Monday, March 29, 2010

currently craving for _______.

sleep. kung mabibili lang talga ang tulog namakyaw na ako. z_z

fire away!

kung magiintermission ka ng dance, anong kanta ang sasayawin mo? (bawal wala!)

syete, dapat talga meron? rico mambo na lang. (ba da da da da, da da da da da da) ><

fire away!

ano bang problema mo?

di ka naman galit nyan ha? hehe.

maliban sa kulang na kulang ako ngayon sa tulog at tambak na trabaho, wala akong pinoproblemang iba. life is good to me. :)

(dapat nga di pinoproblema ang trabaho e. kasi trabaho lang yan. ehe.)

fire away!

Friday, March 26, 2010

new kicks

impulse purchase.
love it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

bakit ginawa ang balikat?

para may sandalan ang mga hapong kaibigan.

fire away!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


there were no countdowns
for this love that's in reverse
first seek then go hide

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


know that when everything else fails you, i'm gonna still be here for you without fail.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's just a phase

i think i'm done with my rachel phase because i i've already downloaded most of her movies. (o why can't i find proper torrents for red eye and married life?) but i still love her cheekbones!

bye rachel!

moving on to zooey phase. i really liked her spontaneous character in yes man and i loved/hated her in (500) days of summer. time to queue my downloads! :)

hello zooey!


i need me a quirky, reckless scooter driving, camera tottin', lead singer to a rad band with seahorse band members and who makes out with out of gas guys IRL.

Monday, March 15, 2010

mosquito FTW!

this is me the other night trying to play a song i just learned and failing because a mosquito flew into my mouth when i started to sing. ugh!

i think this was a sign that i should not be singing this.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

T6 global championship

these guys are living the dream. *sigh* what i wouldn't give to go to japan and watch them play.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new policy

because of certain turn of events, i've decided that i can't be friends with attached pretty girls i'm attracted to. (attached pretty girls i'm not attracted to: we could still hang.) you see half of the time i'm with her, i just wanna be with her. and half of the time, i'm kicking myself in the gonads because i know that i simply can't.

so i've started to not to talk to her, erased her from my contacts and restrained myself from going to places that i know she'll be in. this plan would surely keep my ball bags from further injury, right? only trouble is (gee whiz!) when i'm into someone the fondness and affection stays with that one person until i see something she does that ticks me off. so do you see the pickle i'm in right now?

so if anyone has picture of her maybe crossing the street without using the overpass or her driving her car or her taking an arm's length pa-cute picture of herself using her camera phone or her picking her nose or any picture of her you think that would be a major turn off for me, please do send them in. that would be heaps of help.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

best Tagalog movie of all time?

best? ang hirap. kung comedy - kahit anong tito, vic and joey na pelikula o joey de leon at rene requiestas na pelikula. (kabayo kids, ready aim fire, super wan-tu-tri) (elvis and james, long ranger and tonton, starzan, alyas batman en robin) kung horror - shake, rattle and roll. (yung una) kung romantic comedy - got to believe. kung drama - oro, plata mata. kung fantasy - anak ni zuma.

fire away!


adding quirky (in a good way), out of my league and unattainable to the list.

here's what we have so far,
1. in between cute and pretty but leaning more towards cute rather than pretty.
2. cheekbones
3. sexy na di payat
4. quirky in a good way
5. out of my league
6. unattainable

yeah, that's just about right.

Monday, March 08, 2010

why do you think smart people are stupid when it comes to love?

because in love logic does not apply, common sense is thrown out the window and for all the brain's bazillion capabilities it still can not compute when it comes to matters of the heart.

fire away!

do you dance? what music gets you dancing?

is headbanging considered as dancing? no? well, i don't dance then. curse you two-left feet syndrome!

fire away!

friends just

her: do you like me?
him: huh? what's with the question?
her: no reason. just asking.
him: ahhh...
her: well? do you... like me?
him: ummm... yeah. yeah, of course i like you.
her: as friends?
him: right. that's right. as friends.
her: just as friends?
him: you know i haven't put much thought into it. i mean, um. yes. why?
her: i just think you're interesting and i'd want us to be friends. is that okay?
him: um. yeah. me and you. we should be friends.
her: okay. good.
him: right.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


here's a (very) quick photo montage of our team costuming up for our company's halloween celebration. (created using windows movie maker. bgm: dito tayo sa dilim by pedicab)

what nationality would you prefer your date to be: Korean or Japanese?

siguro kung tinanong mo ako last year japanese ang sagot ko agad dyan hands down. pero parang ngayon leaning towards korean na ako. (takteng k-pop invasion yan. dapat makabili na talga ako ng bagong album ni hiki.)

fire away!

long distance relationship (LDR), a fantasy or a reality?

reality sa kapatid ko at siguro sa ibang tao. para sa akin fantasy yan. absence makes the heart wander.

fire away!

anong pwedeng gawin pag malapit ka na mabaliw?

magsulat sa bato. uminom ng prozac. iuntog ang ulo sa pader. maglaslas. jumingle. ikadena ang sarili sa poste. mangiliti ng katabi. kumanta habang sumasayaw. kausapin ang pating na nagsasaing na may kasamang dahon ng pandan habang tinatahulan ng aso ang butiki sa gilid ng bilog na buwan.

fire away!

ano gagawin mo pag malapit ka na mabaliw?

makikinig lang ng kanta at sasabay na kumanta sa pinakikinggan. ayos na! :)

fire away!

