Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i love you na...

...mishka adams!Ü


  1. Heh. Is it a strong coincidence that she showed up the moment Barbie's cradle disbanded?

  2. you don't love her. she's mine :D lol. cel: rumor lang yata yung barbie's cradle disbanding.

  3. Hehehe, yeah, Mishka rocks! Tara, nood tayong gig niya Jam. I haven't seen her live yet. Do you have the album na ba?

    Also, Mishka's been around for quite some time, long before Barbie decided to go solo.

    You might want to catch WOLFGANG NIGHT on Aug31 at THX Premiere(?), yung dating Louie's THX sa Mile Long Makati. Mishka's one of the vocalists. I wonder what she'll sing.

  4. drew: hindi! akin sya!Ü

    dacs: planning on buying the album next pay day.Ü

    ya! nood tayo! may entrance??