Thursday, November 10, 2005


for lack of anything to write...

01. when texting i write the whole word. (22o <> totoo)
02. i got a couple of *great* ideas for a story, problem is most of these ideas are incomplete. (no ending or no beginning. :P)
03. i love writing haikus. (haiku count: 72(?))
04. i tend to like artists that only few people know or only few people like. (belle & sebastian, kings of convinience, etc.)
05. i love tekken! (though it saddens me that i'm just a below average player now.>_<)
06. ^_^6 smileys, T-T i o(O.o)o like! =^..^=
07. i love reading! (although i only own a few books.)
08. i know i'd grow old but will never tire of playing video games. (yep, tekken too.)
09. i'd like to be fluent in japanese. (sign language too. :D)
10. my oc: when i steady the fan, i align it's head with it's body. (a little bit to the left... a li'l bit more... perfect!)
11. i love to laugh. (and people who make me laugh.)
12. i like witty conversations. (and witty people.)
13. i know how to do a lot of things but can't excel in any particular one. (jack of all trades. master of none.)
14. i hate being late. (i value your time. :))
15. i eat food that has fallen off my plate. (on visibly *seemingly* clean surfaces only.)
16. i love women in jeans. (illegaly low please. :P)
17. i can't tolerate incompetence. (although i'm incompetent sometimes. :P)
18. i'm hurting. (i'm tired.)
19. i love numbers. (bs applied math. :P)
20. been doing this since 9:14am and it is only now, 4:36pm that i've finished it. (442 people to tag... :P)


  1. Haikus! maraming natatanggap si angel nyan. :). Jam, baka masagot mo muna bago ko maalala, kanino galing ang meme na to?

  2. meme

    A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

    --lifted from

    parang yung personality quizzes jam, pag may nagsimula, kakalat na din sa iba...

    i think this came from che. tama ba?

  3. ah, yun ba yung ibig sabihin nun? :P

    kay che at mapet ko nakuha 'to. :D

  4. yey!! you live again because of our tag!! hehe! :D kita naman tayo, miss na kita. :)