Tuesday, November 03, 2009

mini bucket of tries

i'll be hitting the big three-O in a couple of years. call me a cliche but i also do have a list of things, a very very short one, that i want to accomplish before landing on that third decade. i've already shared the top item on the list with my closest friends and i know it's quite hard, it involves a lot of time, effort and discipline but i think it's doable. (after all i have a year or so still ahead of me. hehe.)

but let's save that for later and focus on something on the list that i'm officialy crossing out today. that my friends is, drum roll please, introducing myself to a perfect stranger. this may not be a big deal to other people but this is a big deal to me; me being super eprot and all. bus girl, the (un)willing victim of my clumsy charms was quite surprised, although i think she was half-expecting it because i had to follow her off the bus, over the overpass and her falling in line for a taxi (stalker-ish, i know. so TRO me.) it went something like this,

me: [taps her on her shoulder]
she: [turns to look at me]
me: hi... ummm...
she: [starts to remove her earphones. wth is happening expression.]
me: i don't mean to creep you out or anything. [removes my sunglasses] pero ayoko na kasing umasa kung makakasakay pa kita ulit.* [looks at her directly]
she: [small smile is forming]
me: [sticks out my clamy hand] i'm jam
she: i'm ****.
me: [mind goes totally BLANK! argh.] so... see yah!

*not in verbatim but something to that effect.

so that happened this morning and 10 hours after i'm still, umm... giddy. i really don't know if i should pat myself on the back or kick myself in the shin. it could've gone better, i know but i didn't want to press my luck then. at least i got her name, right?


  1. it's quite retarded that i didn't, no? hehe.

  2. yeah, it kind of misses the point

  3. me tanggal pa talaga ng sunglasses, parang si horatio.


  4. Wow. Nice Jam!

    I'm with jaemark here though... Pero congrats pa din. At least may starting line ka na ulit for next time. Something like

    "umasa pa din akong makakasakay kita kasi di ko pala nakuha number mo "


  5. NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ask her for a date na agad next time, baka makawala pa uli. Hehe.

  7. hmmmmm, di ko pa nasubukan tong approach na ginawa mo pare, pero ang magandang gawin i rehearse mo yung sasabihin mo. hehe

  8. patok tong post na to a. mukhang maraming gustong sumubok. hehe.

  9. Warrup jam! haha :D

    Agree ako kay mark, patok sa 'kin 'tong linya na to: "umasa pa din akong makakasakay kita kasi di ko pala nakuha number mo." Swabe! ;)