Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i don't get why...

...guys swoon over anne curtis. yes she is pretty, to some extent. i just don't know why men go gaga over her. but when i see her i keep picturing a clumsy tounge tied seven year old.


...people worship and glorify bamboo. (yeah pare,bamboo pare, rock pare!) they just churn out the same old songs which try to capture (which they never fail to, props to them for that.) the listeners by being somewhat anthemic and patriotic. bamboo is just a glorified show band.


...women love flowers over everything else.


  1. ... don't question the flower thing. it just is... even if a woman says she does not want flowers, give her some anyway... she'll love it

  2. On Anne: What the... guys swoon? :o

    On Bamboo: I know little about Bamboo's music; I've a theory, though: aside from being not hard on the ears, their music evokes raw, genuine, emotions--which is more than what I can say about most local bands. If you think of music a disembodied entity, something that can be taken as its is and be enjoyed without regard to things like who created the music, the band's image, history, etc., I think you will not not get why.

    Another thing, they made something that was, in the past, uncool, "cool". Suddenly it's not as baduy to be maka-bayan. Patriotism is the new black.

    Not sure if my observation applies to the majority of the masses (I have a feeling that the points I mentioned aren't exactly the reasons why some people actually like the band; but I think I'm not far off the mark).

    I dunno, I just felt that there was something a bit unsettling (well, coming from you!) about the rationale of your post. Or maybe I just didn't understand pretty well what you're getting at. Just correct me where I may be mistaken. ;)

    On Flowers: Nah, I prefer chocolates and bling over flowers. But flowers are nice too.

    (P.S. Long time no see... I miss you a teensy weensy bit. Hihi. ;p)

  3. after 2 years or so...

    on bamboo: don't get me wrong, the group's musicality is way above other bands these days. i respect them for that. maybe i just said what i said because i'm not into their music. and still not.