Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3 simple questions that shouldn't be asked on the first date

just before the date begins...

question: kanina ka pa?
translation: you are late. and being late for the first date is inexcusable. come on man, haven't you heard that first impressions last?
solution: forget your nationality, which i'm assuming is filipino, for a minute and be on japanese time which is 10 minutes before the actual meeting time.


it has begun...

question: anong gusto mong gawin?
translation: you don't have a plan, which means that you didn't exert any effort whatsoever in preparing for the date. hmmm... were you forced by your friends to go on this date?
solution: plan ahead. it's not a requirement that you get reservations for a resto just that you already have an idea what you will be doing and where you're going to eat. actually this question is quite harmless, given that you already told her of your plans for the date. this act will let her know that you are flexible and that you are open to her suggestions .



question: paano ka uuwi?
translation: i had fun but you're a gud. if you were to tell me not to ask this question about two(?) years ago i would be baffled then. but yeah, based on my friend's experience i'd never utter these words ever.
solution: offer to take her home, that is assuming that the date went well. it doesn't matter if she lives in bulacan and you live in cavite. what matters at this crucial point of the date is that you are willing to go the extra(x10) mile(s). thought counts, my friend.


hope that helps kids.

stay tuned next week when i tackle the merits of being single against being attached against being attacked by a shark.

Monday, January 26, 2009

serial nice guy goes psycho boy

"i feel like putting a bullet between the eyes of every panda that wouldn't screw to save its species.

i want to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all the french beaches i'd never see.

i feel like destroying something beautiful."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i'm going out of the country by september this year. that moment will be one of many firsts for me, first plane ride, first trip outside the philippines, to name a few. but before all of that, first i have to be cleared from DOST, NBI, DFA and BI. i already feel nauseous just thinking about this daunting task before me. though on the bright side there's a lot of time for me to accomplish this so i do feel confident that i'd be able to cross the finish line in time.

just now i faxed my letter of final clearance along with certificates of employment to DOST and checked if they received the documents. they did. the waiting game is on. i just need to follow up with them friday or next monday. hope all goes well. *crosses fingers*

Monday, January 19, 2009

let me try again

i had a blast last weekend during my lola's birthday celebration. videoke-ing was super fun. add a few beers and good-humored people in the mix and videoke time transforms to bijoke taym! hehe.

the highlight of the night for me was when my tipsy lolo approached and talked to me,

lolo: ay, magaling ka nga palang kumanta apo! sige pumili ka ng kanta para kay mommy (my lola) mo. pag sila yang kumanta, ay, pu*****na. lukow! ay!

Friday, January 09, 2009

di mapakali, magdamag hinahanap

nababaliw tuwing naalala ang init
di malimutan kailangang muling makamit
ang tamis sa aking mga labi

the 2008 that was...

staying true to a what has become a yearly tradition...

instructions: copy and paste the first sentence(s) from your first entry of each month this past year.

title: untitled
first line: sya: mahirap yan.
hehe. may nakita kasi talga ako sa mrt na cute na grocery girl.

title: lazy blogging
first line: click
tamad e. hehe.

title: iron man trailer
first line: iron man exclusive trailer
i thought i creamed myself... i did.

title: it feels like another break-up all over again...
first line: on the bright side: self-imposed no dating co-workers rule is no longer in effect.
a foreshadowing of what's to come...

no post!

title: untitled
first line: nagbabalat yung parehong tuhod ko.
ang galing kaya...

title: untitled
first line: i am looking for a cute single 33 year old woman looking for a smart 27 year old pretend boyfriend.
dal ja's spring beybi! :D

title: no such thing
first line: rory of gilmore girls.
kapapanuod ko lang nung weekend na yun ng garden state sa 2nd avenue. nandun nga pala si sheldon ng big bang theory dun. hehe.

title: untitled
first line: screw that.
naalala ko lang yung game & watch na kelangan mong saluhin yung mga itlog na nahuhulog. hehe.

title: dig david dig
first line: i have to dig a hole.
mini-cupcakes, mini-heartbreaks.

title: mini-update
first line: i started work today.
second first day at WW. kaya pang pumetiks.

title: short change
first line:
you know you've changed when you...
ate at wendys the night before.


oh and there might have been a girl in there somewhere, sometime this year, but I try not to think about her anymore.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 challenge

one year of...

1. maximum one rice per meal - (to achieve ideal weight(but i'm there already. hehe.))
2. save a minimum of half a month's pay (per month, of course) - (emergency funds and saving up for the day)
3. no to anything pirated or unpaid downloads - (goodbye manong dibidi! goodbye pirated games. *gulp*)
4. go to church every sunday - !sey
5. maximum of two bottles per gimik - !ON


Monday, January 05, 2009

in 2009...

i will say no to...

pseudo relationships
pseudo girlfriends
pseudo girls

and will say yes to the possibility of...

a girlfriend relationship with a girl who knows how to pseudo code.