Friday, October 31, 2008

inside joke

guys, what's hada?


relapses can break your heart in more than one way.


to hell with honesty, just say "no" when THE question is asked.


jem might be the living embodiment, albeit a toned down version of howard wolowitz minus the allergic reaction to peanuts.


there's a thin line between being not friends and being just friends and being more than friends. and i believe that it's rather difficult, close to impossible even, to move from one car to the next once you've established a seat in this relationship train.


i'm surrounded with friends that know the value of money but don't measure anyones success with how fat their paychecks are.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

coffee black and egg white

i think i've mentioned once that i'm colorblind. well yesterday i had my eyes checked and guess what, i really am colorblind. good news is that it can be corrected. bad news is that i have to wear colored glasses for at least a year. nyar.

ilan ba dapat ang allowable heartbreaks na dulot ng isang tao?

tournament start

as some of you may know, the first ever national tekken 6 tournament was held today and i had a blast, tekken fan boy that i am, watching all those quality matches.

the set up:

  • 4 tekken 6 machines
  • machines 1 and 4 are connected to the big screen which can play both matches simultaenously
  • booming t6 sounds from speakers (first time that i actually heard t6 soundtrack. i liked the jungle stage bgm)
  • matches consists of best of 5 rounds
  • players are "randomly" assigned to machines 1 to 4 via the colored chip they got from the fish bowl
the players:

players 1 to 8

players 9 to 16

players 17 to 24

players 25 to 32

first round highlights:
  • players must win 2 matches to advance to the next round
  • the emergence of STRONG (jail - marduk) as the crowd favorite
  • top seed players dropping out, mawts - nina, happy - jin
  • highest ranked player (raijin?), lim yun soo - lei, in the tournament surprised no one when he advanced to the next round

top 16 players (abooooot peys!)

second round highligts:
  • players must win 3 matches to advance to the next round
  • strong makes it to the next round
  • cris(???) - kazuya almost did a lazarus on LYS when he came back from a 4-0 deficit, tying the series to 4-4 but alas came short when he failed to clinch the 5th and final round of the match

the top 8

third round highlights:
  • players must win 5 matches to advance to the next round
  • fufu - devil jin eliminates clan mate and crowd fave STRONG
  • LYS sweeps (d/b+4) this round

the final four
from left to right: paulo jugo (devil jin), lim yun soo (lei), daniel xavier chua (xiayou), carlo manuel racela (bob)

semi-finals highlights:
  • players must win 7 matches to advance to the next round
  • losing players will play against each other for 3rd place
  • winning players will play against each other for 1st place
  • fufu - djin vs pms - bob
  • dacs - xiayou vs h+s - lei
  • crowd cheered for every round that dacs won
  • first four matches of dacs vs LYS was close, but LYS slowly pulled away the following matches

the finals

finals highlights:
  • 5 matches to win the title of the first ever philippine tekken champion
  • crowd intently watching the pinas vs korea match (hehe)
  • crowd cheered for every round that bob won
and the winner is...

LYS taking home the bacon with the timezone big wigs and yes, the infamous wendy valdez

  • sorry for the blurry pictures.
  • i hope they organize another tournament next year.
  • LYS and PMS will be representing the philippines in the international competition
  • mark your calendars: december 13, 2008 the day of the international competition that will be held at the trinoma lobby.
  • they will be playing against new zealand, singapore and australia's champion. and whoever wins there will be playing against a player from japan.
  • someone might be bringing in T6:BR for play testing. *crosses fingers*
  • thanks to all the sponsors especially to timezone!


last saturday while we were talking about jem's latest exploits i happen to remember this acronym that very much suits the discussion that was going on then. the acronym was GUD although i can't remember the meaning of it then. ehe.

good thing i mentioned it on one of my posts.

GUD - geographically undesirable date

to paint an accurate picture let me site an example.

01 let say you're from laguna and the girl you're dating is from sucat, well since sucat is strill on the way to laguna she is not a GUD.

02 let say you're from cavite and the girl you're dating is from bulacan, well since bulacan is in no way remotely close to cavite she is a GUD.

this concludes our lesson for today. come back next time when we discuss the meaning of BV pare.

