Friday, October 29, 2004


just want to inform you that for the past two weeks i've been blogging via email, since i lost my internet access. (gave me a chance to focus more on "work.") good thing is that i can and do recieve your comments via email. bad thing is that i can't browse your blogs anymore. 

anyways, care to enlighten me on what have you been doing recently?Ü

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


drinking eight glasses of water per day is hard. this i realized only today.

i said to myself that starting today i would try to down the ideal daily amount of water a person should drink. several trips to the pantry, four and a half of glasses of water and several more trips to the comfort room, i have this insurmountable pounding sensation in my head. i don't know if my sudden change in water intake has a direct effect on my headache, (or is it just because i still lack sleep? or is it just because i have yet to find a proper excuse for still not finishing my pending reports?) but i do feel as if it has. maybe because the only way i shed the extra fluids is solely through peeing instead of expelling it by other means.

note to self: should try drinking eight glasses of water along with proper amount of exercise.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


can you think of an english word that has the same spelling and meaning but different pronounciation when translated into filipino?

*as of the moment i can only think of two words*

okay here's an example to get you started...


Monday, October 25, 2004

just another...

agh! monday! agh!


last night was a fun night. went over to jas's and talked and ate the night away with rohel, jonas, mark, hannah, alison and jas. fool that i am, i forgot to thank our gracious hosts. so i'd like to take this oppurtunity to thank the ibero family. thanks! thanks! thanks!

we finished at around half past one o'clock(?) in the morning, which was way past my bed time considering that it was a "work" day the following morning. arrived at home at two o'clock and finally hit the sack at three. woke up at five and prepared to go to work. had only two hours of sleep so naturally i am quite sleepy now.

four more hours to go before i can slumber...


have you seen the new ponds commercial? the one with carla grasa? all i can say is...

daaaaaaammmnnn gurl!

Friday, October 22, 2004



pagibig: hindi ka niya mahal pag inaapi ka niya. (♥♥)
pera: simpatiya kailangan niya hindi pera. ($$$$)
trabaho: hindi makatutulog sa ingay ng kapitbahay. (**)


pagibig: maawa ka naman, i-treat mo, bday niya e. (♥♥♥)
pera: bumili ka naman ng medyo mamahalin. ($$$$$)
trabaho: isama mo naman ang ibang walang work. (****)


i miss michael jordan. (who says i'm old?)


partial initial list of ps2 games (upcoming titles are excluded, i.e. tekken 5, dmc 3, gta: san andreas, etc.) (in no particular order)

grand theft auto 3
grand theft auto: vice city
devil may cry 1
devil may cry 2
onimusha 1
onimusha 2
final fantasy x
final fantasy x-2
tekken tag tournament
tekken 4
metal gear solid 2
nba live 2004
kingdom hearts
prince of persia
splinter cell 1
soul caliber 2
gran turismo 4
resident evil: code veronica
gran turismo 3
need for speed: underground

need more seven titles...


yo shorty! (wahehehe. shorty...) ish your birthday!

happy birthday lui!

Thursday, October 21, 2004


for quite sometime now i've been trying to cut down on my coffee intake. and i think i've been quite successful. (from about five cups per week to zero cups per week for the past eight(?) months.) but it seems that i'll be breaking my streak soon.

i've just discovered that our pantry has a coffee maker with figaro beans(ala e!) to brew. good thing i still don't have a coffee cup or else i'd be chugging down the hot liquid right now.

(although for the past month or so i've been eyeing that tower records mug and was planning on buying the cup this weekend even before i saw that sinful coffee maker with that pot full of deliciously hellish black concoction.)

(now i shall pretend to be a sheep.)


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

i wonder...


will this work?


activate interlock.

dino-therms(?) connected.

infra-cells up.

mega thrusters are go.

let's go...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

it's a cycle

currently reading: the da vinci code by dan brown
books on queue: dracula by bram stoker; vampire chronicles of anne rice; the dark tower series of stephen king

awaiting the release of: tekken 5(!)


as of the moment my appetite to read books has greatly increased and my enthusiasm for video games has decreased. i've finished quite a number of books in the past few months and played games less and less. the cause? my schedule, the abundance of reading materials and the lack thereof of a ps2.

but i think once i get my hands on a ps2 a reversal of sorts would take place.


