Monday, March 19, 2007

thank god it's friday... really...

last friday me, tseri and birthday boy mark met up to have dinner and acompany tseri in buying a laptop bag. of course we, or at least me, forgot that it was payday friday coinciding with a three day weekend mall wide sale. it was christmas rush season all over again. this also meant that all food establishments were brimming with people. good thing (for me) that i wasn't that hungry yet. (considering that i haven't eaten yet during that day. it was a friday. sacrifice!)

we ended up eating at chicken inasal(?). we had bangus belly steak, sinigang na bangus sa bataw, and boneless danggit. it was mmm-mmm-mmm delicious. you should try and eat there.

after dinner we went to sm to look for tseri's laptop bag. while i was buying rice for my dog, tseri and mark already saw a neat and cheap to boot laptop bag. it was made by ilustrazio (first time that i heard of this brand). and oh, it had a lifetime warranty which covers everything! woot! second option laptop bag made by samsonite was very elegant while still being functional. but it only had a two year warranty covering only the stitches of the bag and three times more(!) expensive. but it was way way way more pogi than the previous bag. so tseri had this dillema of choosing between a more practical bag well within her budget or a bag which is a tad bit more off her budget but which is far more better than the other. a dillema which was solved after a quick black gulaman break. guess which bag she bought. of course it was the samsonite bag. personally i'd make the same decision. the bag was more expensive but longevity-wise it would probably last longer. and a samsonite bag never goes out of style.

(i pointed this out to tseri and mark while tseri was contemplating on what bag to buy: that i found it funny that the salesman for ilustrazio had to volunteer the specs of the bag while the salesman for the samsonite bag only had to show us the bag. the bag talked for it self. just goes to show what an established brand name can do.)

oi tse! kamusta ang bagong bag? pahiram nga. hehe.


  1. it is oh so great. and oh so pretty! however, it's still small pala to carry all my kikay stuff. so kelangan ko magbawas ng stuff na dinadala. hehe! pero no regrets pa so far! ;)

  2. @che, just wait for a month then baka maging "green" na rin yan, just like angel's. :p

  3. Hey, my friend works for samsonite, she could have gotten a 20% discount sana... :D

    anyways, sad thing about owning a pogi bag is that it is eye-candy for everyone, most especially thieves.

    what i did was to buy a laptop sleeve and keep my laptop in a normal looking backpack. though sometimes, i feel the need to bring the pogi bag with me... :D

    jam, im sure u told cherry about ur officemate's experience... :D

  4. tseri: hmmm... at least mas magaan ang dadalhin mo. ;)

    mark: lolz! maingat naman sa gamit yang si tseri e. :)

    poks: science! penge akong discount pag bibili ako ng bag na samsonite ha. ;)

    hmmm... now that you've mentioned it, i think i haven't told her that story... :P

  5. ako I use a laptop sleeve din lang... that way, I can use any bag I want.. as long as it fits :)

  6. hmmm... where do you buy these sleeves?

  7. meron sa cyberzone sa mega..