Friday, December 18, 2009

the plastic bag is the modern day tumbleweed.

Friday, December 04, 2009

rock the riles

as may we all know the pacquaio-cotto fight was held sometime last november. as such this coming sunday will be the first (usually) first sunday of december that doesn't have a scheduled pacquaio fight. so i'm in a pickle if i should go out on sunday and watch rocked's rock the riles. you see after pacquiao pummels his opponents to plow through victory which often finishes by noon, my friends and i talk about the fight over lunch. after lunch we go our separate ways to our homes. i take the mrt from cubao, (we've been watching pacquaio fights in gateway cinemas for the past 2 or 3(?) years), to ayala were i take the bus or ride a van to laguna. and for two (or is it three?) straight years i've been lucky to catch rock the riles at the ayala mrt station.

rock the riles is a gathering of local bands, musicians and artists spread out in eight mrt stations simultaneously performing to celebrate human rights. this year, as with previous years, boasts a hefty and loaded line up.

the ayala station and the shaw station looks solid to me. i'll definitely be there, that is if i can haul my lazy ass off my bed on sunday. show starts at 2pm. see you there kids!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

friends romans countrymen

my sister told me that instead of my mom, i was the one to make the speech at her wedding's reception. she told me this a day before the wedding. so yeah i almost pissed my pants right then and there. i'm never really good at public speaking. in fact i dread it. but i had no choice but to just suck it up, make a speech and to deliver it the following day. but i didn't get to the making the speech process until the day of the wedding because i wasn't feeling up to it at that time. i wasn't feeling up to it at that time mainly because i stayed up a little bit late drinking with my cousins and titos and capping the dawn with a movie. so what i'm about to share to you is the speech i hastily made, just a little over two hours, on the day of the wedding.

(i've edited this a bit because i didn't stuck to it word per word.)


Hi all. Hopefully (Surely) (i distinctly remember saying surely instead of hopefully. *shrugs*) by now your bellies are full, you’ve got a couple of drinks in you and the nervousness from today’s ceremonies has died down. Oh, in case you didn’t know I’m not the father of the bride, I’m his brother. (left this out because i thought it unnecessary.)

First off I want to thank Miguel’s family for being welcoming and accommodating making our stay here pleasant and memorable. To the guests who came in from different parts of the world, travelling great distances just to be a part of this momentous occasion, let me also extend my thanks to you.

Before I spill the beans about Apple and before I grill Miguel, please indulge me to go in tangent for a bit. So far this year has been a year of firsts for me, first time to hop on a plane, first time to be outside of the Philippines and to be in another country, first time experiencing a different type of weather, first time seeing the sun still up even if it’s already past seven o’clock, first time eating angus beef and first time escorting someone to the altar. I’ve included the last one in there, not because I’m planning on bringing Apple again to the altar, but because I know that in the distant future I’ll be in the same position holding my daughter’s hand. And by then I’d be more composed and less nervous which (i think) will definitely puzzle my daughter. (But) Then I’ll go up to her and say, "Don’t worry. This is going to be easy. I’ve done this before." And from the bottom of my heart I want to thank Apple for giving me the honour that is only granted to fathers of the bride. I really am privileged. And also to Kuya Ed and to Dad, this is for us.

So let’s move on to the spilling and the grilling. Growing up, typical with kids, me and Apple were all about teasing and arguing with each other. But as time passed by and me being away from home most of the time because of school, we had less and less time being on each other’s throats. So then badgering each other evolved into something else, we started talking to each other. And we actually enjoyed (it). I remember this one night when I was going through some troubles and Apple was the first person I talked to about it. I don’t if she can recall but it had something to do with matters of the heart. Long story short, Apple gave me really good advice. And (by the end of the conversation) I was thinking to myself that, “Wow, my sister has really grown up.” And I’ve never really told this to you Apple, but I want you to know that I’m really proud of you for what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve become. You’re the best sister a brother could ever have. And I know you’ll be a lot better being Miguel’s wife.

So, Miguel, bayaw. I really can’t recall the first time that I met you. But what I remember then was that you being so quiet. And you have been consistent thus far. Not that there’s something wrong with being quiet. I myself am very quiet. I think my mom and some of your relatives can attest to that. (We) Occasionally speak and initiate conversation, and most of the time speak only when spoken to. But you know what’s good with being quite? You get to be a great listener. And that quality is quite rare these days. And I’d imagine that it will surely come in handy now that you’re married. Just be sure to be actually listening and not spaced out when the time comes.

