Monday, October 11, 2004

twenty first

for the past month i've been training to be a protfolio analyst. mornings i'd spend it here at our head office, doing reports, tallying numbers and trying to figure out what to do next. afternoons i'd go back to our branch and ressume being an underwriter.

so technically it's my eleventh, and just my first day, as a full time portfolio analyst. and from what i've learned, or not learned, it will take a while before i get used to this. i feel as if it's my first day on the job. although as far as i can recall it wasn't this hectic on my first day. today i have to finish a report that was given to me friday morning which was due last thursday. ha! i think i'm halfway through it (although half of what i've done is based on deductions and educated guesses) and will be able to beat the three o'clock "deadliest" deadline this afternoon.

(good thing i still have net access. although i have a hunch that once our system guys "fixes" my pc i won't be able to go online... sigh...)


  1. demmet! i spoke too soon. i'm still here doing stuck with the same freakin' report. blah! OT... T_T

  2. ako din OT. wanna have dinner? :)

  3. ei phei. dapat tinext mo na lang ako. anyhu, nakauwi na rin ako nung nagpost ka.