Monday, January 10, 2005

the good, the bad, & the ugly

pending band name

the good: lazy sundays (reminds me of the sundays. not that good.)
the bad: cash cow
the ugly: dandruff shop



the good: T5 will finally hit the shores of the philippines come next month.Ü
the bad: have to wait two more months before the release of T5 for the ps2. bleh!
the ugly: no heihachi mishima (unconfirmed and not that ugly , only old. ehe.)


tech tv

the good: free tech tv. shown by net 25. (yes i am *somewhat* of a geek, obviously.)
tha bad: month/s late episodes.
the ugly: seeing kat in call for help reminds me of a certain *thumbnail*. hehehe.Ü


noontime shows

the good: eat bulaga
the bad: mtb ang saya-saya!
the ugly: chowtime

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