Monday, October 18, 2004


nakahanap na ako ng bago. matagal-tagal ko din syang naging, ano nga ba?, hmmm..., "inspirasyon." hindi ko naman sinasabi na ayoko na sa kanya. of course lab ko pa rin sya. pero it's time for me to move on.

panget mang pakinggan pero, oo, nakatagpo na ako ng ipapalit sa kanya. mahaba ang buhok nya, payat at sobrang kalog. natutuwa ako pag nakikita ko sya. 'di ko mapigilang ngumiti. ewan ko nga ba.

sorry heart... may toni na ako.


JAm: oi serge! bakit ka naka-tsinelas?

Serge: oo nga e.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


crispy wanton, yum!
only for forty pesos
iced tea included


swamped again with work?
tired of the monotonous?
solution: resign.


in the shop we went
shared a cold brew and chit chat
dimpled smiles affixed

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


love is always new. regardless of wether we love once, twice or a dozen times in our life, we always face a brand-new situation. love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. we simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence. if we reject it, we die of hunger, because we lack the courage to stretch out a hand and pluck the fruit from the branches of the tree of life. we have to take love where we find it, even if that means hours, days, weeks of disappointment and sadness.

the moment we seek love, love begins to seek us.

and to save us.

taken from paulo coelhio's by the river i sat down and wept

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

errr, i forgot...

this sucks! i forgot my phone. demmet. now i feel as if i'm ignoring the *myriad* of people who've texted me.

(although i'm not expecting any text message from anyone in particular. except maybe from... 2363. hehe.Ü)

now waiting the reply e-mail from chikka confirming that i could send sms messages via e-mail. hope it works.


you are...

how do you do it?
make me feel like i do.
how do you do it?
it's better than i ever knew.

Monday, October 11, 2004

twenty first

for the past month i've been training to be a protfolio analyst. mornings i'd spend it here at our head office, doing reports, tallying numbers and trying to figure out what to do next. afternoons i'd go back to our branch and ressume being an underwriter.

so technically it's my eleventh, and just my first day, as a full time portfolio analyst. and from what i've learned, or not learned, it will take a while before i get used to this. i feel as if it's my first day on the job. although as far as i can recall it wasn't this hectic on my first day. today i have to finish a report that was given to me friday morning which was due last thursday. ha! i think i'm halfway through it (although half of what i've done is based on deductions and educated guesses) and will be able to beat the three o'clock "deadliest" deadline this afternoon.

(good thing i still have net access. although i have a hunch that once our system guys "fixes" my pc i won't be able to go online... sigh...)

Friday, October 08, 2004


test lang po...

(this entry was originaly posted via email. good thing that it worked because i'm anticipating that by tomorrow i won't have access. but i do have my own personal e-mail so i guess i could still post whenever i like. now if only i could figure out how to post with italics and bold fonts...)

[edited on 16:54, october 10, 2004]


