Tuesday, November 15, 2005


sometime a week ago my boss sat me down to talk to me about the additional tasks that i'll be handling from now on and how i'm doing with work. she said that she was under the impression that i was just doing the work just for the sake of doing the work. she wanted me to commit to what i was doing and put my heart into it. i nodded and said okay.


if she only knew that i'm going to quit my job after i receive the yearly bonus and/or after i find new work. i've been meaning to this for quite a while now but something held me back. but i realized that i don't like what i'm doing and the direction that the company is steering me to. i need challenging work. it's not that my job isn't challenging. believe me it is. but what's challenging about it is the amount of work involved not the work itself. catch my drift? that's why i think i'm fed up with this job.

mag-aartista na lang ako.

Monday, November 14, 2005

i'd rather blog...

than work. obviously...:P

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Thursday, November 10, 2005


for lack of anything to write...

01. when texting i write the whole word. (22o <> totoo)
02. i got a couple of *great* ideas for a story, problem is most of these ideas are incomplete. (no ending or no beginning. :P)
03. i love writing haikus. (haiku count: 72(?))
04. i tend to like artists that only few people know or only few people like. (belle & sebastian, kings of convinience, etc.)
05. i love tekken! (though it saddens me that i'm just a below average player now.>_<)
06. ^_^6 smileys, T-T i o(O.o)o like! =^..^=
07. i love reading! (although i only own a few books.)
08. i know i'd grow old but will never tire of playing video games. (yep, tekken too.)
09. i'd like to be fluent in japanese. (sign language too. :D)
10. my oc: when i steady the fan, i align it's head with it's body. (a little bit to the left... a li'l bit more... perfect!)
11. i love to laugh. (and people who make me laugh.)
12. i like witty conversations. (and witty people.)
13. i know how to do a lot of things but can't excel in any particular one. (jack of all trades. master of none.)
14. i hate being late. (i value your time. :))
15. i eat food that has fallen off my plate. (on visibly *seemingly* clean surfaces only.)
16. i love women in jeans. (illegaly low please. :P)
17. i can't tolerate incompetence. (although i'm incompetent sometimes. :P)
18. i'm hurting. (i'm tired.)
19. i love numbers. (bs applied math. :P)
20. been doing this since 9:14am and it is only now, 4:36pm that i've finished it. (442 people to tag... :P)