Thursday, January 28, 2010

on first dates

the guy pays for everything (movie, dinner, dessert, coffee, shhhhh..arwarma) but with gift cheques. is this acceptable?

the guy uses his credit card to foot the bill. problem is he wasn't aware that the card was already maxed out and added to that he isn't liquid at the moment. to save from his further embarrassment the girl pays for the chit. minus pogi points?

is it a good gauge that the date is not going well when the girl insists on going dutch? that is instead of the (not so) usual courtesy of her offering to split the bill then the guy generously declining her offer then proceeds to taking all the damage, a tennis match ensues on who's paying for what.


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  1. hmm.. i think i'd find paying for dinner with GCs seriously funny. hindi naman unacceptable, pero it's weird.

    as for the "girl ends up paying scenario", honestly minus pogi points nga. i'd expect the guy to be prepared at least with enough cash to split the bill with me.

  2. Scene 1: Everything? As in everything? Kinda funny and awkward.

    Scene 2:The credit cards does not work? Mega-minus pogi points. They should bring cash.

    Scene 3: If the girl insists on going dutch even if after the guys also insisted, so be it.