Sunday, November 29, 2009

friends romans countrymen

my sister told me that instead of my mom, i was the one to make the speech at her wedding's reception. she told me this a day before the wedding. so yeah i almost pissed my pants right then and there. i'm never really good at public speaking. in fact i dread it. but i had no choice but to just suck it up, make a speech and to deliver it the following day. but i didn't get to the making the speech process until the day of the wedding because i wasn't feeling up to it at that time. i wasn't feeling up to it at that time mainly because i stayed up a little bit late drinking with my cousins and titos and capping the dawn with a movie. so what i'm about to share to you is the speech i hastily made, just a little over two hours, on the day of the wedding.

(i've edited this a bit because i didn't stuck to it word per word.)


Hi all. Hopefully (Surely) (i distinctly remember saying surely instead of hopefully. *shrugs*) by now your bellies are full, you’ve got a couple of drinks in you and the nervousness from today’s ceremonies has died down. Oh, in case you didn’t know I’m not the father of the bride, I’m his brother. (left this out because i thought it unnecessary.)

First off I want to thank Miguel’s family for being welcoming and accommodating making our stay here pleasant and memorable. To the guests who came in from different parts of the world, travelling great distances just to be a part of this momentous occasion, let me also extend my thanks to you.

Before I spill the beans about Apple and before I grill Miguel, please indulge me to go in tangent for a bit. So far this year has been a year of firsts for me, first time to hop on a plane, first time to be outside of the Philippines and to be in another country, first time experiencing a different type of weather, first time seeing the sun still up even if it’s already past seven o’clock, first time eating angus beef and first time escorting someone to the altar. I’ve included the last one in there, not because I’m planning on bringing Apple again to the altar, but because I know that in the distant future I’ll be in the same position holding my daughter’s hand. And by then I’d be more composed and less nervous which (i think) will definitely puzzle my daughter. (But) Then I’ll go up to her and say, "Don’t worry. This is going to be easy. I’ve done this before." And from the bottom of my heart I want to thank Apple for giving me the honour that is only granted to fathers of the bride. I really am privileged. And also to Kuya Ed and to Dad, this is for us.

So let’s move on to the spilling and the grilling. Growing up, typical with kids, me and Apple were all about teasing and arguing with each other. But as time passed by and me being away from home most of the time because of school, we had less and less time being on each other’s throats. So then badgering each other evolved into something else, we started talking to each other. And we actually enjoyed (it). I remember this one night when I was going through some troubles and Apple was the first person I talked to about it. I don’t if she can recall but it had something to do with matters of the heart. Long story short, Apple gave me really good advice. And (by the end of the conversation) I was thinking to myself that, “Wow, my sister has really grown up.” And I’ve never really told this to you Apple, but I want you to know that I’m really proud of you for what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve become. You’re the best sister a brother could ever have. And I know you’ll be a lot better being Miguel’s wife.

So, Miguel, bayaw. I really can’t recall the first time that I met you. But what I remember then was that you being so quiet. And you have been consistent thus far. Not that there’s something wrong with being quiet. I myself am very quiet. I think my mom and some of your relatives can attest to that. (We) Occasionally speak and initiate conversation, and most of the time speak only when spoken to. But you know what’s good with being quite? You get to be a great listener. And that quality is quite rare these days. And I’d imagine that it will surely come in handy now that you’re married. Just be sure to be actually listening and not spaced out when the time comes.

And in closing I got a tip for the both of you. First Miguel, unless you want Apple to be cranky, when she tells you that she’s hungry and she wants a particular dish to eat, just go get it, pronto! And to Apple, unless you want something incoherent out of Miguel don’t bother him when his playing with his video games. Okay? Now both you nod in agreement.

Before I make the toast I just want to remind all the Pinoys in the crowd that you should ready your doggie bags for some take away cake.

(So) On behalf of my family please do join me in standing up and raise your glasses as well in a toast to the bride and groom!


there were "awwwww"s and laughter, mind you in the correct pauses in my speech so i think it's safe to say that it went fairly well.

again to my sister and to my bayaw, congrats!

