Thursday, May 31, 2007

you wanted more

love is surely better when it's gone



Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i wonder if all females name their breasts...

hmmm... if i'm a woman i'd name mine makatas at maganda.

yeh. apir! mmmm....

Monday, May 28, 2007

you had me at no hello

remember this? well i haven't played in while because of a couple of reasons. in order for me to start this properly i have to be not sleepy(1), not preoccupied with other thoughts(2), and the type of van i'm riding should have a dyip style of seating the passengers(3). last thursday i played on my way home and man oh man i was floored by the pretty girl that was seating across me. with her cute baby doll shoes, shin length flowing white skirt, semi-fitting sleeveless yellow blouse, small plain white cylindrical hand bag, shiny black hair pony tailed with bangs falling in just the right places that highlighted her gentle features, who wouldn't? and it's quite a plus that she was not (a) gud. gud as in geographically undesirable date.

so i was in a sort of predicament. as if approaching a girl out of nowhere isn't hard enough for me, i have to do it(?) inside a moving vehicle. so i was squeezing all the juice inside my brain on how to introduce myself to her when *poof!* it came to me. what i'd do is get off on her stop and i'll just offer to take her home. i know doing this out of nowhere will be so psycho. so i needed one more little ingredient to complete my devious concoction. i need it to rain. rain as in pouring. not a drizzle of puppies and kittens but a horde of english mastiffs and tigers! well actually not that hard. hehe. just enough that she would be more than glad to be with me under my umbrella. (yes, this is a bit stalker-ish but under the current circumstance then, i thought it was genius. and oh before anyone steals this from me, i want to patent this move as the sukob na diga.)

it was drizzling in makati, raining in bicutan and sucat but bugger, not a single drop in alabang, just heavy dark clouds looming and mocking. a rain dance production number in my mind spurted. so while i was frantic in my mind i was calm outside but i was staring. i know it's not polite to stare but i just couldn't help myself. i picked up a few info while i was "looking intently." she probably was a fresh grad looking for a job in makati. nice! how did i come to that conclusion? elementary my dear watson, she was holding a large brown envelope type thingie, the one where you keep your chest x-rays. and if you'd ever have an x-ray you'd know that on the envelope they write some details of the patient, like name and age. (now, i'd like to thank god for blessing me with 20/20 vision.) she was 19. a bit off my 5 years give or take age limit but i'd be willing to bend my rules just this time. last name: de los santos. very filipino. great! first name: maria xxxxxxx. gah! not that name again. but then again when will i get the chance to meet someone as pretty as her? given name should not have "maria" or any version of it rule: waived... so as long as it rains before my stop. my stop came, no rain.

i got off.

ten minutes after i was in the house it pours. curses!

Friday, May 25, 2007

new tattoo

i'll bleed for you
like a new tattoo
in my heart
you'll stay




i'm thinking of getting inked. yeh.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

i really just can't say no to you, can i?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

summer's out (i think...) and i love this gloomy weather.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

family ties

i feel for those children whose parents stayed together for them. parents would think that it's the more sensible thing to do; that when things don't work out between them they'd stay together for the sake of their kids. in some ways it's better. a whole family is better than a broken one. but wouldn't a broken family be better than a whole one where the parents are constantly bickering with each other?

children might not have the ability to comprehend the complexity of what's really happening but they know that something is wrong. they know that what they have now, a family, isn't really a family.

(hmmm... another one of those twisted thoughts that i have. flame away.)

Monday, May 21, 2007

starcraft 2!!


immortal formerly known as dragoons!
dragoons against siege tanks!!
yeah boi!!!


more info here.


gameplay video

part 1 siege tanks pwned
part 2 zerg-galings!
part 3 protoss mothership(?) ftw!
part 4 the carnage! the brutality! i love it!!!



Friday, May 18, 2007


di mo man lang napapansin ang bagong t-shirt ko




ligaya, sagutin mo na kasi ako.

hehe. :P

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i'm gonna miss you all my life.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

looking good

we men don't get compliments. compared to women we really don't get any. with women it's second nature to compliment one another. with men, it's like admitting that you go to pink bars when you praise other men. and when it comes to complimenting the opposite sex, men do it rarely (and rarely sincere) and when they do it you know it's just buttering up (if you know what i mean) or they were forced into it. when women say something nice about men you know it's genuine but men generally screws it all up by thinking that it's a come on and thus in turn women get turned off by this immaturity and they then are hesitant to compliment men.

so i was quite surprised when a friend i haven't seen in a while (about five++ months) told me that i looked good. instinct told me that i have to compliment her back but i didn't. i didn't because i didn't want to say something just for the sake of saying it. (on hindsight, she really did looked good new-hair slim-figure and all.) so i just thanked her. which turned out to be great because she told me another compliment. sweet!

forward to next day. my officemate told me that i was blooming. thinking back on what happened the day before that, i just thanked her. yep, there was another compliment after that. dude!

so for you guys out there if you get complimented just say thanks and see good results.

