Thursday, May 14, 2009


i really do enjoy going out with my friends on those late night gimiks. and what i equally enjoy after going out with them is the late night trip going home. besides the reinforcement that home is just half an hour away from work and the warm ambient amber light of the lamp posts, it helps me think about things thats been hovering in my mind for the longest time like,
  • i like putting my thoughts in bullets
    • ideas in bullet form is just a way to make unorganized thoughts look organized.
    • i like nested bullets even more.
  • what constitutes a date?
    • more than anything it's mutual intent.
      • emphasis on mutual.
  • why am i not exceptionaly good in anything?
    • because i think i spread myself too thinly.
  • pretty/cute underaged girls shouldn't be allowed to post their pictures in the intarwebz.
  • i need sleep.
  • my blog life is dying because of:
  • i need new shoes and a backpack.
  • having clashing opnions
    • shouldn't diminish the subjective value of the topic at hand.
    • will give us something interesting to talk about.
      • compromise is a bitch.
      • agree to disagree.
  • this just a silly excuse to throw random stuff at you.
  • i'm tired of being alone,
    • so hurry up and get here,
      • o yeah.
  • i'm gonna miss my sister.
  • it only took me exactly one year to finally write this down.
    • and three days to finish it.
  • i don't have a proper ending for this post because,
    • i'm too sleepy.
      • i wrote this after a late night gimik.
    • i'm too lazy.

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