Monday, October 27, 2008

city love


staying true to your fugly form when playing, i feel you JM!


and i knew i was through, when i said "i love you."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

attack of the randomness

hey, whatup up, science bitches?


i'm prone to blurt out random questions when i'm sleep deprived. like a while ago when jem, tseri and i were in the middle of talking about their helplessness during bus rides over some DQ, i suddenly ask jem an out-of-the-blue question,

ako: nagka-girlfriend ka na ba?

so jem's apprehension to answer the question wasn't really a surprise because it came out of nowhere. (and it wasn't a surprise because jem is always aprehensive and somewhat dodgy with this type of questions.) so i go and ask tseri instead. (kasi mas madaling kausap si tseri. hehe.) after tseri's answer i go and ask her the follow up question,

ako: nakapag-holding hands ka na ba sa mall?

so next time when i start asking weird question don't be startled it's just my brain trying to compensate from the insomia attack the previous night. gomen.


wouldn't it be fun to witness a candid videoke session of professional singers?


long bus rides = long time to think
longer bus rides = longer time to think


and because i was only able to catch the first twenty second preview of this, ayan,

too bad i can't find a videoke version of this song along with the original video. hehe.

Friday, October 24, 2008



i lol'd.




ipasa mo na yung juno ko men!!!


a classic sign that a friend is already drunk is when you ask them if he's drunk and tells you off that he's not drunk.

(ikaw: pare, lasing ka na? sya: lashing? sinong lashing? di ako lashing a.)


a sign that you're getting old is when you like myx's backtrax or mtv classic.

(meron pa bang mtv classic?)


besides men wearing white pants and plain white jackets, worn separately or in combination with, a sure sign that he is gay is when the wallpaper of his phone is a picture of himself.


oh, this one too.

somewhat good news

chivalry is not dead. in fact it still prevails nowadays. although it has mutated into something else. presenting the evolved version of chivalry, selective chivalry, which is most rampant when riding the mrt. so good news to pa-next girls and good luck to the others.

UPDATE: memory gap. gah.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

exclusive copy

sinong nagsabi na november 3 pa ang labas ng eraserheads reunion concert album? hehe.






sensya na sa glare ha. na-excite ako e. hehe.

ang pagtatapat


cooler version of weezer's pink triangle, imo.


2:20 - 2:50 : LOLZER


ipapanalangin ko na lang...


syempre lahat naman tayo alam na ang ibig sabihin ng HHWW. pero alam nyo ba ang ibig sabihin ng MOMOL?

use MOMOL in a sentence:
pare pa-next girls are great to have MOMOL with.


napulot ko nga pala to sa rakista. yung show sa channel 5.

ang mga kabataan nga naman ngayon, mapupusok! hehe.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ultimate satisfaction hug

1. find a victim. (friends are best suited targets for this exercise)

2. move in on target and approach with your right/left arm higher than your left/right arm streched. (this maneuver is highly recommended if the huggee and the hugger are of about the same or equal height)

3. place higher arm somewhere between target's nape and shoulder and other arm somewhere below other arm, preferably somewhere at the back of target's waist.

4. target now should instinctively mimic you.

5. hug away. give target a warm squeeze. but mind you not too tight. (rubbing and back patting optional)

6. linger.

7. un-hug. walk away and smile. :)


an indication that a conversation went sour is when both parties end the actual conversation with the statement "fine."

Friday, October 17, 2008

celebrity players

i caught this chika minute feature on ely a while ago when i was watching the news. he was spotted on cinemanila's opening along with marcus and i think jerome velasco, also a previous bandmate from the mongols. nothing news worthy about the bit. same old thing. he's fine now and will be giging with pupil by next week. and yes, still nothing on another eraserheads reunion concert.

after the screening ely and jerome played tekken 6 at timezone. yeboi! he was using law. masher. hehe. although it was cool to see him play.


i should be a carrier of the-i-don't-care-what-happens-to-angel-locsin's-career-virus after that very short stint working for gma but alas after reading this article on maxim's may 2008 issue, and i quote,

"MAXIM: since you're a homebody, do you play a lot of videogames?
ANGEL: i used to play a lot before. usually i just play TEKKEN a lot. I was so addicted to it."

i think that i love her even more. hehe.


back in college when we were still addicted to TTT there was this rumor circulating that tom taus (oo, si cedie, ang munting prinsipe) was the champion of a tournament that was held in greenhills. if my memory serves me right his character was yoshi and bruce. (yeah celsus mode.) (tama ba ang pagkaalala ko niks?)


