Thursday, March 15, 2007

you will not enjoy this

everybody is raving about 300. 300 this, 300 that. so just to be different let me tell you about the things that i didn't like about 300.

the trailer - don't get me wrong the trailer was well made but it's just that why did they have to put most, if not all, the freakin' good lines in the movie in the trailer? it kinda lessened the oomph factor of the lines when it was delivered in the movie. but not so much that it ruined the whole feel of the scene.

(and oh, i was relieved that leonidas has lines that he didn't screamed out.)

people in the movie house - oi, when i want a play by play commentary on the movie i am currently watching i'll go ask quinito henson to do so. nothing ruins the moment more when you go saying,

"lalaban pa yan. tignan mo. ... ... ay, hindi na. madami kasing kalaban e."

shut your trap man and watch the movie.

the news - apparently people in iran(?) are offended by the movie. a movie which is based on a graphic novel. a work of fiction. don't read too much into it. political and social undertones blah blah blah. just watch the movie and take it for what it is, just pure not-so-clean testosterone blood thirst induced carnage! yeh!

well that's about it. everything else about the movie is f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c.


  1. "this will not be short" Aaayyy!

  2. well ako, di ko napanood yung full trailer. siguro that's why nothing was ruined for me. tapos neutral lang uli expectations ko, kaya ako sobra natuwa. :)