Thursday, August 28, 2008

not again

(let me have the liberty to skip the part of this rotten day when my venture through the halls of sss and long long borefest lines was unfruitful due to inconsistent and unacceptable documents. argh.)

i arrived home at around 6pm and decided to finish that week old half empty soju over some sideways (for the nth time), with the giamatti and church commentaries on, to releived me of the stress that was built up during the day. waw! have i told you that i adore this movie? it's very apparent that these guys have real chemistry off and on screen. they often laugh at each others comments and feed off on each other. and man, are these bastards are really eloquent, mainly church. i especially liked it when they were commenting on giamatti's oscar nomination performance, the one where miles(giamatti) was out on the porch with maya(madsen) sharing their passion for wine sparking the moment but ultimately was put out by miles' hesitation. yeah, great miles, just great. back to the commentaries, the duo also shared a lot of movie tidbits, like how miles only wears blue shirts except on two scenes in the entire movie and about the various art that was hanging on the set. but i've spoiled you enough so go ahead and watch this movie. (but i recommend you on watching the movie first without the commentaries. hehe.)

and yeah, stress level was gone when the movie was finished. (and yeah, it also helped that mr. battlecruiser yamato chimed in once in a while relaying that i received a transmittion.)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

close but no cigar?

kevin garnett




jason segel


john mayer


yeah, i can't find a better pic of kratos. buggah.

old school

i will not download any songs from this day forward. instead when i want to listen to a particular song i'll go and buy the cd and then listen to it.

i can do this. i've been successful in this endeavor why not this.

(crap! must rush to the nearest comic alley stores and stock up on those l'arc en ciel cds.)

Monday, August 18, 2008


yesterday i bought another copy of juno. the dibidi had better picture quality compared to my previous copy and the bundle had a-tad-smaller-than-a-bond-paper-sized poster to boot. of course i watched the movie again and the deleted scenes with and without the commentaries from jason reitman and diablo cody(highest coolness name factor ever). and now i like it even more.

so now i' m giving away my other copy of juno to:

1. anyone who doesn't have a problem with piracy
2. a juno virgin
3. will give it again to someone with the above qualities once he/she is finished watching the film

i'm spreading the juno love.

i'll do this too with sideways and little miss sunshine once i get a hand on "better" copies of the movie. hmmm... and maybe smart people too. maybe.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

no such thing

rory of gilmore girls. sam of garden state. juno of juno. what do these girls have in common besides that they're pretty smart, pretty witty, pretty cool, pretty pretty and not to mention have pretty good taste in music? they are all fictitious beings and will never ever exist in reality.

yeah, prove me wrong.

UPDATE: two words. natalie portman.