Thursday, July 30, 2009

stating the obvious

if your new boyfriend/girlfriend recently broke up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend which has a striking resemblance with you then you're just a rebound. and we all know the track record with that kind of relationships.


lets say you're im'ing with this girl and the conversation goes something like this,

you: have you watched hp6?
her: i already did with my friends.
you: ahh...
her: but i still haven't watched ice age 3.

that is an opening for you to ask her out. if you're not a dense-head you should've picked up on that signal and go ask her out.

dense-head version of you: ahh... but hp6 is way better (gayer) than ice age 3. i guess i'll just watch it by myself.

non-dense-head version of you: i haven't seen that movie too. let's go see it when it comes out.


her status message: needs a movie buddy, or a boyfriend who has time to watch movies with me.

her qualifications vs you:
got free time? yes: passed; no: fail
likes watching movies? yes: passed; no: fail
single? yes: boyfriend; no: movie buddy (no fail criteria)

your qualifications vs her:
is she cute? yes: passed; no: fail

assuming that her status message was to fish you out and if you passed her qualifications and she passed yours well then my friend should i state the obvious?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


i miss my dog. she died wednesday last week after being sick for about three days. save for the times when my mom comes to visit, she has been my sole companion here at home for the past two years or so. she was one, if not the main reason i go home after going out with friends. and home now is a bit empty without her. sooner or later i know that i'll move on, maybe remember her now and then and eventually forget her but now is still not later. so for now i miss her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

sorry i can't help myself

what year is it? 2001? as i recall its 2009, isn't it? then why are there a slew of korean videos in the myx hit chart? what gives...


see anyone familiar?

maybe this will help you remember.

wow, reinvention! hehe.


also, lols!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


this day pretty much sucked. i got stuck in traffic for 3 friggin' hours going to makati. then i was cemented in a lunch line for 30 minutes. if i wasn't craving for a kfc wow steak i would've instantly left the queue when i figured that it was gonna take an eternity. after eating to my heart's content i spent yet another 3 hours trying to answer 30 questions of which i really had no idea, well maybe just a little, how to answer. (bonus points to anyone who can guess the outcome of that ordeal.) decided to go to the mall to buy new socks to replace the rain drenched socks that i was wearing. (ahh, that felt good. new socks are 100% soothing!) the next 3 hours was spent going from one shoe store to the next in hopes to find a fitting replacement to my 3 year old sneakers. couldn't find anything that was well within the range of my budget so i'll be buying a new pair next pay day. i hope.

things started to get better after i splurged on 3 albums (chillitees - extra rice, eraserheads - fruitcake and mayonaise - tercera) i saw matt ranillo iii. (1st celebrity sighting) i was scouirng the many food establishments for some comfort food. i ended up at jollibee buying a super meal. it had the ultimate comfort food - the chicken joy which was the center of the meal accompanied by half a palabok, some corn and carrots sprinkled with burnt garlic (ugh!) and two tiny square cuts of supposedly red ribbon brownies. it was belly-cious! while eating i weighed the merits of texting a friend, which henceforth will be known and refered to as tuna pie. i always remember tuna pie when i eat at jollibee. opted not to text her though.

eat dinner then go home that was the plan. but as most simple plans it was foiled by the long long line for the vans going home. really, i should've expected that with the rush hour, incestant rain and all the construction going on in the south. assessed that it was better to wait it out. went to timezone to play some tekken to pass the time. meh, i suck. won 4 games and lost 3. i was leaving timezone when i walked past jennica garcia. (2nd celebrity sighting) quickly did a turn around to some oggling. and oggled i did! man she was really pretty. i'm not really that into thin girls but for her i will make and exception. she was wearing a pink tube dress and it made me wonder how it stayed, she being flat in some areas. so there was i trying to be discrete when lo and behold another celebrity was before my eyes. it was cherry ann kubota. (3rd celebrity sighting) they left and so did i.

hmmm... the day is actually turning out to be fine. and it will only get better as i end this post with wholesome thoughts of jennica, listinening to the albums i bought and drinking a cold one before going to sleep. cheers to tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


i don't believe in self help books because i prefer to get my psychobabble from life.

Monday, July 06, 2009

transformers: revenge of the fallen

transformers: rise of the fallen (ROTF) is like porn. you don't watch porn for the story (or lack thereof) or the superb acting (or lack therof), you watch it for the girls and well, sex. in the case of ROTF there's no lack of girls and sex. actually there was only one girl but she was more than enough. (*minor spoiler alert* there this was scene in the movie where megan fox was running in slow motion amidst the chaos in the background. man it reminded me of cj parker in that infamous red one piece bathing suit running in the beach in slow motion. rar!) well actually there was also no sex either in ROTF. instead of sex there were robots, a lot of robots. robots were the sex in ROTF. and they were simply eye-gasmic.

except for some minor gripes, like how one robot didn't live up to how bad ass he was in the animated series *cough-devastator-cough* and how sometimes the robot fight scenes can be confusing (which really was no surprise because one rendered robot alone is pretty much confusing what more if there were three in the screen slugging it out), i was pretty much satisfied with the movie. maybe because i had low expectations of it after reading the dismal reviews and seeing the low ratings it got in the net but more of because i was in it because of a girl and the robots. and oh, explosions too! (if you know what i mean. ehe.)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

choose your own adventure: [you're the star of the story! choose from 42 possible endings.] THE PARALLEL PARADOX PARADIGM PREDICAMENT

“i want to experience genuine passion and pure joy in my life. i want it.”

if you decide to stay in safe mediocrity, turn to page 32
if you decide to leap to risk laden happiness, turn to page 85
if you decide to stab the wizard in his mustached face, turn to page 64