Saturday, July 03, 2004

pampanga's best

i love sisig! this i realized during my lunch out with a friend. browsing thru the menu of the place, the crispy sisig instantly caught my eye and made my tummy growled a wee bit louder. it was a no brainer then what my order should be. while hungrily chowing down on the dish it occured to me that as long as the food establishment i'm dining in has sisig on their menu i'd always try their own rendition of the meal. i think i've tasted every conceivable version of sisig, with egg, mayo or mang tomas, greasy or dry, minced or chunky, spicy, tangy or bland. but never have i devoured sisig that could better or even match my step dad's sisig. mere words would ruin the experience of partaking on this delectable treat. probably you could ask my friends who have sampled this feast. or you could take my word for it.


  1. So what's the name of the place? :D

  2. hmmm... sisig. You should try the one from sumthin fishy at Eastwood, your blood pressure will shoot straight up :รพ

  3. My favorite would still be from Gerry's grill. hehe! Gusto ko yung chicharon e. :p