Monday, November 16, 2009

turista mode

just a quick update before i go to sleep.

earlier in featherdale wildlife park, i went tree climbing with koalas, hopping with kangaroos, barking with dingos, spinning with tasmanian devils, chilling in the shade with wombats and other stuff with the native life here. it was a bit tiring though with the temperature reaching the 42°C but i'm still loving the weather here.

tomorrow we'll be going to blue mountains. i mean later today. (approximately 8 hours from now.) time to hit the sack then. g'night mate.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

zoom zoom zoom

i'm a big fan of the gta series. i think it's concept of the player freely roaming the city is innovative. i also love driving around each city while listening to some tunage on the in game radi. the song selections are awesome and the in game radio also have actual radio programs which is funny and very entertaining. one thing i can't relate with the game though is the general feel of the driving because the streets are really wide and traffic is close to non-existent. and my edsa state of mind really can't process that.

flash forward to now, after spending most part of my stay here in sydney driving from one place to another, now i can totally find the connection of the driving simulation gta adopted on the game with real life driving. the streets and highways here are wide and have enough space between each car. traffic here is so light and so un-stressful. and the radio stations here are so similar to what is on gta radio, though plus the aussie accent. it's just a bit disorienting because cars here are right hand drives so they drive on the"wrong" side of the road. napapakapit na lang ako kasi parang babanga sa kasalubong na kotse. lalo na pag-paliko. hehe.

Friday, November 13, 2009

take me out tonight

i was planning on sleeping after watching the first in-flight movie, whatever works (which didn't really worked for me, whatever.) and after eating that late hefty delicious dinner (who said that airline food can't be good?). but as i was adjusting my seat, reclining it in the optimal comfortable position, 500 days of summer started playing. i missed the first ten minutes of the film the first time i saw it with my friends so i decided to watch what i didn't saw and doze off afterwards. i ended up watching the whole movie, again. ehe.

*skip this if you're not fond of spoilers.

i really do feel for tom and my heartbreaks for him on day 290 and the days after that. the resolution of the movie (tom and summer meeting at the spot) didn't quell the betrayal i felt. "the end of summer and the beginning of a new season" was a little contrived for me, more of expectation rahter than reality, and was just a way to end it all in a good note.

realisticaly, this is how i think the movie should've ended.

alternate ending 1
after the cute banter with the girl, tom going in for the interview, then tom turns back around,
tom: excuse me.
girl: hmm?
tom: when this is over... uh... would you like to maybe... grab a cup of coffee or something?
girl: oh. i'm sorta supposed to meet someone.
tom: oh. got it... no problem.
[the end]

alternate ending 2
tom arrives at the interview. tom seats at the waiting area with a fat sweaty man, his competition.
[the end]

/end cynic tirade

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

mini bucket of tries

i'll be hitting the big three-O in a couple of years. call me a cliche but i also do have a list of things, a very very short one, that i want to accomplish before landing on that third decade. i've already shared the top item on the list with my closest friends and i know it's quite hard, it involves a lot of time, effort and discipline but i think it's doable. (after all i have a year or so still ahead of me. hehe.)

but let's save that for later and focus on something on the list that i'm officialy crossing out today. that my friends is, drum roll please, introducing myself to a perfect stranger. this may not be a big deal to other people but this is a big deal to me; me being super eprot and all. bus girl, the (un)willing victim of my clumsy charms was quite surprised, although i think she was half-expecting it because i had to follow her off the bus, over the overpass and her falling in line for a taxi (stalker-ish, i know. so TRO me.) it went something like this,

me: [taps her on her shoulder]
she: [turns to look at me]
me: hi... ummm...
she: [starts to remove her earphones. wth is happening expression.]
me: i don't mean to creep you out or anything. [removes my sunglasses] pero ayoko na kasing umasa kung makakasakay pa kita ulit.* [looks at her directly]
she: [small smile is forming]
me: [sticks out my clamy hand] i'm jam
she: i'm ****.
me: [mind goes totally BLANK! argh.] so... see yah!

*not in verbatim but something to that effect.

so that happened this morning and 10 hours after i'm still, umm... giddy. i really don't know if i should pat myself on the back or kick myself in the shin. it could've gone better, i know but i didn't want to press my luck then. at least i got her name, right?