Wednesday, February 28, 2007


di ako naniniwala kay james yap. kasi ba't di pa sya napapatawad ni kris kung walang nangyari?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

yah horsie!

ang hirap magplantsa!!

kahapon kasi kinuha ko yung pinalaba ko. balak ko sana na i-hanger na lang yung mga damit ko. e di ko ma-take na ganun sya ka-gusot kaya after 25 years wala akong nagawa kundi ilabas yung kabayo, wisikan ng konting tubig ang mga damit ko at pasadahan ng mainit na plantsa ang mga 'to. (oo, after 25 years. since birth kasi si mama na ang nagpaplantsa ng mga damit ko. meron ngang mga okasyon na nagplantsa ako pero pa-isa-isang t-shirt lang.) grabe napagod akong magplantsa samantalang anim na t-shirt at tatlong pantalon lang ang pinlantsa ko. ang tagal ko pa nga bago ako natapos e, gitna ng super twins hanggang gitna ng princess hours. bad trip pa kasi di ako pwedeng humawak ng tubig. di tuloy ako nakapaghilamos at toothbrush agad. (dapat kasi ginawa ko muna yun bago ako magplantsa. next time...) oks naman yung kinalabasan nung mga pinlantsa ko. at least sa standards ko. hehe.

kaya konting pabor naman, pag may nakasalubong kayong caveman na medyo gusot ang damit, pansinin nyo na mukha na syang caveman at wag na ang gusot nyang damit. ayt?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

nagulat ako sa tawag na natanggap ko kaninang umaga. di ko talga in-expect yun. kaya nga di ako nakapagsalita agad. parang di mag-register sa utak ko na sya yung nasa kabilang linya. naguluhan ako nun, na-off balance. (hanggang ngayon parang ganun pa rin ang pakiramdam ko.) parang gusto ko syang kausapin na ayaw. gusto kasi matagal ko na syang hindi nakausap. ayaw kasi di ko naman masasabi sa kanya lahat nang gusto kong sabihin. gusto kasi di ko na alam kung ano nang nagyayari sa buhay nya. ayaw kasi di naman nya maike-kwento lahat lahat nang nangyayari sa kanya. gusto kasi miss ko na sya. ayaw kasi miss ko na sya.

pero mas gusto ko na nakausap ko sya.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

we never really do get the things that we want. so we merely are forced to settle for things that we already have.

but that ain't right...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hanggang kailan

wala akong magawa nung linggo kaya... eto. :P

ummm... mahigit isang linggo na akong di nagshe-shave. di pa ko nakaligo nung ni-record ko to. di pa nga ako nagsusuklay e. hehe. kaya... si mich (gitara ko) lang ang makikita nyo.

(di ko alam kung gagana to. naka-block kasi ngayon yung youtube sa amin. grr...)


kanta: hanggang kailan by orange & lemons
kailan: linggo, ika-18 ng pebrero
saan: sa bahay ko, san pedro, laguna

Monday, February 19, 2007

bloody smashing!

casino royale is bloody good! i didn't expect it to be at par with the other james bond movies, or dare i say better than the others. i do admit that i was skeptic about craig filling the shoes of bond, mainly because he doesn't look like a bond to me, ice-cold-blue eyes buffed body and all. but surprisingly he as the new james bond embodies 007 as he should be, ruthless and suave, witty and charming. story-wise casino royale is a very typical bond movie so you shouldn't expect to be wowed of the (un)expected and (obvious) underlying plot twists. although what surprised me was the way they did a great job on humanizing james. the movie is full of action be it on the streets, a bathroom, a falling building or even at the poker table. but save for bond's sleek aston dashboard you won't be seeing much of bond's gadgets. (maybe because bond in this movie is a newbie double o agent?) what doesn't lack in this movie is the clever dialogue.

vesper: you know james... i just want you to know that if all that was left of you was your smile and your little finger you'd still be more of a man than anyone i've ever met.
james: that's because you know what i can do with my little finger.
vesper: i have no idea.
james: but you're aching to find out.
vesper: you're not going to let me in there, are you? you've got your armor back on. that's that.(?)
james: (mush mode on) i have no armor left. you've stripped it from me. whatever is left of me... whatever is left of me, whatever i am, i'm yours.