And in closing I got a tip for the both of you. First Miguel, unless you want Apple to be cranky, when she tells you that she’s hungry and she wants a particular dish to eat, just go get it, pronto! And to Apple, unless you want something incoherent out of Miguel don’t bother him when his playing with his video games. Okay? Now both you nod in agreement.

Before I make the toast I just want to remind all the Pinoys in the crowd that you should ready your doggie bags for some take away cake.

(So) On behalf of my family please do join me in standing up and raise your glasses as well in a toast to the bride and groom!


there were "awwwww"s and laughter, mind you in the correct pauses in my speech so i think it's safe to say that it went fairly well.

again to my sister and to my bayaw, congrats!

Monday, November 16, 2009

turista mode

just a quick update before i go to sleep.

earlier in featherdale wildlife park, i went tree climbing with koalas, hopping with kangaroos, barking with dingos, spinning with tasmanian devils, chilling in the shade with wombats and other stuff with the native life here. it was a bit tiring though with the temperature reaching the 42°C but i'm still loving the weather here.

tomorrow we'll be going to blue mountains. i mean later today. (approximately 8 hours from now.) time to hit the sack then. g'night mate.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

zoom zoom zoom

i'm a big fan of the gta series. i think it's concept of the player freely roaming the city is innovative. i also love driving around each city while listening to some tunage on the in game radi. the song selections are awesome and the in game radio also have actual radio programs which is funny and very entertaining. one thing i can't relate with the game though is the general feel of the driving because the streets are really wide and traffic is close to non-existent. and my edsa state of mind really can't process that.

flash forward to now, after spending most part of my stay here in sydney driving from one place to another, now i can totally find the connection of the driving simulation gta adopted on the game with real life driving. the streets and highways here are wide and have enough space between each car. traffic here is so light and so un-stressful. and the radio stations here are so similar to what is on gta radio, though plus the aussie accent. it's just a bit disorienting because cars here are right hand drives so they drive on the"wrong" side of the road. napapakapit na lang ako kasi parang babanga sa kasalubong na kotse. lalo na pag-paliko. hehe.

Friday, November 13, 2009

take me out tonight

i was planning on sleeping after watching the first in-flight movie, whatever works (which didn't really worked for me, whatever.) and after eating that late hefty delicious dinner (who said that airline food can't be good?). but as i was adjusting my seat, reclining it in the optimal comfortable position, 500 days of summer started playing. i missed the first ten minutes of the film the first time i saw it with my friends so i decided to watch what i didn't saw and doze off afterwards. i ended up watching the whole movie, again. ehe.

*skip this if you're not fond of spoilers.

i really do feel for tom and my heartbreaks for him on day 290 and the days after that. the resolution of the movie (tom and summer meeting at the spot) didn't quell the betrayal i felt. "the end of summer and the beginning of a new season" was a little contrived for me, more of expectation rahter than reality, and was just a way to end it all in a good note.

realisticaly, this is how i think the movie should've ended.

alternate ending 1
after the cute banter with the girl, tom going in for the interview, then tom turns back around,
tom: excuse me.
girl: hmm?
tom: when this is over... uh... would you like to maybe... grab a cup of coffee or something?
girl: oh. i'm sorta supposed to meet someone.
tom: oh. got it... no problem.
[the end]

alternate ending 2
tom arrives at the interview. tom seats at the waiting area with a fat sweaty man, his competition.
[the end]

/end cynic tirade

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

mini bucket of tries

i'll be hitting the big three-O in a couple of years. call me a cliche but i also do have a list of things, a very very short one, that i want to accomplish before landing on that third decade. i've already shared the top item on the list with my closest friends and i know it's quite hard, it involves a lot of time, effort and discipline but i think it's doable. (after all i have a year or so still ahead of me. hehe.)

but let's save that for later and focus on something on the list that i'm officialy crossing out today. that my friends is, drum roll please, introducing myself to a perfect stranger. this may not be a big deal to other people but this is a big deal to me; me being super eprot and all. bus girl, the (un)willing victim of my clumsy charms was quite surprised, although i think she was half-expecting it because i had to follow her off the bus, over the overpass and her falling in line for a taxi (stalker-ish, i know. so TRO me.) it went something like this,

me: [taps her on her shoulder]
she: [turns to look at me]
me: hi... ummm...
she: [starts to remove her earphones. wth is happening expression.]
me: i don't mean to creep you out or anything. [removes my sunglasses] pero ayoko na kasing umasa kung makakasakay pa kita ulit.* [looks at her directly]
she: [small smile is forming]
me: [sticks out my clamy hand] i'm jam
she: i'm ****.
me: [mind goes totally BLANK! argh.] so... see yah!