it was about the same time last year when i first watched love actually on oliver's huge huge plasma(?) screen. (was it last year or last last year? memory fail.) and i saw it again yesterday while i was trying to overcome procrastinating if when should i leave tseri's place. (tseri forgot to text you yesterday. anyhu, thanks my dear!Ü) this movie is quite long but such a joy to watch, how each character is somehow connected with each other and how love actually unravels for everyone as the story progresses. (think go's romantic comedy counterpart)

i especially liked prime minister david and chubby natalie's bit. but i'm biased because i crush you lovely natalie. right.

so which love story did you actually liked?

i want


added to cart. check!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

time is on my side... yes it is!

it's official. the console version for tekken 6 will be released fall of next year. this might be bad news to others but it's all good to me. at least i still have time to save for a ps3. hmmm... or should i get an xbox 360 instead?

Sunday, October 12, 2008


what is it? well according to ron burgundy and friends...



i especially enjoyed the dvd commentaries. hahaha!


in a span of a day i bet that you get tons of ideas. but how many of these ideas do you actually share with other people? i know it might not be the most original of ideas or it could be trivial maybe bordering stupid, but who knows, it may burn the brain cells of the people you share your ideas with, but maybe it could inspire them to think outside the box. so next time you get an idea let others experience that light bulb moment.


light bulb moment

1. i think barney of how i met your mother is loosely based and is in fact the censored version of NPH which is played by who else, neil patrick harris in harold & kumar go to white castle and harold & kumar escape guantanamo bay.

2. makati is like pisay. during weekdays it's so busy but during the weekends it feels like a ghost town. (agree dormers?)

3. stating that things are not awkward will most likely make this more awkward.


actually the first part of this post is just an excuse for me to throw those 3 random ideas at you. hehe.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

pauwi na, sa may ayala

di nila maibaling ang kanilang mga tingin sa isa't-isa. ba't sa dinami-dami ng lugar dito pa nilang napiling magtalo sa mrt?

michael: you deplete me!

ellen: sana hindi ka na lang nag-hello!

dun natapos ang eksenang mala-pelikula. pinaghiwalay sila ng linya na nagsasala sa mga babae mula sa mga lalake.

parating na ang last trip.


isa pang sample ng fifty five fiction na gawa ko ay ito at ito.

johanna cover

ako'y may nakapa. galing sa sweeney todd. hehe.



bitin ba? hehe.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


kung ako adik kay chae rim, si mama naman adik kay kim jeung-eun. kaninang tanghali nga nung tinext ko sya kanina na manood sa studio 23 (nakita ko kasi na may re-run dun ng princess lulu), aba akalain mo ba namang ang bilis ng reply. haha! nakakatawa pa kasi yung reply nya,

"si lovers pala to e..."

note to self: hanapan si mama ng dibidi na bida si lovers. yung tagalized para di sya tamarin manood. hehe.

concert/gig list

1. eraserheads
2. sandwich
3. sugarfree
4. urbandub
5. up dharma down

1. eraserheads
2. cambio
3. wolfgang
4. pedicab
5. janno gibbs

1. john mayer
2. duncan sheik
3. jamiroquai
4. utada hikaru
5. l'arc~en~ciel


syempre isang malaking good luck sa foreign list. nyar.


feel free to steal this blog post.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

patlang cover

dapat tutugtugin ko din sa surprise party ni dacs. nawala ako sa ulirat ko nung may nangyari nung tumutugtog ako e. nawala tuloy sa loob ko na tugtugin to. ehe.


patlang by cambio

sensya na ha. pagod na ko. pangwalong take na to e. lakas kasing tumahol ng mga aso at madaming dumadaan na traysikel. rar.


eto nga pala yung original version ng kanta. para naman malaman nyo na maganda talga tong kantang to. hehe.

text nung huwebes, gitna ng linggo

19:58 gaeb
nu b nmng fwded msg un. ang lungkot!

7:59 pm ellen
Uy! Affected sya o! Itago na lang ba natin sa pangalang Gaebril Dean D? Haha. Ü

20:01 gaeb
wlang pasahan. bka ang sabhin mo itago n lng ntin sya s pangalang ellen r. hehe.

8:02 pm ellen
Hahaha! Ü

20:03 gaeb
twnan lng b ako? c bespren michael n nman b 2?