JAm: tangina.
james: o bakit?
santi: na-realize na ata ni ulol kung bakit...
james: kung bakit ano?
santi: gago. parang 'di mo rin alam.
james: hehe. oo nga pala.
jiji: ...
JAm: pffft...!
james: oi sino yang tinitext mo?
santi: e 'di sino pa? magrereply ba yan?
james: oo naman.
santi: wish mo lang.
james: 'di ba over na tayo sa kanya?
santi: oo loko. matagal na.
jiji: plastic.
JAm: haaay...
james: uy powerbooks. uy powerbooks.
santi: pasok tayo!
jiji: uwi na tayo.
james: sandali lang tayo. magba-browse lang...
santi: kung sabagay, hangang tingin lang naman tayo e. fhm. gm. fhm.
jiji: neil gaiman.
james: calvin and hobbes na lang para masaya.
JAm: uy PB katorse.
santi: basahin mo yung kay ingo.
JAm: ...parol... (hahaha!)
santi: hahaha! gago talaga yang si ingo.
james: haha.
jiji: ...
JAm: (uwi na. uwi na.)
santi: uy pare kyut!
james: kilala ko yan a.
JAm: my, mylene!
...: .... .....?
JAm: anong ginagawa mo dito?
...: ...... .. .... ... ...
santi: putsa. kaboses talaga ni cupcake.
JAm: ate?
...: ... ... ..... ....... ......... .... ... ...... ....... ......?
JAm: wala naghahanap lang ng libro.
james: blooming ka dear!
...: .... .... .....
JAm: bye! ingat.
santi: tangna! ang daming tao!
jiji: arrggghh...
james: kaya pala dalawa ang guard dito sa landmark sa linya ng babae.
JAm: (kasi masmaraming babae na may bag.)
james: uy theme song natin!
santi: ...iyong buhay humanap ka ng panget at ibigin mong tunay...
JAm: (gago. hindi yan. in eight years baka pwede na.)
james: my hour of need, i truly am indeed, alone again naturally.
jiji: pffft...
JAm: (somewhat true. pero mali pa rin.)
jiji: 'coz i am barely breathing...
JAm: ...and i can't find the air...
santi: ...don't know who i'm kidding imagining you care...
james: ...but i could stand here waiting a fool for another day...
JAm: tangina.
santi: o sino na namang girlet natin ang tinitext mo?
james: sira. 'di uso sa atin ang girlet. pero sino yan?
santi: naghahanap ka lang ata ng karamay.
james: mali. kakampi.
JAm: (mali. kausap.)
jiji: mali. kaibigan.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

jester's crap

i'm such a jest.


a couple of months ago i called an old friend. their yayo answered the phone and asked who i was. i don't know what came over me but on the last minute i decided to give a fake name, a name that i knew she won't recognize. (jake, i think. inspired by romp. eheh.) of course there was confusion on her part. i think i would've made her believe that i was indeed "jake" if only i put more thought into my character and if only i didn't snicker half of the time i was talking to her.


a similar incident happened yesterday. this time with a different friend. her yaya answered the phone and i gave her a bogus name, alexis. (blame the the mp3 that was currently playing on my pc, space sheriff shaider by akira kushida.) as expected there was the intial inquisition then befuddlement.

sya: hello? sino 'to?
ako: si alexis.
sya: sinong alexis?
ako: alexis. we've just met. remember?
sya: wala akong kilalang alexis.
ako: nagkakilala tayo sa rcbc tower...
sya: i'm sorry, but i don't know you.

at this point the way she talked and the tone of her voice prompted me to end my little charade lest if i'd prefer to converse with myself. what ensued afterwards was only due. laughter.

we then talked for about half an hour or more. then natured called. so i then told her that i'll car her as soon as i can. i did my business and after tinkering with my desktop theme for a while (demmet! why can't i change the way my desktop looks? administrator privileges. administrator privileges. bah!) i then called her. a tiny voice answered the other line. her cousin i think.

ako: hello. good evening. pwede po kay sya?
cuz: sino 'to?
ako: si alexis.
cuz: ate si alexis daw. (talking to sya.)
sya: sabihin mo wala akong kilalang alexis. (talking to her nephew. although loud enough for me to hear.)
cuz: wala daw syang kilalang alexis.
ako: kilala nya ako. sabihin mo si alexis.
cuz: kilala mo daw.
sya: wala akong kilalang alexis e.
cuz: wala nga daw syang kilalang alexis e.
ako: sabihin mo magpapakilala ako sa kanya.
cuz: magpapakilala daw...
sya: o, hello. sino 'to?
ako: ako. si alexis... (pulis pangkalawakan...)
sya: wala akong kilalang alexis e. lumalala ata yung allergy ko a. (allergic daw sya sa sinungaling)
ako: hahaha!

maybe i f i didn't act on a whim maybe then my rate of success would increase. or if only i'm good enough to pull of a gary on a jonas.


a dialouge with friends after the usual weekend gimik.