*not in verbatim but something to that effect.

so that happened this morning and 10 hours after i'm still, umm... giddy. i really don't know if i should pat myself on the back or kick myself in the shin. it could've gone better, i know but i didn't want to press my luck then. at least i got her name, right?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

adding cheekbones to this. ehe. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


brain stutters.

coherent thinking halts.

random unrelated word vomit, tourette's-esque minus the sudden inflection.

i do know that i'm sometimes somewhat witty and smart and all but...

why do i have to stumble and fumble when i speak with a girl i like?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the clash

the alien warmth engulfs me, steady
my touch, my mood, centered and certain
i know.
ideas circle and go, as seasons
and people cycle through,
i remember that all is fine.

i swim with the wave of deja vu,
finding, sensing intimacy i know.
a glimpse of you sends rapture through me.
that instant's calmness shattered
by a yearning
to be in oblivious limbo perennial.

i am powerless in your proximity,
the closeness intoxicating.
the ivory tower of sanctuary
momentarily crumbles with the clash of feelings.
but knowing smiles paint comfort,
mutual strangeness replaced by shared bliss.

now i leave the horde of tangled cars
i walk.
i linger in daze thoughts of adulation and the wave.
and i ache...
for the clash
to repeat.


inspired by this.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

bus mate

to the cute girl who've been my bus seat mate for the past three days, i feel there's a certain mutual comfort in the unfamiliar we share which makes sitting through the horrendous traffic a bit more bearable. i'll be taking the bus tomorrow at the same, more or less, time. i'm very much looking forward to sitting next to you, peeking at your music playlist, and exchanging side long glances.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


i know i haven't posted anything for a long (long long) while now. and i think it's safe to assume that this year will be the lowest output of entries this blog will have in it's 5 year (wow!) run.

i do have legit reasons why this is so. there's work and facebook and plurk and twitter and mafia wars and work and procrastination and laziness and arthritis and work. but yeah, the more i think about these so called reasons the more i think that they're just excuses.

so this i promise you, (my lone loyal reader), next year i'll make an effort to post something everyday. yes, everyday! up to the point that you'd be cursing yourself why you wished that my writing dry spell was over. well, let's hope that it wouldn't come to that point. hehe.

(also i'll try to update my other blog, albeit not as often as this one.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Tuesday, September 01, 2009


nothing is more annoying than an annoying person wearing annoying perfume.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

first expectations

i know there's an unwritten rule that men are supposed to pay for everything on the first date. this is what women expect from us men. but up until now i can't think of anything men expect from a woman on a first date. so to make things all fair and equal i propose this unwritten rule for women:

women should offer to split the bill.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

music preference

if you're a man and you're into girlie pop it implies that you're one of the following:
a. you're courting someone who likes girlie pop
b. you're new girlfriend likes girlie pop (new = within 6 months)
c. you're gay

if you're a woman and you're into alternative/rock music it implies that you're:
a. cool

Friday, August 14, 2009

FML-LML rollercoaster

the following events happened in a span of under an hour today.

woke up late today. FML

i was able to catch a manila bound bus. LML

i had to get off the bus since i left my wallet at home. FML

lucky! hopping on the last trip bus going to manila. LML

hmm... my bag seems a wee bit lighter. gah! i left my baon. FML

saw my tito in the same bus. *mano po* it's a free ride courtesy of my tito! LML

Monday, August 10, 2009


"last night my hard disk was corrupted. i lost EVERYTHING!! #FML"

this just sucks gigantic balls! i was just thoroughly enjoying myself watching this anime halfway through its season when i decided to hit the sack last night. i then tried to access a folder to update a file in my external hard drive. nothing. that's odd.

tried a different folder. nothing.

maybe another folder then? still nothing.


l0ng story short, i decided to format the disk since:

1. i've watched most of the movies that i've downloaded there,
2. all the music that were in there were just copies from my cds,
3. i did backup some of files, mostly tv series, (the big bang theory, 30 rock, the office, how i met your mother, dollhouse)
4. a friend was able to copy a chunk, (about 25% of my hard disk) last time we met so i'll probably just copy it back from him,
5. and i know my friends are willing to share whatever stuff they have to me.