the short: this movie is a must see for james bond aficionados. for everyone else, see it to become a bond fan.


apocalypto is brutally good! it's braveheart meets the last of the mohicans meets the predator (minus the alien and the explosions) theme keeps you at the edge of your seat for almost the entire movie. although there's a bit of a lull, albeit berable, for about ten to fifteen minutes. but after that it's spear-throwing arrow-piercing rock-hurling mace-bashing knife-slitting bone-crunching non-stop-running action action action. i'd recommend you not to watch this movie if you have a weak stomach. (if you can watch braveheart's battle sequences without flinching you're good. otherwise go get another movie.) the morbid me finds it very entertaining whenever i see those blunt and not so blunt instruments decapitating flailing bodies. ehe. what i also liked in the movie were the costumes. (or lack thereof.) the tattoos were awesome, the body piercing were gruesome and the tribal "colors" were very distinguishable from other tribes. the way gibson built up the simple story was very absorbing, specificaly how jaguar paw's character developed from tainted-with-fear tribesman to a determined prophesized animal. (*mini spoiler ahead.) i especially liked it when jaguar paw emerged from the black quicksand(?) indomitable and unwavering ready to face his savage pursuers. coolness.

the short: brutality owns!

(oh, and i falied to mention that all through out the movie, genuine(?) aztec language was used. don't worry, sub titles included.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

song request #1 (granted?)

remember this? hmmm... well i won't be able to sing the songs you've requested live, so i did the next best thing. ummm... you be the judge. (just don't be too harsh. please... hehe.)


song: barely breathing by duncan sheik
when: february 12, 2007 (approximately during the first commercial gap of princess hours)
where: the living room, my house, laguna
using: k800i

requested by: tseri

Monday, February 12, 2007

god i hate february.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

ang bagong diks

mabanget - mabait na panget


"pare may girlfriend na pala si xxxxx a."
"kelan pa?"
"bago lang. siguro wala pang isang buwan."
"nakita mo na ba?"
"oo, nung minsang lumabas kami. double date."
"panalo ba?"
"panalo pare. ganda ng ka-date ko."
"e yung girlfriend ni xxxxx?"
"... ... ... mabait."
"haha! langyang sagot yan."
"wala e."
"di nga?"
"mabait nga e."
"... ... aah... mabanget."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

click and see

got a new blog here. it's a photo blog.

stole the idea from mapet. thanks pet! :D

don't expect weekly updates from this blog (since i don't have a camera...). but i'll try to post as much as i can.

see yah there!

Monday, February 05, 2007

ultra cool

it's been a while since i last bought something for myself, not because of necessity, but out of pure indulgence. and most of the time before i make a purchase i usually think it through if its worth it. well last saturday i bought something out of impulse. i bought me a copy of hiki's latest album, ultra blue. (i'm currently listening to it as i write this.) i was waiting for like forever for this album to be available here and finally it's here! (thanks comic alley!)

i'm quite relieved that the hiki that i learned to love is back. (her last album, exodus, was a complete and utter let down. but i still loved it none the less. but it was so not hiki. and good thing that it wasn't the "exodus" of her career after that album was released. made me think of the time when the eheads decided to change directions (and management) and released their all english album fruitcake. i can't help but to draw parallels between the two artists and i was hoping that hiki's comeback would not be the start of her decline. but hiki's comeback would be less complicated considering that she's a solo artist... hmmm... i digress. sorry about that.)

i'll leave you guys with a music video of one of her singles in ultra blue. this is my song of the moment. enjoy.

(baah... i was planning on posting her video "be my last" from youtube but apparently youtube is blocked today. o well... edit: not anymore! :D)


Friday, February 02, 2007

chick show

i really liked last nights episode of grey's anatomy. especially when merideth was doing her monologue thing. and talk about the ending. whoa, what a cliff hanger. but we all know what's gonna happen to george... (edit: oops... i meant george. hehe.)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

"kaya nga ako nagtataka sayo kung bakit wala ka pang girlfriend. kasi di ka naman mahirap mahalin..."