Friday, November 14, 2008


this post from dacs got me thinking about my texting etiquette. der was a tym dat i also txtd lyk dis. and for the life of me i don't know what i was thinking then. but i've reverted to texting in the "unappropriate" way which is no shortcuts and as much as possible proper capitalization (which i rarely follow. hehe.) and punctuantion after realizing that texting that way is plain ugly.


similar to fingerprints one could distinguish who he's texting with depending on thier text habits. as such i thought of my habits,
  • almost no short-cut words
  • short-cut words repertoire: beri, gud, nyt.
  • capitalized first word of each sentence
  • presence of, gasp! what's this?, punctuations.
  • uncapitalized expressions (haha, hehe, hihi, umm, ahh, nyak)
  • smileys galore Ü
  • no spaces between punctuations and capitalized umlaut smileys

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