Friday, December 28, 2007

resolution shmesolution

come january 1 i'm swearing off any and all kinds of junk food and carbonated drinks for a year. yes this sounds like a resolution but i don't want to call it a resolution (because like promises, resolutions are meant to be broken) rather let's just call it a challenge. so i mentioned this idea to jem and he too was up for the challenge... to the tune of 5,000 pesos, that is if anyone of us nibble on a potato chip or sip any carbonated drink in the course of one year that person will give the other person 5k. one time payment only. honesty system.

if any of you guys are interested in joining just say so. hehehe.


  1. Wow!


    Ako, hindi ko kaya yan! XD

  2. An interesting challenge.

    So how does that work with multiple people? Do you have to pay each one on the list?

    I don't think it would be fair if I'd join, since I don't eat chips/drink carbonated drinks on a regular basis.

  3. uy, para lang malinaw, hindi ako sali dya, ha.. =p

  4. Wow! Parang ang sarap mang-tempt. JAm, labas tayo next year ha? Hangout lang. I'll bring food and drinks :p

  5. Interesting challenge, both because of the pot money and the health benefits. hehe.

    I have some questions though:
    a. Refer to cel's question.
    b. Is it a "first to eat/drink junk pays up" or whoever eats junk in the course of 1 year pays up. (that is it's possible to not pay the "fine" if both/all of the challengers failed to finish the 1 year without eating/drinking junk?)

  6. does chocolate count as junk food?

  7. niks: sali ka. hehe.

    cel: you only have to shell out 5k. the rest of the participants split the 5k.

    angel: sure. :P

    mark: the latter, whoever eats the junk pays.

    kaka: chocolates are fair game.

  8. Ah, wala.. Olats talaga ako dyan, e.. :-"