. or rather, i've coaxed her into giving it to me. i remembered that she was supposed to give it to another friend. (or was it for one of her boylets?) doesn't matter, after all she gave it to me didn't she?

she couldn't resist me then. but now is a different story.

even in my dreams i don't see her...

i had to let her go... but then again, why right did i have to let go of a love that wasn't mine to begin with?

regrets is all i have...



matagal kong pinagplanuhan ang araw na 'to. at hindi ko makakaila ang nararamdaman kong pananabik na may halong konting kaba.

syempre suot ko ang polong panligaw ng tatay ko. nagbabaka sakali lang na mahawaan ng kanyang...



mura lang...
(pasintabi lang po sa aking mga mambabasa)


ang sarap nun a. matagal-tagal na rin akong 'di nagmumura. oo nga't napapmura din ako pag nanunood ng uuap o ng boxing o pag kausap ko ang mga kabarkada kong lalake. pero not counted yun. nasasabi ko kasi yun dahil nakasanayan na.

napansin ko na noong nagsimula akong magtrabaho, tumigil ang pagmumura ko. kahit gaano kakulit o demanding ang mga kliyente o ahente na kaharap ko o kausap sa telepono, 'di ako napapamura. maliban sa bawal silang murahin, nalaman ko na mas-effective kung kakausapin ko at kung magpapaliwanag ako sa kanila nang maayos.

pero sa tanang buhay ko eto na siguro ang pinakamatindi kong pagmumura. ewan ko lang ha, pero habang naglalakad ako sa walkway, pauwi na galing sa opisina, pakiramdam ko daig ko pa ang nasakluban ng langit at lupa. sobrang dami dapat ng gagawin. sobrang dami dapat ng tatapusin. isama mo pa na ilang lingo na akong puyat at palaging hapo at gutom dahil sa trabaho. dati buntong hininga lang ang katapat nito pero ngayon...




as soon as the first minutely asundered droplets are inevitably pulled towards the sun drenched cracked asphalt, a swelling chorus of rhytmic patters is gradually percieved, signalling the premature but impecable arrival of the empyrean's divine trickle thus relinquishing humidity's herculian clutch on a volatile state of indefinite idleness.



in the midst of the relentless assault of anxieties stands a vision of you that enables me to further tread my mullish mountain of seclusion.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

low profile

i love my salt and pepper hair. and these past few days more and more of my officemates are noticing it. time for me to get a haircut then...


yesterday i got to read the reason why dizzy "jesus" ventura a.k.a. ely buendia decided to quit the e-heads, form another band and stay hush hush about the issues and speculations surrounding their infamous breakup. through her wife, their side of the story was told. and i believe her, but not entirely. i just can't gauge her sincerity in some points that she raised.

now i have an idea why ely chose that monicker.

Monday, February 28, 2005


twenty nine minutes late and what's the first thing i see on my desk? well, it's a follow up note on the report that i've been desperately trying to finish last weekend after hours of idle OTy time spent just waiting for that gruesome report extraction. deadline: afternoon today. i wouldn't bore you with the details of the report. let's just say it's a daunting task. but thanks to my superlative researching skills, (also related to my superlative stalking skills), i'm close to finishing it. although i think i won't be able to because of lack of information of some accounts. demmet...

what a hellish day this is...


i was forced to spend my eleven bucks on two jeepney rides. so what's wrong if i spent 5.50 php on a jeepney ride? well, i had to use the tewnty peso bill which came from my very first paycheck. i know it's petty but it really bums me out. sigh... if only mister fx driver had yellow plates. maybe then he would be bold enough to go his usual route rather than dropping us off somewhere far from where we were supposed to be getting off so that he wasn't at risk of being caught by mister mmda officer.

but at least i enjoyed the jeepney ride to wahsington. reading the signboard of the jeep reminded me of this dog that our neighbors had when we were in college. amado-gystyle, a friend, really liked washington. so much so that whenever we were passing by the house were the dog resided amado-gystle would call out, "washington. tsktsktsk. washington!" hahaha. good times...

and i had fun too during the ride from washington to ayala ave. particularly when i saw a tropical hut branch along gil puyat ave.(?) it is a rare sight indeed to gaze upon a tropical hut outlet. which reminded me of this jingle they had...

tropical hamburger okey ang sarap
kaya't lahat ng barkada tropical ang hanap
tropical hamburger okey ang lasa
in na in sa barkada, tropical hamburger!

what a hellish day this is turning out to be...


nagaahas na linya shiiii! and i thought i was early today. shiiii! late again. late again. late again. from now on you can call me mahh tardy. get it? never mind...

something tells me this is going to be a hellish day...


exception of the day.

mylene hernandez, long time grade school crush.(from grade 4 to grade 6) i saw her this morning after ten(?) long years. and what'd you know, she still is pretty as ever. she lost her baby fats and was exuding a more mature look with her black slacks and her smart long sleeved collared blouse. (e ano bang tawag sa damit na yun?) her face now is more refined, more pleasing to the eyes and shaped in a way that accentuate the youthful cheer that she has while slighlty eclipsing the ravenous charm that she undoubtedly acquired during the past years.

