Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"lung of love, leaves me breathless"

i'm addicted to frou frou. i was as an instant fan by the end of the first time i saw and heard their video for breathe in. that was way back 2002(?). five years and relentless scouring of music stores for their one and only album later, it is only now that i am able to listen to details. i'm totally lost, but in a good way, in between the dreamy layered voice of imogen and the peculiar but soothing and ingenious arrangements of guy. and now i'm wishing that i should've had their album since it was released then. (it never occurred to me that i could've bought their album online. but that's expensive!) and i do believe that if i ever got a copy of their album then, i'd still be listening to it until now. (well not continuously... :P) too bad that they didn't get the attention that they should've gotten then. so after only one album released, guy and imogen decided to call it quits and disbanded the duo to pursue their craft as solo artists.

so if you like electronica with a dash of soul and playful lyrics you should give frou frou a listen. satisfaction guaranteed!


edit: here's a copy of frou frou's breathe in. click!


  1. Between your post and that of Gamis, I'm thinking that maybe we should start an MP3 sharing mailing list. I still have 2.5 GB to spare on google!

  2. that'd be great! organize please. hehe. :P

  3. baket ako nde kasama? i think i could see where the mp3 list would go, so para meron namang ibang klaseng music, sama ako.

  4. the lead of frou frou has done a solo album. her name's imogen heap. i don't have her album but i've heard good things about it. . .also check out the garden state soundtrack for "let go" (and the movie if you haven't seen it).


  5. jem: sabi ko nga isama ka e. (sabihin mo kay chickla. :P)

    jona: let go was in their album details. i think it's quite impossible to get a copy of imogen's speak for yourself(?) here in the philippines. unless you buy it off the net. :S

  6. yey frou frou! got to know frou frou kasi part sila ng soundtrack sa garden state. :) that movie's entire soundtrack is NICE. :) i agree w/ jona ;)

  7. jam: "...unless i buy it off the net."

    ehem. XD