except for the small project i just started, which is now forever in limbo, (which i know i can still recreate since its still in its early stages) the losses are really small.

but that small comforting fact doesn't hinder me from thinking that it's all a conspiracy.


purupuru pururin pururin!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

stating the obvious

if your new boyfriend/girlfriend recently broke up with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend which has a striking resemblance with you then you're just a rebound. and we all know the track record with that kind of relationships.


lets say you're im'ing with this girl and the conversation goes something like this,

you: have you watched hp6?
her: i already did with my friends.
you: ahh...
her: but i still haven't watched ice age 3.

that is an opening for you to ask her out. if you're not a dense-head you should've picked up on that signal and go ask her out.

dense-head version of you: ahh... but hp6 is way better (gayer) than ice age 3. i guess i'll just watch it by myself.

non-dense-head version of you: i haven't seen that movie too. let's go see it when it comes out.


her status message: needs a movie buddy, or a boyfriend who has time to watch movies with me.

her qualifications vs you:
got free time? yes: passed; no: fail
likes watching movies? yes: passed; no: fail
single? yes: boyfriend; no: movie buddy (no fail criteria)

your qualifications vs her:
is she cute? yes: passed; no: fail

assuming that her status message was to fish you out and if you passed her qualifications and she passed yours well then my friend should i state the obvious?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


i miss my dog. she died wednesday last week after being sick for about three days. save for the times when my mom comes to visit, she has been my sole companion here at home for the past two years or so. she was one, if not the main reason i go home after going out with friends. and home now is a bit empty without her. sooner or later i know that i'll move on, maybe remember her now and then and eventually forget her but now is still not later. so for now i miss her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

sorry i can't help myself

what year is it? 2001? as i recall its 2009, isn't it? then why are there a slew of korean videos in the myx hit chart? what gives...


see anyone familiar?

maybe this will help you remember.

wow, reinvention! hehe.


also, lols!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


this day pretty much sucked. i got stuck in traffic for 3 friggin' hours going to makati. then i was cemented in a lunch line for 30 minutes. if i wasn't craving for a kfc wow steak i would've instantly left the queue when i figured that it was gonna take an eternity. after eating to my heart's content i spent yet another 3 hours trying to answer 30 questions of which i really had no idea, well maybe just a little, how to answer. (bonus points to anyone who can guess the outcome of that ordeal.) decided to go to the mall to buy new socks to replace the rain drenched socks that i was wearing. (ahh, that felt good. new socks are 100% soothing!) the next 3 hours was spent going from one shoe store to the next in hopes to find a fitting replacement to my 3 year old sneakers. couldn't find anything that was well within the range of my budget so i'll be buying a new pair next pay day. i hope.

things started to get better after i splurged on 3 albums (chillitees - extra rice, eraserheads - fruitcake and mayonaise - tercera) i saw matt ranillo iii. (1st celebrity sighting) i was scouirng the many food establishments for some comfort food. i ended up at jollibee buying a super meal. it had the ultimate comfort food - the chicken joy which was the center of the meal accompanied by half a palabok, some corn and carrots sprinkled with burnt garlic (ugh!) and two tiny square cuts of supposedly red ribbon brownies. it was belly-cious! while eating i weighed the merits of texting a friend, which henceforth will be known and refered to as tuna pie. i always remember tuna pie when i eat at jollibee. opted not to text her though.

eat dinner then go home that was the plan. but as most simple plans it was foiled by the long long line for the vans going home. really, i should've expected that with the rush hour, incestant rain and all the construction going on in the south. assessed that it was better to wait it out. went to timezone to play some tekken to pass the time. meh, i suck. won 4 games and lost 3. i was leaving timezone when i walked past jennica garcia. (2nd celebrity sighting) quickly did a turn around to some oggling. and oggled i did! man she was really pretty. i'm not really that into thin girls but for her i will make and exception. she was wearing a pink tube dress and it made me wonder how it stayed, she being flat in some areas. so there was i trying to be discrete when lo and behold another celebrity was before my eyes. it was cherry ann kubota. (3rd celebrity sighting) they left and so did i.

hmmm... the day is actually turning out to be fine. and it will only get better as i end this post with wholesome thoughts of jennica, listinening to the albums i bought and drinking a cold one before going to sleep. cheers to tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


i don't believe in self help books because i prefer to get my psychobabble from life.

