Wednesday, March 16, 2005


i think i'm being blamed for something that i didn't do. it sucks!

most of the time i really don't care what others think of me. well, that's what i've been saying. but it feels quite different when you are being wisphered about and when back stabbing groups suddenly disperse when you get near them. i feel as if i'm going to be the one voted out on the next tribal council.

but in the end what matters most is the fact that i haven't wronged anyone. right?


  1. No. Not right.

    But you're gonna do it soon, right? :P

  2. Sucks more if you didn't do anything.

    If you did, then at least you could be comfortable with the fact that you deserved it. :P

  3. may nakabasa lang nung post tungkol sa pagnanasa mo sa officemate na may asawa na. :p