Tuesday, February 02, 2010

hate & love

i hate you already...

if you're into or once into a fad, i.e. havaianas, nata de coco, zagu, shawarma, frozen yogurt.

if you have a keyboard in front of you yet you still insist in writing your sentences as if you're texting. (plus hate points to people who go, "d2 n me, wer n u?")

if you speak in coño. (plus hate points if you abbreviate words that really have no abbreviation.) [we were in tags during the weekend to attend this party chong. dude it was exclusive. you have to be in the gl to get in.]

if you use the word chillax. (and i hate myself for polluting this post with that word.)


i love you already...

if you could pull off a semi fitted white shirt and jeans. (plus love points if you're mabalakang; plus hate points if you're a man who wears (semi) fitted shirts))

if you're into alternative/classic/pop/blues/hard rock music. (plus love points if you're into opm rock.) (plus plus points if you like sandwich, pedicab, up dharma down, urbandub, franco and eraserheads.)

if you like little miss sunshine, sideways and juno. (you've missed half of your life if you haven't watched any of these films.)

if you get sarcasm.

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