Monday, July 06, 2009

transformers: revenge of the fallen

transformers: rise of the fallen (ROTF) is like porn. you don't watch porn for the story (or lack thereof) or the superb acting (or lack therof), you watch it for the girls and well, sex. in the case of ROTF there's no lack of girls and sex. actually there was only one girl but she was more than enough. (*minor spoiler alert* there this was scene in the movie where megan fox was running in slow motion amidst the chaos in the background. man it reminded me of cj parker in that infamous red one piece bathing suit running in the beach in slow motion. rar!) well actually there was also no sex either in ROTF. instead of sex there were robots, a lot of robots. robots were the sex in ROTF. and they were simply eye-gasmic.

except for some minor gripes, like how one robot didn't live up to how bad ass he was in the animated series *cough-devastator-cough* and how sometimes the robot fight scenes can be confusing (which really was no surprise because one rendered robot alone is pretty much confusing what more if there were three in the screen slugging it out), i was pretty much satisfied with the movie. maybe because i had low expectations of it after reading the dismal reviews and seeing the low ratings it got in the net but more of because i was in it because of a girl and the robots. and oh, explosions too! (if you know what i mean. ehe.)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

choose your own adventure: [you're the star of the story! choose from 42 possible endings.] THE PARALLEL PARADOX PARADIGM PREDICAMENT

“i want to experience genuine passion and pure joy in my life. i want it.”

if you decide to stay in safe mediocrity, turn to page 32
if you decide to leap to risk laden happiness, turn to page 85
if you decide to stab the wizard in his mustached face, turn to page 64

Thursday, June 25, 2009

cool device

i'm glad that my old dvd player conked out on me a couple of months ago because if it hadn't i wouldn't have bought my new and awesome dvd player. as with the usual dvd players it plays dvds (duh) and audio cds. and similar to the standard nowadays it also plays different types of media. (videos in avi format, audio files in wma and mp3 format. nice!) it also has a usb 2.0 port where it can play media files from a thumb drive or an external hard disk. once you pop in a cd or connect via usb in autoplays whatever media in can play. its media "explorer" is clean and easy to navigate displaying all the files in the usb device.

but wait there's more!

it can also rip audio cds. all you need is a cd to rip and a fairly large enough storage device where the output file will be saved. the ripping options are simple and few, the essentials:

ripping speed: normal/fast
create ID3 tags: yes/no
bitrate: 96/112/128/192/256/320 kbps
device: usb 1 (i'm guessing that other models have several devices to choose from. maybe several usb ports.)

the tracks can be selected individualy or with just one click of a button, all of them can be selected. there's also a summary of the number of tracks selected and the total playing time that is shown on the screen.

once you hit the start button it plays all the selected tracks one at a time and displays the ripping progress via a status bar and percentage completed. the resulting output file, which is in mp3 format(!), is saved in a folder RIPPING created by the dvd player in the root directory.

but wait there's more!

it can copy any file it can read from a cd/dvd to a usb device. selection of the files is similar to cd ripping track selection. it saves the files including the folders/subfolders in a folder FILES created by the dvd player.

but wait there's more!

the player itself is a space saver because its small and compact. it's about half the size of normal dvd players.

i couldn't ask for more. hmmm... well maybe TiVo eat bulaga or tayong dalawa and burn them to a dvd.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

you can do magic

i was pretty much entertained with the star magic fashion show that was shown in asap last sunday. the asap stage served as the walkway for the stars and they came a struttin' to the tune of dmb's ants marching performed live by nyoy volante with another band, the name of which i can't remember. it was cool though because they had an actual violin in the arrangement.

some of the notable artist that modeled the formal wear were shaina, bea, angelica, nikki, maja, pokwang, chocolate, rayver, santino and kim chiu. of course the only ones that i actually remembered were of the female persuation. well except for santino because he was the only kid there and rayver, a.k.a. the poor poor man's richard gutierrez, not because he looked good in what he was wearing but actually because what he was wearing stood out from all of the rest (silver-gray suit with a black cravat) also because he came out with the ever so pretty maja. of course the only piece of clothing i remembered was that of worn by a man. although i did remember that green short-long dress that the ever so cute kim chiu wore because she was the only female model that didn't slightly tripped on their dresses.

