Wednesday, April 29, 2009

life changing


major overhaul of plans for the next year or so. will put buying a ps3 and hd tv on hold.

happy days are here again! :D

Monday, April 27, 2009

money matters

you know when money doesn't matter? when you don't have it. same goes for personality, looks and abs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's a dead give away that someone is blank1 if blank2...

1. blank1: a jobseeker
blank2: he/she's holding a brown envelop.

2. blank1: unchaste
blank2: he/she has a tattoo

3. blank1: a douchebag
blank2: he's collar is popped

4. blank1: a heartbreaker
blank2: she's pretty

Thursday, April 16, 2009

it's just salt in my eyes

dear ex-significant other,

who would've thought it would come to this? certainly not us. but there's no helping it, we're already here.

on the top of my head, i think you should keep all the club8 and belle & sebastian cds. i'll take all the franz ferdinand, the killers and the darkness stuff. of course you should not return bloc party's silent alarm to me, after all i gave it to you as a gift. the same goes for u2's joshua tree, paramore's all we know is falling, and all the imogen heap and frou frou stuff. and i'd like to get my copy of bloc party's a weekend in the city and the white stripes' elephant back. all the terno records stuff, except for udd's special released bi-polar, are all yours. in turn i'd like to retain nirvana's with the lights out box set. good thing we have our own separate copies of the eheads albums, thats minus one conflict point.

now that we've somewhat settled who will get what, maybe you'll stop contacting me. i might have been unclear when i told you last time that you should just move on. i hope everything will be clear after this: i'm done trying to live your life for the both of us. and now that you've left my almost perfect record collection incomplete, i do not wish you to have you in my life anymore. i know this is enough closure for you.


i just burned a mixed cd for you. we should give it a listen. call me.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the space between

let me start by pointing out the obvious. men are lazy.

(and as of writing this primal nature has devoured my desire to further probe this line of thinking, depleting my urge to discuss some finer aspects, facts if you will, of the non-dominant psuedo-alpha male and tricked out mopeds and just dive in directly to the essence of this entry.)

this laziness translates into everything we do. for example, texting. generally men don't text. family, occasionaly. friends, sparingly. officemates, rarely. girlfriends, when reporting.

but as always there is that one exception when we use our lethargic minds to wit-think and zombie-esque fingers to tap tap tap away on our keypads. that is when we are texting... a potential mate. hell you can actually gauge his level of interest depending on the time between your text and his reply.

here is a simple summary

interest level rating
1 - el zero
2 - liliputian
3 - luke perry warm
4 - bull's ring
5 - zinger, we got a winner!

response time and corresponding interest level rating
  • 24 hours of le mans - 1
  • 12 rounds of boxing - 2
  • one basketball quarter - 3
  • phelps 200m butterfly - 4
  • bolt 100m dash - 5
so next time he texts you back be keen and aware of the... ugh. too lazy to think of a proper ending to this post, i.e. interest level is currently at 5, therefore must reply now.