Friday, March 05, 2010

dr. horrible 2

being fond of musicals and this gay dude, it was no surprise that dr. horrible's sing-along blog was a hit to me when i first saw it. the whole production was quirky, geeky, nerdy and funny. the songs where catchy and some of them were lss inducing (my freeze ray and my eyes). the ending was a bit sad for my taste though.

here's a dose of dr. horrible (and the ensemble) as he hijacks the emmys,

i came upon some old news that firefly and dollhouse creator joss whedon is doing a sequel! hoorah! bad news is that it might not start filming til 2011. it's still a long ways but already i'm very much looking for to it. until then "with my freeze ray I will stop the world!"

o, malinis na ba?

erning: tama!

fire away!

e pano kung bigla kang naihi?

yari. kakatakot ng pumunta ng cr pag ganitong nagiisa na lang ako sa opis. x_x

fire away!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

kelan ang last time na tinamaan ka?

about two years ago. buti na lang walang peklat galing dun sa tama. ayos!

fire away!

magbigay ka ng 3 trivia about yourself, 2 truths and 1 lie. wag mo sabihin anong truth or lie.

1. wala akong official na naging girlfriend.
2. muntik na akong ikasal.
3. "nambasted" na ako ng babae.

fire away!

what is love?

love? ano nga ba yan? parang nawala na ulit yan sa bokabolaryo ko e. ehe.

fire away!

morning person ka ba?

dehins. suplado ako pag umaga. pero paminsan oo. siguro pag bilog ang buwan noong nakaraang gabi.

fire away!

gusto mo ng rubber shoes? e load?

pati na rin pang-tuition ko pwede? bawi ako sayo darling, isasayaw kita ng ballroom magdamag. o kaya magti-twist tayo sa rj bar.

fire away!

paki enumerate ng mga naging cellphone mo

konti lang. di kasi ako ma-cellphone na tao. basta gumagana ayos!

5110, 2100, 3100, k800 (phone to ni james bond sa casino royale!^^)

fire away!

ilan ang peklat mo? at alin ang pinakamaganda ang kwento?

medyo madami din. klutz din kasi ako e.

yung sa may ibaba ng kaliwang mata ko. (di na sya halata kasi nadaan sa sebo de macho. hehe.) ang kwento nakuha ko yun sa pikyaw(shato). nakapwesto kasi ako sa likod ng tito ko, sya yung "batter" namin. pag angat nya ng pato sa may butas gamit yung mahabang stick ayun tumama sa may pisngi ko. awts! muntik na nga akong mabulag. ang nakakatawa lang itinago pa namin yun kay mama kasi patay yung tito ko pag nalaman ni mama yung tunay na nangyari. ang palusot namin, tumama daw ako sa edge ng cabinet habang inaabot ko yung matchbox ko na nasa ilalim nun.

fire away!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Kung ikaw ay isang tab sa dividers ng AP binders, ano ka at bakit? (i.e., gain/loss)

communication - kasi madali akong kausap. :)

fire away!

Sino sa AV ang tingin mong bagay sayo?

in terms of mga trip sa buhay, mukhang si ate lyra. at di naman nagkakalayo ang age namin ni ate kaya pwede na rin siguro.

fire away!

Ano ang paborito mong math theorem/postulate?bakit?

p --> q, ~q --> ~p

fire away!

Kelan mo balak mag-asawa?

oi buti na lang na-itanong mo yan. invited ka ha. save the date. ayos na ang lahat. yung simbahan, reception, food, flowers, etc. bale bride na lang ang kulang.

fire away!

Adik ka?

adik sayo kahit maghapon na tayong magkasama parang telesine

fire away!

Adik ka?

oo! adik sa tekken. :P

fire away!


e kasi di ko mapigilan ang sarili ko e.

fire away!

ano ang tipo mong babae/lalaki (physically)? at ano ang di mo ma-take as kanila?

cheekbones, sexy na di payat. how they perennially think that they're fat when actually they're not.

fire away!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

name one person you've recently met you wish you knew five years ago instead.

napakagandang tanong. ampogi siguro nung unang nagtanong nito. hehe.

parang magulo yung buhay ko five years ago e. ayokong mandamay ng mga nakilala ko ngayon kasi mababait silang lahat.

pero kung mandadamay na lang din ako si james na lang siguro. at least may resbak ako. sanay yun sa gulo e. hehe.

fire away!

to go or to stay? why?

darling you gotta let me know.
should i stay or should i go?
if you say that you are mine
i'll be here til the end of time

fire away!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Is it ok to tell someone that you have a huge crush on him/her? Thing is, he/she’s a friend and treats you like one. :)

oks lang yan. crush lang naman e. basta walang magbabago sa status ng pagiging friends nyo, walang kaso.

fire away!

Is it ok to be a lesbian or homosexual? Why?

i've always been pro choice when it comes to these things. hey it's your life; i have no say in it; go do whatever you want.

fire away!