but probably the scene stealer of the segment for me was when i saw this surprisingly familiar girl who came out in a stunning purple dress. she was a vision, a fairy missing a star tipped silver wand. then that beautiful image of her evoked recent viewings i had of her, all four parts of varying length, video quality and compromising, ahem, postions. let me now end this post as i pick up my jaw from the floor.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


the white blank page is staring back. the blinking cursor mimicking an over reacting eye, already anticipating the blinding torrent of words that are about to come.

the taste of the first series of letters are foreign and wandering. but disappointingly too few to satisfy the potential of what might have been something of value.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


ah! slide slide slide down the slippery slope into the death trap of work related status updates via twitter, plurk and facebook when your being "followed" by your officemates.


i think i've neglected this blog and this blog long enough.

Monday, June 08, 2009



Thursday, May 14, 2009


i really do enjoy going out with my friends on those late night gimiks. and what i equally enjoy after going out with them is the late night trip going home. besides the reinforcement that home is just half an hour away from work and the warm ambient amber light of the lamp posts, it helps me think about things thats been hovering in my mind for the longest time like,
  • i like putting my thoughts in bullets
    • ideas in bullet form is just a way to make unorganized thoughts look organized.
    • i like nested bullets even more.
  • what constitutes a date?
    • more than anything it's mutual intent.
      • emphasis on mutual.
  • why am i not exceptionaly good in anything?
    • because i think i spread myself too thinly.
  • pretty/cute underaged girls shouldn't be allowed to post their pictures in the intarwebz.
  • i need sleep.
  • my blog life is dying because of:
  • i need new shoes and a backpack.
  • having clashing opnions
    • shouldn't diminish the subjective value of the topic at hand.
    • will give us something interesting to talk about.
      • compromise is a bitch.
      • agree to disagree.
  • this just a silly excuse to throw random stuff at you.
  • i'm tired of being alone,
    • so hurry up and get here,
      • o yeah.
  • i'm gonna miss my sister.
  • it only took me exactly one year to finally write this down.
    • and three days to finish it.
  • i don't have a proper ending for this post because,
    • i'm too sleepy.
      • i wrote this after a late night gimik.
    • i'm too lazy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

life changing


major overhaul of plans for the next year or so. will put buying a ps3 and hd tv on hold.

happy days are here again! :D

Monday, April 27, 2009

money matters

you know when money doesn't matter? when you don't have it. same goes for personality, looks and abs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's a dead give away that someone is blank1 if blank2...

1. blank1: a jobseeker
blank2: he/she's holding a brown envelop.

2. blank1: unchaste
blank2: he/she has a tattoo

3. blank1: a douchebag
blank2: he's collar is popped

4. blank1: a heartbreaker
blank2: she's pretty

Thursday, April 16, 2009

it's just salt in my eyes

dear ex-significant other,

who would've thought it would come to this? certainly not us. but there's no helping it, we're already here.

on the top of my head, i think you should keep all the club8 and belle & sebastian cds. i'll take all the franz ferdinand, the killers and the darkness stuff. of course you should not return bloc party's silent alarm to me, after all i gave it to you as a gift. the same goes for u2's joshua tree, paramore's all we know is falling, and all the imogen heap and frou frou stuff. and i'd like to get my copy of bloc party's a weekend in the city and the white stripes' elephant back. all the terno records stuff, except for udd's special released bi-polar, are all yours. in turn i'd like to retain nirvana's with the lights out box set. good thing we have our own separate copies of the eheads albums, thats minus one conflict point.

now that we've somewhat settled who will get what, maybe you'll stop contacting me. i might have been unclear when i told you last time that you should just move on. i hope everything will be clear after this: i'm done trying to live your life for the both of us. and now that you've left my almost perfect record collection incomplete, i do not wish you to have you in my life anymore. i know this is enough closure for you.


i just burned a mixed cd for you. we should give it a listen. call me.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the space between

let me start by pointing out the obvious. men are lazy.

