Monday, January 25, 2010


i wouldn't have noticed it if my friend hadn't pointed out that this girl i had a thing for was looking pretty fine these days. this got me to wondering, wondering whatever happened to those girls i were in to and who were also fond of me, i.e. MU (MU = mutual understanding | may unawaan | mag-un). i didn't have any other means to check on them since i seldom talk or contact them.

(i really don't dig the idea of staying in touch or being "friends" with someone that used to be somebody in your life. it just a reminder of that part of your life as a failure. it's just pure torture. i wholeheartedly believe this with ex's but still partial with almost girlfriends. but i digress...)

enter facebook! here's the part were i thank facebook for being so widely used that it was a cinch to looking them up and instantly finding them. and it's a plus that facebook is stalker friendly. hehe.

on to the rubbing of salt on the wound. well, most of them are in a relationship, one is getting married and the rest single. (these might sound a lot to you but in reality they all can be counted using one and 2/5 of a hand.) judging from the the limited or unlimited access i had with their information and photos, which admittedly is quite inaccurate, they all seem to be doing good. and true to what my friend noticed with the first girl they all look prettier or cuter than when we were (almost) together. which just sucks for me.

but then a light bulb suddenly blazed in my head and hence the birth of the palpable corporeal enhancement tendencies via confined time proximity with me theory. in simple form, all of the women i've been involved with will look way foxier after being with me.

seeing that this theory is still on its infant stage, i am now accepting volunteers of the female persuasion to prove or disprove this. parameters will be set once i see you. till then, i'll wait for your applications.

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