Wednesday, June 30, 2004

welcome to the winter of my discontent

whoever said that love conquers all never heard of religion and aikido.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

worker bee

i've been working for a quarter of a year now. how time flies when you're having fun... not. don't get me wrong, i don't hate my job. i just don't like it.maybe it's because with the work i'm doing my full potential cannot be realized. i cannot picture myself for the next n years in this job. i'd just stagnate. right now i feel that my computing and thinking prowess have already deteriorated. i'm better than this. sounds like nagtataas ako ng sariling bangko? true. but given the current circumstance, i think it's more than justifiable.

maybe i just need a raise.

Monday, June 28, 2004

monday blues clues

blah! i feel miserable! i look miserable! this cold sucks! snot trickling down my nose, taste buds going awol, eyelids havier than lead. blah!

about the same time two weeks ago i had the overwhelming urge to splurge on over priced coffee. so off i went to the nearest coffee shop. but before i could rediscover my affair with mocha i was hindered by a vision more intoxicating. a bargain! on sale was original audio cds for only a hundred bucks each. hmm, an audio cd on the one hand and a cold brew on the other, for more or less the same price. guess what i bought...

knowing that another sale would ensue today, i was more than ready to buy a stack of cds. disappointment of disappointments. no new titles! bleh.

i should've slept my way through this day.

Friday, June 25, 2004

would you go?

last night a re-occurring thought came to me.though a little bit morbid and depressing, i really like toying with the idea. well it's about my death and my funeral. i've always pictured myself dying from a vehicular accident at an early age. and there was a time when i wanted my lifeless carcass to be cremated, for reasons of practicality, but i've retracted from that notion. now i just want my interment ceremonies to be customary. i wouldn't delve so much in the specific details of my funeral because i have yet to put the fine points of my obsequies on paper. actually i'm not that crazy over the dying part. who would be? what i'm fond of is the memorial service. particularly, who would go? i've spent hours on end figuring out who would come. and after much consternation and reflection, i always come to the resolution that i am much loved. (consuelo de bobo)

first post : my excuse for a blog

hannah a.k.a. jenoa is my excuse for having a blog. i had to register for a blog account before i could comment on her blog. and because i don't want my account to go to waste i've decided to post.

my blog would be about stuff that i do, i guess. so expect more posts in the coming days, that is, when my creativeness wins against my laziness :j

(reading mark's comment on hannah's blog made me realize that the previous address of my blog is indeed hard to remember. [] so i opted for a change in "location.")

(technically speaking this still counts as my first post. hehe... :j)