Friday, November 13, 2009

take me out tonight

i was planning on sleeping after watching the first in-flight movie, whatever works (which didn't really worked for me, whatever.) and after eating that late hefty delicious dinner (who said that airline food can't be good?). but as i was adjusting my seat, reclining it in the optimal comfortable position, 500 days of summer started playing. i missed the first ten minutes of the film the first time i saw it with my friends so i decided to watch what i didn't saw and doze off afterwards. i ended up watching the whole movie, again. ehe.

*skip this if you're not fond of spoilers.

i really do feel for tom and my heartbreaks for him on day 290 and the days after that. the resolution of the movie (tom and summer meeting at the spot) didn't quell the betrayal i felt. "the end of summer and the beginning of a new season" was a little contrived for me, more of expectation rahter than reality, and was just a way to end it all in a good note.

realisticaly, this is how i think the movie should've ended.

alternate ending 1
after the cute banter with the girl, tom going in for the interview, then tom turns back around,
tom: excuse me.
girl: hmm?
tom: when this is over... uh... would you like to maybe... grab a cup of coffee or something?
girl: oh. i'm sorta supposed to meet someone.
tom: oh. got it... no problem.
[the end]

alternate ending 2
tom arrives at the interview. tom seats at the waiting area with a fat sweaty man, his competition.
[the end]

/end cynic tirade

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