pok: oy nakita ko si j.a. kanina a.
che: saan?
pok: sa u.p. sinusundo ata yung girlfriend.
lex: girlfriend?
ako: ang alam ko may asawa na yun.
lex: 'di ba may anak na yun?
pok: ows? kailan pa sya nag-asawa? 'di ko alam yun a.
ako: matagal na...
oli: ano bang itsura nung girlfriend? baka yun yung asawa.
pok: hinde. estudyante pa yung girl. bata pa.
lex: ang alam ko yung anak nya yung bata.
ako: ano? gelpren nya yung anak nya?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

name that tune

parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme


devils walk in the strawberry fields


it reminded me twice that i was alive
and it reminded me that you're so worth the fight


and your my obssession
i love you to the bones
anorexic life
like my anorexic love


i, i am the night
i am the day
i am the light gone astray


sleight of hand and twist of fate
in a bed of nails she makes me wait


this corner of the earth is like me in many ways
i could sit for hours here and watch the emerald feathers play

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

my top ten favorite words/sounds spoken/made by celsus

10. zerg sounds (zergling, overlord, guardian, etc.)

9. borot

8. kuchai a

7. mundungu

6. oni no otsuburu

5. lalaru

4. ugulu

3. bellet

2. ÜÜÜ

1. shocker

Monday, October 04, 2004

music to my ears


installed the latest version of winamp on my pc. (previous versions couldn't play wma files) had my doubts if it could bypass the system. turns out it could so as long as i install, not in c:\program files, but on a different folder.

finally got to listen to l`arc~en~ciel's c'est la vie and belle and sebastian's wrapped up in books. (apparently windows media can't play these files.) now i could select all my music files with much ease, put winamp on shuffle mode, press play and enjoy great sounds all day long.



my new friend was plainly struggling wether to buy or not to buy the latest album of alicia keys, the diary of alicia keys, reading the tracks on it then putting it back on the rack then picking it up again after a little mental trepidation all the while half muttering to herself, "bibilhin ko ba 'to?". she has been putting off buying the album for about a month now. the complete opposite when i want to buy a particular record. but i was quite amused of her procrastination. well she bought the album which i think is a good buy. except that i forgot to check if the album includes the duet of alicia and usher singing "if i ain't got you" and failed to suggest to her that maybe she could wait a tad bit longer if the track wasn't there.

as we were leaving tower records i was reminded of a dialouge i had with thea back in college, most probably triggered by what transpired at the store.

we were walking along st. therese going to their house on that hot day. i don't know what turn our conversation took that led us to thinking several reasons why i wasn't with xxnxxx. a couple of probable and improbable reasons came up. but one particular reason took the cake that day.

we couldn't conclude if she liked janno gibbs songs.

i had this silly notion that if i met someone that liked the same type of music that i liked then there's a big possibility that we would agree on most things. i see music as one of the many building blocks of a personality of an individual, ridiculous as it may seem.

so now i'm wondering if she likes janno gibbs songs.

nya. ha. ha.



as we were travelling from luz's house in batangas (naki-fiesta kami dun. ang sarap kumain. non-stop ata kaming ngumunguya. at may take home pa!) i was happily singing or humming along most of the songs that played on the radio. but a string of songs that i wasn't particularly fond of abruptly changed my mood. simple plan whined about not being perfect, avril bawled over not having a happy ending and the calling... bleh, nevermind! i was thinking if i was the only person in the car that didn't like them. i was about to lambast the "artists" but i felt that they were enjoying singing along with the songs. and there came a point were i was questioning my musical prefernces albeit only for a split second. but then i realized that i really don't dig their music.

good thing damien rice sang a song afterwards.


still sunday.

as i was preparing to sleep, my sister sang a couple of lines, wait, all the lines of sandara park's latest single, in or out. gah! i think my blood pressure increased a notch higher. i really hate that song. but i have to congratulate mr. camo for creating yet another catchy but rather irritating novelty song.

Friday, October 01, 2004

"i know kung fu"

i love kung fu movies! this i realized as i was watching knockabout on studio23 last night. i was slightly irritated when i had to flip the channel sa dos because my mom had to watch hiram. buti na lang nandun si heart. good thing i got to catch the final boss fight of the movie.


this i heard on the elevator coming down from the forty seventh:

"excited na nga si mark e. nagpareserve na sa racks. planadong planado na nya."
"pero akala mo no biggie sa kanya."
"sus! sabi nya nga sa akin magpapareserve na sya mamaya. 'di ba big deal yun?"
"bakit nya ba gagastusan ng four hundred plus? e yung sarili nya nga 'di nya gastusan ng isang daan."