(and as of writing this primal nature has devoured my desire to further probe this line of thinking, depleting my urge to discuss some finer aspects, facts if you will, of the non-dominant psuedo-alpha male and tricked out mopeds and just dive in directly to the essence of this entry.)

this laziness translates into everything we do. for example, texting. generally men don't text. family, occasionaly. friends, sparingly. officemates, rarely. girlfriends, when reporting.

but as always there is that one exception when we use our lethargic minds to wit-think and zombie-esque fingers to tap tap tap away on our keypads. that is when we are texting... a potential mate. hell you can actually gauge his level of interest depending on the time between your text and his reply.

here is a simple summary

interest level rating
1 - el zero
2 - liliputian
3 - luke perry warm
4 - bull's ring
5 - zinger, we got a winner!

response time and corresponding interest level rating
  • 24 hours of le mans - 1
  • 12 rounds of boxing - 2
  • one basketball quarter - 3
  • phelps 200m butterfly - 4
  • bolt 100m dash - 5
so next time he texts you back be keen and aware of the... ugh. too lazy to think of a proper ending to this post, i.e. interest level is currently at 5, therefore must reply now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

balik sa fruitcake heigh

kanina napansin ko (ulit) nung tinitignan ko yung cassette album inlay ng fruitcake ng eraserheads na parang may censored na mga salita dun. censored kasi parang minarkahan ng itim na pentel pen yung nakasulat. yun nga lang di rin nila na-censor ng maayos kasi pag tinapat mo sa ilaw tapos medyo nilagyan mo ng anggulo yung pagtingin mo sa kanya mababasa mo yung initiman na parte. at ang mga nakasulat ay... (drum roll please)

medwin marfil -vocals > more beer

yan. nakakapagtaka lang kasi ba't nila ginawa yun? nagkaaway ba sila dati? hmm...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ninja expert

next to howard wollowitz's funky belt buckles, i think one of the most clever use of wardrobe to further develop and characterize, well umm... a character in a tv show are frank's trucker caps.

so here's a list of the slogans that appear on his caps from 30 rock's first season per episode.
01. ninja expert
02. done deal
03. extra suasage
04. joystick master, double cheese
05. ninja expert, arcade champ, bigfoot expert
06. hand held
07. ninja expert, joystick master
08. bigfoot expert
09. over easy, e.s.p. tutor, kung fu beech
10. rods
11. karate sluts, beef n bean
12. smells
13. high score
14. extra cheese
15. 1,000,000 points, ufo cop
16. squeeze it
17. coool as ice, time travel agent
18. liz rocks
19. mash potatos, beef raviolo, atomic super kick
20. mystery solver, bahama trapezoid,
21. alabama legsweep, force field, alien knight force

i think i got all of them. i think... hehe.

Monday, March 23, 2009


three months into my 2009 challenge and i already failed in three of them. argh. (bonus points to the person who can guess which challenge i'm so far upholding.


i'm only weak for liz lemon. i so love her!

also, have i told you that i love tina fey?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

time flies

about midnight last night on my last surf through the local channels i chanced upon born to be wild where one of the segment producers was talking about romi who was leaving the show. i didn't recognize her but her was very familiar. then i recalled seeing her in the canteen of gma when i was still working there. and then i remembered that jae pointed her out to me on one of our merienda sessions (or was it lunch?) as if i should know her. and indeed i should. she is still cute, but in a more mature way.

(i was trying to find out what good deed i requested from her but lj is blocked here in the office. o well, papel.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

kanina ko lang nalaman...

na ang kras ko for the longest time... ikakasal na. heartbreak!

Monday, March 09, 2009

gusto kong sumama

i had a glimpse of true happiness last saturday. i saw it on the faces of my friends and amongst the thousand of fans who flocked the final concert of the eraserheads. i felt it with every lyric sung and every raised arm. i saw it up on stage harmonized and performed. (but it was most evident on lemon. he was animated and all smiles on that stool pummeling those sticks. he was pure joy personified.)

it *might* be the end, but it sure was a happy one.

Friday, March 06, 2009

kansert na bukas...

excited na ako. and of course, i will behave. kitakits bukas kids!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

baby you can...

i wish i'm as driven as others are.

i'm glad i'm not as driven as others are.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

conspiracy tsika

medyo nagtataka lang ako kung paano nagkaroon ng show si john estrada sa abc 5 kung saan ceo si tonyboy cujuanco.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


balentayms na naman... haays...


