Thursday, July 26, 2007

when you say sorry to someone does that mean you've already admitted that you were wrong?


  1. Of course. :)

    Though natatawa ako kasi this is a common source of argument. hehe.

  2. Mark - Are you referring to me? :p

    Jam - Nabasa ko somewhere sometime ago na there are several functions/meanings ng sorry...

    Sorry = Please forgive me
    Sorry = I love you
    Sorry = I love you too
    Sorry = I was wrong
    Sorry = (said just to stop the argument)
    Sorry ...ewan ko na eh. Sayang nakalimutan ko. Hindi ko din matandaan kung san ko nabasa. And BTW the way you can say it once pero multiple meanings agad. So in answer to your question it doesn't always mean that you admitted that you were wrong.