(hmmm... but maybe i only got complimented because i haven't seen them in quite a while. (girl #1 works abroad hence the not seeing applies. girl #2 is indeed my officemate but we don't get to see each other because i always always stay at my place.) maybe i just looked different to them. fresh maybe?)

okay now you can now bash me. begin by saying how conceited and insecure i am at the same time. that'd be a good start. hehe. ;)

Friday, May 11, 2007


ilabas mo na
sapatos at lonta
hanep pumorma
walang kokontra




i'm starting to like this song again. :)


gusto na ulit mag o2jam!

fly magpie anyone? hehe. :P

Thursday, May 10, 2007

look, i'm you're daddy. who's you're daddy?

you know who's more powerful than a jedi knight? a woman.

jedi use mind tricks to persuade you to do something they want by harnessing the force. women, well they also use mind tricks too, but they do it better because they don't need something imaginary to aid them.

let's say you say "i love you" to a jedi. to appease you he waves he's hand and says "you do not love me." (because strictly speaking jedis can not fall in love. not unless they want to crossover to the dark side.) and in a blink of an eye you're feelings for the jedi is gone. but somehow you feel that something is off. you can't quite put your finger on it but you know that it's there.

but when you say "i love you" to a woman, you know what they say back? they say, "i think i love you too." and you being the simpleton that you are, is already satisfied when you heard those three words strung together in one complete sentence. you know it's not exactly what you want to hear but hey, you think to yourself that she'll come around and eventually say it the way you heard it on your mind. but she never does. so later when all goes wrong with you're relationship and you're arguing with her she throws this line, "i never said that i love you." and you being the all remembering elephant that you are, can't argue with her because she never did said "i love you." so you're at a loss for words and it all ends there, with her saying the last word.

and don't go saying that l337 j3[)i5 \/\/i77 P\/\/|\|20r any woman's behind using the force and the light saber because the truth is any woman can (and will) own any jedi knight with her bone-thugz like and cyclops-like skills. no hand wavings or swinging light sabers a mock needed, just simple plain machine gun like speed commanding words along with the blazing red ruby eyes stare. believe me any sane jedi knight would rather face a gazillion darth mauls than a woman.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

gah! my eyes!

got this link from nikki yesterday.


did some searching after reading the article and guess what i found out...


ako: demet.
ako: this confirms it.
ako: it's official.
ako: i'm totally color blind.
ako: demet. :(
nikki: anoooo????!!!!
nikki: pero..
nikki: di naman big deal, di ba? =p
ako: hmmm... di nga. masyado. :P
ako: i'm sticking with my black and whites then. :P
nikki: wahehe.. artsy pa! =p
nikki: anyway, condolence na rin.. =)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the return of the fan boys

kahapon ko pa dapat ipopost to pero nawalan ako ng gana nung nalaman ko na nawawala yung wallet ko. (pero naiwan ko lang pala sa bahay. hehe. :P) at ngayon tinatamad na akong magsulat kaya magsasalpak na lang ako ng mga bidyos dito. hehe. :P


wassup-mah-hommies-r&b band

ang weird talga ng front act. r&b band? gusto tuloy naming mag request ng "king and queen of hearts" o kaya "it might be you" nung humihingi sila ng song request. hehe. :P pero demet. napa-r&b ako nung tumugtog sila ng signs. demet, na-expose ang hip-pop side ko. :P



ang galeng nito. parang di lalake. pero di rin naman babae.



ganda ng set ng sandwich. pero parang mas gusto ko yung tugtugan sa bistro. at parang nagmamadali si raimund. ayaw atang makasalubong ang...



sa isip ko habang tumutugtog yung pupil, "sana may sumikat pa silang kanta." maganda naman yung mga kanta nila. tinugtog pa nga nila yung alapaap at pare ko e. pero tingin ko para lang masiyahan yung mga nanonood.



wala akong matinong bidyo nila. nangangawit na kasi ako at di ko masyadong nagustuhan yung set nila. lalo na nung kinanta nila yung you'll be safe here na theme song ng spirits at isang bandila(?) na theme song bandila. di ako nag-enjoy sa mga kanta nilang yun kasi naiisip ko si korina at si joseph bitangcol. bleh. pero hayup si mike! isang diyos na halimaw sa gitara! hayup!


meron pa akong ibang vids nung concert pero di ko na ipo-post. maririnig nyo kasi ako na sumasabay sa kanta e. ampanget! hehe.


bad trip di ako nakapagpa-picture kay ely. rockstar mode ever ang lolo mo. pft! di bale, maa-ambush ko din yan para magpa-kodak... someday.


nga pala...

yeh boi!

uyy! nakangiti si mayrene o. :D

Friday, May 04, 2007

she's leaving home

stepping outside she is free

she (we gave her most of our lives)
is leaving (sacrificed most of our lives)
home (we gave her everything money could buy)
she's leaving home after living alone
for so many years

bye, bye




i've been listening to a lot of the beatles lately, particularly the album where this song came from. this song is probably one of the less popular songs in sgt. pepper's lonely heart's club band but one of my favorite songs by the beatles. have i mentioned that i like obscure songs?

now go listen... :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

for me

text: and it always hurts the first time. what you're going through made me recall what i've been through twice in the past. it was tough. i had to be less romantic if i wanted to survive. see why i told you that it's only love. because that's what i've learned. i don't put love in a pedestal anymore. it's not the world. it's not everything. for me.

reply: hmm... i can't do that. because love has to be in a pedestal. i'll survive eventually, but a lot slower when i think that way. i can be less romantic but i can not think less of love. i just can't live in a it's-just-love world when love is everything. for me.