funny thing is when i look at her i don't see her as she is now, but what she was when we were in grade school. i still remember how sweat would accumulate on her philtrum and she'd wipe it with her unslender fingers. she was popular among the boys and gals then and i'd bet she is until now.

i remember this gossip that i heard that she had a crush on me. but i didn't believe it. one, it was gossip. and two, if memory serves me right, i think gary was the one who gave this info to me... ehe.

seeing her again was really nice though...Ü

Saturday, February 26, 2005

when it rains, it pours

this very cute girl was staring at me while i was killing time yesterday at g4 timezone at the tekken 5 machines. she was glaring at me in a way no girl has ever looked at me before. and i returned the favor by looking at her straight in the eye. but i was the first one who broke off and shied away from the staring fest.

and oh, i forgot to mention that she was with her boyfriend...


love at first sight, i'm reluctant to believe in. crush at first sight, pwede pa.Ü so i'm in crush again this time with an officemate. first time that i saw her i did a double take. (and probably looked goofy then. ahuhyuk!Ü) she's pretty and has a cute laugh. she's one of the reasons why i like going to work again and punching in extra hours this weekend. OTy din sya. but me being me i still don't know her name... ehe.


jae is probably the only person who knows that i have a thing for that penshoppe model. so i'm very much looking forward how the following weeks will unfold...Ü


update on kras: using my advance stalking skills i found out her name and if she's available or not. married na pala ang lola! shete... woe's my broken heart.

ayoko na ulit pumasok... not!Ü

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i am uninspired

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

pa rin?

pasensya na kung ako ay naiiyak
mababaw lang talaga ang luha ko.
'di ko mapigil ang aking damdamin
pwede bang umalis ka na tumutunog na ang beeper mo...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

then and now

february 14, 1999

valentine's day. *first* date with my long time high school crush, none the less. how'd did it go? well in a nutshell, let's just say that she didn't have a grand time.

for starters i was very very very late, about three hours late. but before you lambast me, i have a "good" excuse why i was delayed. traffic. yes, it's not the best of excuses and it has been used as often as "my dog ate it." i know i should've have left earlier and i should've considered that the traffic would be horrendous and factored in the travel time from los baños to quezon city and expected that my friend would swing by manila to pick up his date and..... good thing(?) that she was with a friend who was keeping her company.

arriving very very very late for a date is baaaaaaad. but arriving very very very late with no flowers for your date is wooooooorse. (isn't it a requirment to give your date flowers on a valentine's day date?) ('di bale, bumawi naman ako the following year e.Ü) but wait! there's more... arriving very very very late with no flowers for your date and with no concrete plans on what you two would be doing is much much more woooooooooorse...

it was close to dinner time when i got to meet up with her. and since my supposed *plan* for the our date wouldn't work now due to time constraints, i was left with no choice. i had to ask her what she wanted to do. (believe me when i say this, you should have something planned out when going out on a date. have at least a plan c.)

we ended up eating somewhere in katipunan. i think i had a pork dish and she lamb(?). that dinner burned a hole in my pocket but it was well worth it. at last there was something good happening. but that would be the last good thing that was gonna happen for the night. i should've talked to her more during dinner but up until that time i still couldn't find *anything* to say to her.

after dinner we went back to campus and wandered aimlessly. there was little exchange between us. this was turning out to be my best and worst night ever. i was quite relieved when she said that she had to go home already. i offered to take her home but she said that her parents were around campus and that she'd go home with them. so i settled to make her hatid to where her parents were. i did meet her parents and after hasty goodbyes, the date was finally over.

(hmmm... i sense a pattern here. whenever i *prematurely* meet the parents of a girl i like, things don't work out. hmmmm... maybe i should... i digress.)

this was my first and last valentine's day date.


february 14, 2005

valentine's day, yet again. no date. no worries.Ü

or so i thought...

yesterday started out as a normal day. work work work. after work, tekken!

we, new tekken buddy mike(this guy reminds me of amado g-style) and i, left g4 timezone about twenty minutes after seven. he was going to take the mrt home and i was going to ride a van going to pacita parked at sm carpark. we were happily chatting our hearts out about tekken and other games we love. we exited sm, walked pass ace hardware and was just about to turn to edsa when something exploded(!). as expected total chaos ensued afterwards. people were running away from the scene. me and mike, being the uzis that we were, decided to have a closer look. but in the commotion got separated.

i was constantly cussing and very nervous with all that was happening. i then remembered that the last time i had a bite was seven hours ago and i was concious of my hunger pangs. indeed it is weird to think of your stomach at a time like that. and because of lack of other options on what to do (can't go home yet. and if i could, how?) and because of the way my mind was reacting i ran towards the nearest mcdo. i ordered meal number five, cheese burger, twister fries and large coke. got me a seat and started gobbling the food. this is where i started to collect my thoughts on what i should do next.