8:09 pm ellen
Haha! Ü Oo. Kawawa nga yang si Ellen R. Ang sad nya. Hehe. Ü

20:10 gaeb
haha! bat parang masaya k p?

8:24 pm ellen
Kasi madali lang maging masaya sa text. Dalawang 4, isang 2, dalawang 4, isang 2, limang 1 masaya ka na. Haha! Ü

20:25 gaeb
msubukn nga. haha! smhan mo n rin ng walong 8.

8:36 pm ellen
Ang dami naman. Apat lang na 8 kaya. Ü

20:38 gaeb
e s walo s fone ko e. nokia gmit ko. nokia d best!

8:39 pm ellen
Nokia bulok! Ericsson the best kaya! Ü

20:40 gaeb
pgbgyan pgbgyan! pra sumaya k nmn. hehe.

9:03 pm ellen
Masaya kaya ako. Haha! Haha! Ü

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

halu-halo ngayong taglamig

galing akong makati kahapon. kaya madami na naman akong naiisip na kung anu-anu-ano.


inaayos yung foodcourt ng landmark at yung food choices sa g4. para siguro mas maaliwas ngayong pasko yung mga kainan.


ang pinakamalapit na kfc sa glorietta area ay yung nandun sa may mrt station. (di tuloy ako nakakain ng chicken steak. tinamad na kasi akong pumunta dun e. rar. di bale sa friday na lang.)


bakit mas mahal ng tatlong piso yung tuna pie ng jollibee sa may foodcourt ng landmark? tas 8 minutes pa bago pa maluto? wag na uy.


phei nakita ko si judah paolo na pakalat-kalat sa goldcrest. naisip ko tuloy na paolo si paolo dahil kay judah. hehe.


sanay pa rin akong umakyat ng 47 floors. mas madalas nga lang mag pop yung tenga ko.


nalaman kung pumanaw yung dating kong opismeyt. di naman kami close. pero sa pagkakakilala ko sa kanya masayahing tao sya. parang laging nakangiti. at nakakalungkot isipin na sobrang bata pa nyang namatay.

kaya dapat walang aksayahin na panahon!


alam mo ba kung anong gamot sa lss? pakinggan mo yung lss song mo.

(yun nga lang baka lalo ka lang malulong sa kantang yun. parang kung anong nangyayari sa akin ngayon. si utol kasi kung anu-ano pinapakinig sa akin. r&b pa. meh.)


di ako makadecide kung ayos ba tong kantang to o hindi. pop na the white stripes. hehe.


sabi sayo jem abrosia kumanta ng i just can't let go e. ayaw maniwala.


napapatunganga pa rin ako pag si hwoarang ang kalaban ko sa arcade. huhu.


o yan lang muna. naubusan na ko e. hehe.

dig david dig

i have to dig a hole. a big one. i have to do it now.

i searched for a tool that can help me dig. i think i see a spade from afar. i excitedly ran to it, letting the mud splatter on my bare legs.

it's a spade indeed! i run back to where i'm supposed to dig.

even though it's the first time that i was using a spade, without hesitation, i used it to dig. it was very much bothersome at first. but i got the hang of using the spade. (apparently it was much much easier if i used my foot to drive the spade into the slushy earth rather than just using my arms.)

i wasn't expecting it, but i was enjoying myself. the rain on my back didn't disturbed me, instead it cooled me. i was in shin deep mud, but it's mucky composition let me dug easier. the spade was the key to my digging. all was going well, at this rate i'd be finish in no time.

but the spade fell apart. stunned i stared at the broken spade, disappointed. i still got a lot of digging to do, three more feet. but the spade gave up on me.

i examined the spade, hoping that i would be able to put it back. then i discovered that i was the one at fault why it fell apart. in my excitement i didn't notice that it was old and brittle. i wasn't aware of the force with which i was using it. i'm the sole reason why i can't use it now.

but... i still need to dig a hole.

i survey the amount of work that still needs to be done. i smile.

i grin at the fact that without the spade i would've been dirtier, i beam at the fact that without the spade i'd probably spend double the amount of time digging what i've already dug, i grin at the fact that without the spade i wouldn't have been as motivated as i am now to dig. i smile and i am happy.

i start to dig with my bare hands.

"sorry my song, i still haven't found a home for you."