Tuesday, April 19, 2005

can i?

i lost the drive to write what happened during the weekend because of that blasted report which i revised for countless of times yesterday. so can i just skip to the "good" parts?

  • dinner at north park with photon people
  • attendees: me, sarah, cherry, alekos, jae and ivan. (later urk)
  • cherry: sino ba talaga si patty?
  • lols.Ü
  • prospects of puerto galera next month
  • drooled over the pictures jae took
  • drooled some more
  • videoke at io
  • song of the night: crazy for you (everyone was singing.Ü)

saturday (part 1)

  • splash island day!
  • attendees: frank, ria, jas, cel, nikki, victor, pat, chico, joyce, jonas, oli, alison, dondon, aidz, poks, alekos, at ako!Ü
  • fifteen minutes or so minutes in the rapids...
  • HELP!
  • lols!Ü
  • river, slide, slide, slide, river, slide slide, river, river
  • lunch: chicken!Ü
  • river, slide, slide, river, slide, kodakan, river, slide, kodakan, river, kodakan, river

saturday (part 2)

  • parteh at rico's
  • attendees: (splash people) - (cel) + (jae, jopeks, patrick, coco)
  • pork barbecue
  • chicken barbecue
  • yum!Ü (i want some more...)
  • [no tekken 5. boo! played three games of tag. matches with nikki were fun fun fun.]
  • kwentuhan, lokohan, kantahan at inuman. (although we didn't get to reveal our secret crushes. lols.Ü)
  • being with friends...Ü


  • i clearly remember that we were four when we rode the rio monte-ewan slide when we went to splash for the first time in 2000. just goes to show how big we've become.
  • saw a lot of young-pretty-jail-bait-girls. just goes to show how old we've become...
  • splash island outing was a success! puerto naman next month!Ü
  • ngayon lang ata ako nakakita ng dugong na nalunod...


  1. hmmm. i miss hanging out with you guys. :)

  2. Hm, you should have gone to the DotA morning session, if only to add another section.

    Too bad about your sandals.. happened to me last year too.

  3. faye: 'kaw kasi e

    chicks: it's the curse of the splash island outing...