Sunday, November 15, 2009

zoom zoom zoom

i'm a big fan of the gta series. i think it's concept of the player freely roaming the city is innovative. i also love driving around each city while listening to some tunage on the in game radi. the song selections are awesome and the in game radio also have actual radio programs which is funny and very entertaining. one thing i can't relate with the game though is the general feel of the driving because the streets are really wide and traffic is close to non-existent. and my edsa state of mind really can't process that.

flash forward to now, after spending most part of my stay here in sydney driving from one place to another, now i can totally find the connection of the driving simulation gta adopted on the game with real life driving. the streets and highways here are wide and have enough space between each car. traffic here is so light and so un-stressful. and the radio stations here are so similar to what is on gta radio, though plus the aussie accent. it's just a bit disorienting because cars here are right hand drives so they drive on the"wrong" side of the road. napapakapit na lang ako kasi parang babanga sa kasalubong na kotse. lalo na pag-paliko. hehe.

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