Thursday, November 18, 2004

ice climber

the first episode for the new season of amazing race aired last night. (live via satellite in the afternoon) i was quite surprised that ar6 started already. but nonetheless i was happy it did.

i was particulary amused when the first detour of the game let the teams choose between finding a bouy amongst a myriad of glaciers and ice climbing. i myself given a choice between riding a boat and ice climbing would've prefered the latter.
disappointingly there were no seals, polar bears and pterodactyls spotted during any of the ice climb.

one of the "disposable" teams got eliminated, the high school best friend team. they chose to find the bouy. they should've known better that the less physically tedious and seemingly easier tasks take longer. idiots.


heart has a new commercial. happy days are here again. :)


  1. Ya, I saw her ad last Sunday. And I still don't like her.

    Why is it that our TV in our Manila house only has ABS-CBN? That's not ours anyway. It just sort of was handed down.I gotta buy one. Yes, I only watch the news and cartoons.

  2. you don't like her? o well...

    yes let's buy a tv!Ü

  3. That means we'll have three TVs! = ) One is in our Cavite home.
    About Heart, it started when she was paired with John Prats and my sister likes him and she is not a good actress, more less a singer!

  4. happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness. -devinez