Monday, June 28, 2004

monday blues clues

blah! i feel miserable! i look miserable! this cold sucks! snot trickling down my nose, taste buds going awol, eyelids havier than lead. blah!

about the same time two weeks ago i had the overwhelming urge to splurge on over priced coffee. so off i went to the nearest coffee shop. but before i could rediscover my affair with mocha i was hindered by a vision more intoxicating. a bargain! on sale was original audio cds for only a hundred bucks each. hmm, an audio cd on the one hand and a cold brew on the other, for more or less the same price. guess what i bought...

knowing that another sale would ensue today, i was more than ready to buy a stack of cds. disappointment of disappointments. no new titles! bleh.

i should've slept my way through this day.

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  1. should have taken the coffee, hehehe...

    anyway, if you tinker long enough in your account, you will find something in the comments menu that will enable anonymous or non-blogger users to post comment in your blogs. just in case you're interested, that is.