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3 simple questions that shouldn't be asked on the first date

just before the date begins...

question: kanina ka pa?
translation: you are late. and being late for the first date is inexcusable. come on man, haven't you heard that first impressions last?
solution: forget your nationality, which i'm assuming is filipino, for a minute and be on japanese time which is 10 minutes before the actual meeting time.


it has begun...

question: anong gusto mong gawin?
translation: you don't have a plan, which means that you didn't exert any effort whatsoever in preparing for the date. hmmm... were you forced by your friends to go on this date?
solution: plan ahead. it's not a requirement that you get reservations for a resto just that you already have an idea what you will be doing and where you're going to eat. actually this question is quite harmless, given that you already told her of your plans for the date. this act will let her know that you are flexible and that you are open to her suggestions .



question: paano ka uuwi?
translation: i had fun but you're a gud. if you were to tell me not to ask this question about two(?) years ago i would be baffled then. but yeah, based on my friend's experience i'd never utter these words ever.
solution: offer to take her home, that is assuming that the date went well. it doesn't matter if she lives in bulacan and you live in cavite. what matters at this crucial point of the date is that you are willing to go the extra(x10) mile(s). thought counts, my friend.


hope that helps kids.

stay tuned next week when i tackle the merits of being single against being attached against being attacked by a shark.

Monday, January 26, 2009

serial nice guy goes psycho boy

"i feel like putting a bullet between the eyes of every panda that wouldn't screw to save its species.

i want to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all the french beaches i'd never see.

i feel like destroying something beautiful."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i'm going out of the country by september this year. that moment will be one of many firsts for me, first plane ride, first trip outside the philippines, to name a few. but before all of that, first i have to be cleared from DOST, NBI, DFA and BI. i already feel nauseous just thinking about this daunting task before me. though on the bright side there's a lot of time for me to accomplish this so i do feel confident that i'd be able to cross the finish line in time.

just now i faxed my letter of final clearance along with certificates of employment to DOST and checked if they received the documents. they did. the waiting game is on. i just need to follow up with them friday or next monday. hope all goes well. *crosses fingers*

Monday, January 19, 2009

let me try again

i had a blast last weekend during my lola's birthday celebration. videoke-ing was super fun. add a few beers and good-humored people in the mix and videoke time transforms to bijoke taym! hehe.

the highlight of the night for me was when my tipsy lolo approached and talked to me,

lolo: ay, magaling ka nga palang kumanta apo! sige pumili ka ng kanta para kay mommy (my lola) mo. pag sila yang kumanta, ay, pu*****na. lukow! ay!

Friday, January 09, 2009

di mapakali, magdamag hinahanap

nababaliw tuwing naalala ang init
di malimutan kailangang muling makamit
ang tamis sa aking mga labi

the 2008 that was...

staying true to a what has become a yearly tradition...

instructions: copy and paste the first sentence(s) from your first entry of each month this past year.

title: untitled
first line: sya: mahirap yan.
hehe. may nakita kasi talga ako sa mrt na cute na grocery girl.

title: lazy blogging
first line: click
tamad e. hehe.

title: iron man trailer
first line: iron man exclusive trailer
i thought i creamed myself... i did.

title: it feels like another break-up all over again...
first line: on the bright side: self-imposed no dating co-workers rule is no longer in effect.
a foreshadowing of what's to come...

no post!

title: untitled
first line: nagbabalat yung parehong tuhod ko.
ang galing kaya...

title: untitled
first line: i am looking for a cute single 33 year old woman looking for a smart 27 year old pretend boyfriend.
dal ja's spring beybi! :D

title: no such thing
first line: rory of gilmore girls.
kapapanuod ko lang nung weekend na yun ng garden state sa 2nd avenue. nandun nga pala si sheldon ng big bang theory dun. hehe.

title: untitled
first line: screw that.
naalala ko lang yung game & watch na kelangan mong saluhin yung mga itlog na nahuhulog. hehe.

title: dig david dig
first line: i have to dig a hole.
mini-cupcakes, mini-heartbreaks.

title: mini-update
first line: i started work today.
second first day at WW. kaya pang pumetiks.

title: short change
first line:
you know you've changed when you...
ate at wendys the night before.


oh and there might have been a girl in there somewhere, sometime this year, but I try not to think about her anymore.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 challenge

one year of...

1. maximum one rice per meal - (to achieve ideal weight(but i'm there already. hehe.))
2. save a minimum of half a month's pay (per month, of course) - (emergency funds and saving up for the day)
3. no to anything pirated or unpaid downloads - (goodbye manong dibidi! goodbye pirated games. *gulp*)
4. go to church every sunday - !sey
5. maximum of two bottles per gimik - !ON


Monday, January 05, 2009

in 2009...

i will say no to...

pseudo relationships
pseudo girlfriends
pseudo girls

and will say yes to the possibility of...

a girlfriend relationship with a girl who knows how to pseudo code.