called my mom to tell her that i was fine and that i would be home shortly. i didn't divulge any information about what happened so that she wouldn't worry. texted my friends whom i thought where near the incident to check how they were doing. thank god they were fine.

when i was just about to finish my food a thought occurred to me. what if we left the arcade thirty seconds earlier? crap! we could've been one of the many victims of that horrible incident. tekken saved me.Ü (or you can think of it this way: tekken could've killed me. if i didn't go to the arcade to play i would've sidestepped the whole incident and would be just a spectator of the event rather than a participant.) so to tekken i returned while i was weighing my options on what to do next.

at the tekken machine i saw mike. we left the arcade and headed off to landmark to get our respective rides home. but of course not before a few games of tekken. (my character bryan a.k.a. dranreb has an all red costume now.Ü)

arrived home at about ten thirty and was very happy to see my mom and my sister. (i'm still in one piece!) i then told the incident in my point of view. they were surprised that i was very near the explosion and very thankful that i wasn't hurt or anything. i then proceeded to scan the channels for the latest breaking news.

i can't help but to feel relief for myself, sympathy for the victims, and rage and anger towards the minds behind the bombing after what i saw on the telly. damn those bombers!

bahala na ang diyos sa inyo...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


my tekken folder is *huge*! 1.6 gigs worth of match and combo vids; about 169 files. i should transfer my files now to cds... but how?


such an uneventful day this is turning out to be. nothing to do but *work*.


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


i never thought that rubbing elbows could be so... stimulating.

Monday, February 07, 2005

i love...

the calm before the storm

the warmth of the morning sun

the crisp air after the pouring rain

the smell of freshly cut grass

the rhythm of the rain creates against the window pane

Friday, February 04, 2005

J77fn Fury

got to play t5 again last night after dinner at don hen with my college blocmates. there were about three players at g4 timezone when i arrived. including a ceded player. 9th kyu dancing orgasm was using asuka as his character.

after about nine games with them, guess who's the 9th kyu? well it's not me...

because i'm the 8th kyu. nyahahaha!Ü

here are my stats:

name: J77fn Fury (ehe. changing the name of your char is timed.)
character: brayn fury
wins: 9
loses: 0
win percentage: 100%ÜÜÜ
gold/money: 9000G++ (this is just an estimate.)
games left: 491 (there is a total of 500 games allowed per card. cards are renewable after the 500 games are consumed.)

i'd probably go there during my lunch break and will surely go there after work later.

just hope that i could stretch my winning streak.Ü

Thursday, February 03, 2005


i read nikki's e-mail about half past eleven. the e-mail contained a link to a forum with pinoys discussing the latest tekken news. it was there that i found out and confirmed that t5 is indeed in the phils. of course i didn't think twice if i should leave early for "lunch" and go directly to g4 and play. (okay, i did weigh my options. but against having lunch and going back to work afterwards, t5 tipped the scale more... way more.)

i arrived at g4 timezone a couple of minutes before noon. and it wasn't quite hard to find the t5 machine considering the fact that there was a swarm of people ogling at the machine. jwoarang was there along with a friend. he ranked 3rd kyu with his hwoarang and his friend ranked 4th kyu with karate jin. later 2nd kyu devil jin showed only to loss to an unceded ganryu player.(which was quite good. i lost twice to him and by the time i left jwoarang only won against him about 80% of the time.)

the game costs eighteen bucks a pop if you have a vip status timezone card and twenty for a normal card holder. i bought me a tekken 5 data card which costs two hundred pesos. pretty steep price for a plastic card but no price is too much for a tekkenus addictus. hehehe.Ü i really wanted the card where lei, bryan, yoshi and steve were the characters on the card. but instead i got the one with the new t5 chars in it, fei, asuka and raven because that was the only card they had in timezone. bleh! loaded my timezone card with a hundred pesos and i was on my way to tekken heaven.

the queue for the game was not that long. a rotation of three players were taking place at the first player side, (jwoarang, 4th kyu guy and me) and about the same number of players on the other side. i only got to play two games due to time constraints. first char that i used was paul. pretty much the same old paul only with a few new moves and a just frame-less d+4,2,1+2. next char that i used was jack5. although pretty slow he was such a fun character to use. and it did "inspire" jwoarang to use him for the next couple of fights. both instances i lost to the ganny player. but it didn't surprise me that i lost because i really really suck with the joystick. at least i made it to five rounds na close fight.Ü

i didn't use my card because only one character can be registered per card. i'm still thinking if what character to use in for me to have a shot for a kyu postion or just use a fun/stylish character to horse around. but i guess i could use a fun/stylish character and still have a kyu position. (ha! that'd be the day...)


i was supposed to write something totally depressing today but t5 change my mood inside out and upside down.

happy days...Ü

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


i feel like i'm a butterfly in june
so colour in my wings and let me hold your hand
i could be the sun and you could be my moon
but all you ever say is catch me if you can
feel like a butterfly
searching in the summer sky
a perfect love so hard to find

little butterfly come back to me
little butterfly come back to me
little butterfly come back to me
little butterfly come back to me